How Social Networking & Remote Conferencing (SL) Transfomed MACPA


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We can’t hide behind the web any longer, to get your company and yourself adaptable for the 21st century learn the real life story of how MACPA has used blogging, twitter, and other tools to reach out to current members and find new members. Learn what it was necessary for the MACPA to do this in order to keep up with the younger generation. Learn what it took to get there, what it takes to keep it up, and what wasn’t such a good idea.

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How Social Networking & Remote Conferencing (SL) Transfomed MACPA

  1. How Social  Networking and  N ki d 2009 Remote Conferencing g Technology (Second Life)  Transformed the  Transformed the Conference MACPA Presented by: Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO & Executive Director December 7th, 2009 Columbia Sheraton Columbia Sheraton & CPA Island
  2. CPAs are worried about keeping up with technology, especially thi i ll this social media stuff
  3. CPAs are asking is this a passing fad or something I should pay attention to?
  4. The pace of change in business today is i making us ki all feel overwhelmed
  5. “As it relates to science and technology, the rate of  change in the next decade, is likely to be 4 to7 times  faster than in the last decade.  If it is 4x faster it  would be like planning for 2009 in 1890, if it is 7x    faster it would be like planning for 2009 in 1670. faster it would be like planning for 2009 in 1670.” ‐Expert on Education Panel, The Aspen Institute
  6. You need new You need new  • Communication &  skills & new  Leadership tools to keep  • Strategic & Critical  Thinking pace and lead  pace and lead • Focus on the Focus on the  Customer, Client, and  in this new  Market • Interpretation of  environment Converging  Information • Technologically adept
  7. Today you will Today, learn how MACPA’s MACPA’ experience with social media & second life can help you become a navigator of this change!
  8. Follow us on our journey of Web 2.0,  Social Media and Second Life Social Media and Second Life We will answer these questions: W ill th ti 1. What caused us to explore Web 2.0, social media & Second Life? 2. How did we do it? 3. What did we learn? 4. What does it mean to you and all CPAs?
  9. What caused us to explore Web 2.0,  l d d f Social Media & Second Life
  10. In the beginning there was the  Association Digital Now Conference Association Digital Now Conference • 2000 Internet & Growing  Up Digital by Don Tapscott Up Digital by Don Tapscott • 2002 Jim Collins • 2006 Jim Collins Stephen 2006 Jim Collins, Stephen  Abram ‐ Association 2.0 • 2007 Stephen Abram – p reality 2.0 • 2008 Julie Evans & Project  Tomorrow research (K‐12)
  11. The profound impact of the new generation of digital  natives that will soon outnumber baby boomers in the  workplace (by 2010) =
  12. Social Media is a Generational Issue • Matures      64 ‐ 100 • Boomers     45 ‐ 63 • Gen X          29 ‐ 44 • Millennials   10 ‐ 28 Which one are you? "Digital 'Natives' Invade the Workplace:  Young people may be newcomers to the  world of work, but it's their bosses who  are immigrants into the digital world." 
  13. A Vision of Students Today
  14. Generation Gap? Or Generation Lap? One third (35%) of American adult internet users  Generations have a profile on an online social network site,  h fil li i l t k it four times as many as three years ago, but still  much lower than the 65% of online American teens  who use social networks  “In 1997, young people for the first time were recognized by  adults as being authorities on something truly revolutionary  – digital technology, interactive media, and collaboration.”  – Don Tapscott “Growing Up Digital”
  15. Proliferation of Web 2.0 & Social  d l f f Media tools for free causes concern =
  16. The Eight Net Gen Norms that will transform  business education and government business, education and government 1. Freedom – The freedom to work when  and where you want 2. Customization – My job my life 3. Scrutiny – I know what you did last night 4. Integrity – Be a good company to work for 5. Collaboration – 5 Collaboration – Teamwork 6. Entertainment – Work should be fun 7. Speed – Let’s make things happen now! 8. Innovation – Let me invent
  17. Add the trend of “Wikinomics” and  these three mega‐trends forms the  these three mega trends forms the Perfect Storm of Sea Change THE NET WEB 2.0 GENERATION Wikinomics ‐ The New  Th N Economic Order Inspired by Don Tapscott
