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Future of Learning - innovative new learning formats for accounting and finance professionals


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MACPA and the Business Learning Institute release the first nano-learning course for CPAs, accounting and finance professionals that meets the new CPE standards.

NASBA and the AICPA approved the revisions to the Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs (Standards) effective September 1, 2016. Among the most significant changes to the Standards is the addition of two new instructional delivery methods: nano learning and blended learning.

The Maryland Association of CPAs and its Business Learning Institute believe that Learning is THE only competitive advantage in this rapidly changing world. They have been on the forefront of learning for the past ten years. Since passing nano-learning in 2015 at the Maryland State Board of Public Accounting, they have been integrating new formats of learning to make learning continuous, engaging and ultimately transformative. The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition is THE First nano-learning program in North America for accounting and finance professionals. Winner of the Accounting Today 2016 Product of the Year in the learning category. This program combines nano learning format (three to four minute single concept videos) with rapid application exercises to accelerate learning of complex competencies in less times than traditional CPE / CPD programs.
MACPA and its Business Learning Institute have pioneered new methods of learning including second life (CPA Island), remote collaboration via the ThinkTank platform, participation engagement via and their #MBSN Management by Sticky Notes collaboration process.

Here are five ways we are changing up learning:


Mobile / nano, or “Just When You Need It” learning;

Cloud: In what we call the four Cs of talent development, the AICPA Navigator allows us to offer Competencies, Career Path, and a Curriculum on a Cloud-based learning platform that allows firms and companies to move their talent development to a strategic and systematic approach;

Collaborative: MBSN (Management By Sticky Notes),, and the ThinkTank Collaboration platform are highly engaging ways of increasing learning through involvement (see our post on LinkedIn);

Competency-based learning: With our Bounce framework (which maps BLI programs to the new CGMA Competency framework) and our new program to develop a special self-directed action learning program to build a competency around anticipation and strategic thinking.

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Future of Learning - innovative new learning formats for accounting and finance professionals