  18. How did we do it?
  19. Key Questions to Think About 1) What if our we could connect to this new generation of CPAs and young professionals early on in their careers? 2) What if we could t Wh t ld teach our older CPA h h ld CPAs how t use thi to this technology to reach this new generation of CPAs and enable them to share and engage better? 3) What if we (State CPA Societies) could add these tools to our arsenal and use th l d these t l in t engage our members tools i to b in new ways and help with collaboration, connection and y community?
  20. MACPA’s journey 1.Goin virtual 1.Goin’ virtual 2.Listen & Share  insights (blogging) 3.Sharing 3 Sharing 4.Next Practices 5.Connect
  21. Our Journey…starts with strategy The MACPA is a progressive, professional  association dedicated to serving CPAs in the  Maryland region, enabling them to grow,  prosper and remain viable in a dynamic,  d i i bl i d i rapidly changing environment.               The  MACPA recognizes the diversity in the CPA  profession and will provide the necessary  resources and services to help its members  maintain the highest level of integrity,  professional ethics and knowledge for the  benefit of the public and the good of the  benefit of the public and the good of the profession. Connect – Connect Protect  Protect ‐ Achieve
  22. What is Second Life? MACPA goes virtual "I look at it as just another office, another  extension of our firm. It’s another touch point  where we can potentially meet with clients and  p y expand our geographic of where we can deliver  services.” ‐ Byron Patrick, CPA.CITP KAWG&F First CPA Firm in Second Life Byron Patrick, CPA.CITP KAWG&F First CPA Firm in Second Life
  23. Second Life / Virtual worlds We were first CPA group to have a presence in Second Life 
  24. Accounting Educators in Second Life Dr. Mike Kraten, CPA Suffolk University Dr. Robert Bloomfield Dr. Robert Bloomfield Cornell University Dr. Steve Hornik University of Central Florida University of Central Florida
  25. Go to where the conversation is… IBM Financial Analyst Accounting Assistant Member of NJSCPA
  26. When should you start to pay attention? Moving beyond Second Life marketing, many companies are infiltrating virtual worlds for employee meetings, mixers meetings mixers, and recruiting – Business Week Second Life produces real training results – CLO magazine ASTD Virtual Worlds make Harvard Business Review’s breakthrough ideas for 2008
  27. When should you start to pay attention? This is not a game: Virtual Worlds coming to your business Forrester predicts – CIO Magazine Virtual worlds will be widely adopted venues for reaching p g customers and experimenting with new product ideas and business models – Intuit’s Future of Small Business Report
  28. FASB is there!
  29. CPA Australia is there
  30. Accounting Education Pavilion Our pavilion features a place for Colleges & Universities to showcase their accounting education and a place for accounting educators to connect, share, and learn from each other. It is also a connect share other place for prospective students to see the many options available in an exciting career as a Certified Public Accountant.
  31. New Young Professionals Network Club NYPN on CPA Island Life s Life’s a beach at the Club NYPN on CPA island. This special area devoted to New & Young Professionals has all of the features for networking, casual meetups, meetups and fun. Complete with a dance floor, tiki fun floor bars, beach, and a real treehouse – it is the place for students and young professionals to chill.
  32. BLI Conference Center A center facilitating the development and sharing of competencies and strategic knowledge required for leadership in the rapidly changing business environment. BLI will deliver competency-based curriculum, courses, content, and community to enhance learning and grow intellectual capital for organizational and executive leadership leadership.
  33. Listen & Share – MACPA enters the  blogosphere bl h MACPA gets a coach – Sept, 2006 and launches  CPA Success blog
  34. http://www cpalegislativeinsider com
  35. MACPA social media efforts featured in  J of A and win 3rd place in Mobbies f d d l bb MACPA won 2  out of top 10 Biz  blogs in MD g
  36. Sharing ‐ MACPA launches video, Defining  America’s CPA – Maryland on Youtube and in  Second Life.
  37. Finding Members
  38. Building Relationships Building Relationships
  39. Getting Recognized Getting Recognized
  40. MACPA featured in 3 sessions at Digital  Now in 2007 • Governance & Governance &  Structure – Tami  Bensky • Generations – Byron  Patrick & Thomas  Patrick & Thomas Hood • S Second Life – d d Lif demo by  b Byron & Thomas
  41. Next Practices ‐ Helene Blowers and the  CML were willing to share their work in  CML were willing to share their work in Web 2.0
  42. CPA Learning 2.0 – The first self‐ directed learning tool for CPAs d dl lf • Oct, 2007 Staff volunteered  to “do it” • Feb, 2008 Staff completed  (95% participation) • Opened up to the world
  43. Connecting – MACPA meets its  members where they are. b h h
  44. Twitter & MACPA
  45. Results – By the Numbers • Youtube – Defining Americas CPA g 7.053 – CPALearning2 979 – Financial Literacy 2,908 – New CPAs swearing‐in g 460 – Others 1,933 • Slideshare – Professional Issues 8,257 – Web 2.0 & Second Life 5,253 – Other presos Other presos 2,112 2 112 • Blogs 10,000 + per month • Podcasts ???
  46. Results  By the Numbers Results – By the Numbers • Facebook – MACPA 300 – NYPN 68 – CPA Careers (Students) 166 – Tom Hood 229 • Linked‐In – MACPA 504 – Tom Hood 487 • Second Life Second Life 483 • Twitter – MACPA 1,065 1 065 – Bill Sheridan 1,145 – Tom Hood 1,795
  47. What did we learn? What did we learn? 1.Relationships &  the Network Effect 2.Listening &  2.Listening & learning 3.Builds Social  3 Builds Social Capital (Whuffie) 4. Effective  4 Eff ti Communication  Tool
  48. The New Math Social Networking (Old) + Social Media (New) = A change in the way we build  A change in the way we build relationships Source: Matt Goddard, CEO R2integrated 
  49. It’s about the Network Effect How big is  your  network? “In a sentence {to recognize a network} means ‘To discover how A, who is in touch with C, Is affected by the relation between B and C.” – Russ Eckel “Becoming the Eye of the Tiger”
  50. Social Media builds social capital It s all about your Whuffie It’s all about your Whuffie Whuffie is the culmination of your reputation,  influence, bridging and bonding capital,  i fl b id i d b di i l current and potential access to ideas, talent  and resources, saved‐up favors, and  d d f d accomplishments. ‐ Tara Hunt “The Whuffie Factor”
  51. Whuffie Example
  52. What social media did for MACPA  and can do for you? and can do for you?  Establish your company as a thought leader  Reinvent your marketing strategy  Build communities and improve Build communities and improve  customer relations E h Enhance legislative advocacy l i l ti d  Expand your brand Get you found on search engines  Make small organizations look big  Communicate to your team
  53. And what about CPAs? • 54% are on LinkedIn 54% are on LinkedIn • 48% are on Facebook • 21% are on Twitter 21% are on Twitter • 61% attend webinars • 36% read blogs 36% read blogs • 28% listen to podcasts
  54. Get found  Digital Footprints Get found – Digital Footprints
  55. Marketing Strategy 2.0 Website e‐mail Twitter T itt newsletters Social  Blog Networks Source: MACPA & Business Learning Institute
  56. James Carroll, CPA James Carroll, CPA Website Facebook Twitter
  57. Dental CPAs / Naden Lean Dental CPAs / Naden Lean Website Blog Twitter
  58. How one small firm got on the WSJ? y “I think today demonstrated the value  of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and their ability  to spread the word. Encouraging others to read our materials  and help us with our mission to Bury the Billable Hour and help us with our mission to Bury the Billable Hour” ‐ Dan Morris, CPA from Verasage Blog Website Blog Twitter