  1. The  Future  of  Learning   “The  mind  is  not  a  vessel  that  needs   filling,  but  wood  that  needs  igni6ng.”    –  Plutarch,  80  A.D.    
  2. How has Continuing Professional Education changed?
  3. The leaders are the ones who take the first steps “Tom  Hood  and  his  colleagues  at  the  Maryland  Associa:on  of  CPAs  never  fail  to  amaze  and   impress.  Some:mes  you  can  find  them  orchestra:ng  a  flash  mob  of  accountants  or  puEng   down  stakes  in  the  virtual  world  of  Second  Life,  but  most  recently  the  associa:on  has  goIen   serious  about  XBRL…       “What  message  can  you  learn  from  the  MACPA's  XBRL  project?  First,  you  can  start  examining   your  own  client  base  to  see  who  can  benefit  from  the  experiences  of  MACPA.  But  the  bigger   message  is,  stop  wai2ng  for  other  people  to  tell  you  what  works  and  what  doesn't.  Be   proac2ve  and  experiment.  That's  what  new  technology  is  all  about.  Whether  it's  cloud   technology,  IFRS  and  XBRL,  social  media,  or  choreographing  a  dance  –  the  leaders  are  the   ones  who  take  the  first  steps.”          -­‐-­‐  Gail  Perry,  editor,  Accoun:ngWEB  2012                  currently  editor  of  CPA  Prac:ce  Advisor  
  4. BLI & Future of Learning 1. Social Learning. 2. Mobile / nano 3. Competency-based learning 4. Collaborative 5. Cloud-based
  5. 1. Nano learning recognized – 10 minute 2. Blended learning 3. Participant Engagement 4. New Fields of Study
  6. Constant learning" is THE only competitive advantage!
  7. Leading  the  na:on  in   learning  innova:on   New  CPE  Rules  Effec:ve  in  MD    March  31,  2015   Adopted  by  AICPA  NASBA  September,  2016.  
  8. MACPA-BLI Established Learning in Second Life in 2008 offering CPE virtually MACPA’s  CPE  in  Second  Life  made  the  cover  of  the  June,  2008   Journal  of  Accountancy    
  9. Our approach to learning Nano  –  Rapid  Applica:on  -­‐  Curriculum   Blended  –  ILT  –  e-­‐learning  curriculum   Nano  –  10-­‐minute  learning,   App  for  content  cura:on  and   reading  journals.     Collabora:on  and  engagement     tools  ThinkTank,,   MBSN  
  10. •  An:cipa:on   •  Strategic  Thinking   •  External   Awareness   •  Vision   •  Con:nuous   Learning   •  Innova:on   •  Crea:vity   •  Problem  Solving   •  Priori:za:on   •  Business  Acumen   •  Decisiveness   •  Influencing/ Persuading   •  Emo:onal   Intelligence   •  Consensus  Building   •  Collabora:on   •  Inspira:on   •  Risk  Management   •  Communica:on  
  11. 28  lessons  –  4  modules  –  1  hour/week     •  Very  short  single-­‐concept  videos  (mini  TED  Talks)   •  Rapid  applica:on  exercises   •  Visual  job  aids  to  reinforce  learning   Anticipatory Organization - First Nano Learning for Accounting and Finance Professionals designed to learn more in less time
  12. “Even though you access the course through your computer, it is nothing like computer based training (CBT). It was more like watching a number of great TED talks and after each short video, you helped the learner apply the concepts to their role. It changes how you view strategy and leadership by targeting how to think instead of telling you what to think. We were able to distill some very complex concepts, frame them in a manageable and meaningful way, and allow the user to tailor the lessons to their own field. It resonated with me far better than I expected a course delivered through this format ever could. Well done!” - Adam Dalson Major USAF   Anticipatory Organization:Accounting and Finance Edition (AOAF)
  13. AOAF recognized as 2016Top learning Product “Everyone keeps telling accountants that they need to change their focus from the historic and the backward-looking, and to start being proactive and offering future-focused advice – but no one tells them how. The beauty of the Anticipatory Organization program is that it actually gives you a set of tools to harness the hard trends that are shaping the future, and use them to create new value for your firm and your clients.” -  Daniel Hood, Editor-in-Chief, Accounting Today
  14. MACPA goes Nano with Mobile Learning
  15. MBA Express on-demand e-learning hIp://    
  16. 17   Our  MBA  Express   and  8-­‐Hour  MBA   program  were   featured  in  an   Inc.  Magazine   column.         hIp://    
  17. ThinkTank Remote Collaboration
  18. I enjoyed Mr. Hood's presentation. His use of technology, especially the real time surveys of the classes opinions, was an EXCELLENT way to drive home points relevant to the audience! - Participant DollarTree CONFERENCES.IO
  19. Social Learning
  20. Wise App for Social Learning
  21. Collaboration - MBSN
  22. "The Anticipatory Organization Learning System helps establish a mindset, a common language and eventually a culture of being anticipatory for our clients. By making this anticipatory skillset a core strength of our teams, it brings creative and new ideas that make us more valuable to our clients and it creates a game changer for our firm.” -  Joey Havens, CPA Executive Partner, HORNE LLP Top 50 CPA Firm
  23. But wait there’s more… “When associations and other organizations try new meeting formats, it's not just for novelty-it's a step toward better content delivery. What's more, the association brave enough to try a new take on classic offerings gives its members more than information; it gives them an experience and exposure to a new way of doing things.” - Jeff Waddle ASAE Meetings Remix – Time to Rethink the Usual Format Association Now Magazine, Oct 2008
  24. BLI & Future of Learning 1.  Social Learning. 2.  Mobile / nano, or "Just WhenYou Need It” learning. 3.  Cloud-based platform for managing blended learning (LMS/Compliance/Curriculum). 4.  Collaborative: MBSN (Management by Sticky Notes and other tech supported collaboration. 5.  Competency-based learning (The Bounce framework + CPA Horizons + CGMA)
  25. If there is a conversation about the future of the profession, you're bound to hear Hood's name mentioned as one of the people leading the way. – Accounting Today Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA CPA Practice Adviser Accounting Hall of Fame Named the Second Most Influential in Accounting by Accounting Today Magazine 2013 - 2015 Top 150 Influencer by Linked-In Top 25 Influencers in Learning & HR - HR Examiner Top 25 Public Accounting Thought Leaders - CPA Practice Adviser Co-founder of the Business Learning Institute CEO Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) Business Learning Institute (BLI)