  59. Time to pay attention?
  60. Next steps… 1. Educate yourself – 2. Create your digital footprint. Create  y g p profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and  Google.  3. Start listening. Use Google Reader or  Bloglines to begin reading thought to begin reading thought  leaders in your profession or areas of  interest.  4. Continue listening. Create your Twitter listening. Create your Twitter account and follow your profession and  areas of interest.  5. Start sharing. Create a blog and record  your thoughts.  h h 6. Share. Recognize and promote the  people you find interesting. 
  61. But wait there’s more… “When associations and other organizations try new meeting formats, it's it s not just for novelty-it's a step toward better content delivery. delivery What's more the more, association brave enough to try a new take on classic offerings gives its members more than information; it gives them an experience and exposure to a new way of doing things ” things. -Jeff Waddle ASAE Meetings Remix – Time to Rethink the Usual Format – Association Now Magazine, Oct 2008
  62. How has Continuing Professional Education changed?
  63. Five Learning Trends for 2009 1.Mobile Learning 2.DIY - Do-it-Yourself Learning 3.Flexible Learning Environments 4.Virtual Worlds 5.Games & Simulation Chief Learning Officer Magazine – January 2009
  64. MACPA leads in CPE & CPA events in Second Life "Second Life is more compelling than a p g conference call, less intimidating than a video conference, and conference a hell of a lot better than business travel.“ -- John Zdanowski, CFO, Linden Lab ,
  65. Who said you can’t be in three places at once?  Digital Now, 2007  MDBIZEXPO – June, 2008  AACSB  ASTD  XBRL Int’l – June 2009 Int l June,  AICPA Tech plus – June, 2009
  66. Our journey involved listening, learning,  playing and sharing • Share • Listen & Learn • Communicate • Connect
  67. We learned that social media can be a  valuable leadership tool l bl l d h l Web 2.0 Web 2 0 Association 2.0 Association 2.0 Leadership 2.0 p
  68. Leadership 2.0 requires the five qualities of extraordinary leaders 1. Sight ‐ Ability to see emerging  p patterns and shift perspective when  p p necessary 2. Insight ‐ Ability to learn faster than  g y y the rate of change in your industry 3. Create ‐ Ability to think strategically  and critically to gain insights that create  new opportunities new opportunities 4. Communicate ‐ Ability to  collaborate inside and outside your  organization and to build and sustain  organization and to build and sustain social networks of people engaged in  the work 5. Inspire – Ability to mobilize support Inspire  Ability to mobilize support  and engage others to join you in  ACTION
  69. “The future is here. It's just not widely di ib d yet.” – Willi distributed ” William Gib Gibson
  70. MACPA resources • CPA Success, our daily blog p • CPA Spotlight, our weekly podcast • Other MACPA blogs: • • • • CPA Learning 2, a Web 2.0 playground by CPAs for CPAs
  71. MACPA Resources  The Corporate Blogging Book, by Debbie Weil  Debbie’s blog,  MACPA social networks: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook ‐NYPN: LinkedIn: Flickr: MySpace: h // l /  Second Life resources: • CPAs on Second Life: g • CPA Island:
  72. How Social Networking and Remote Conferencing  (Second Life) Transformed the  MACPA (Second Life) Transformed the MACPA = Follow me on:  Twitter: http://www Twitter com/tomhood Twitter:  LinkedIn:  Facebook: Plaxo: Slideshare: Youtube: Second Life avatar name: Rocky Maddaloni
  73. Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO Maryland Association of CPAs Business Learning Institute (443) 632‐2301 E mail tom@macpa org E‐mail Web Blog Blog