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DigitalNow - 2010 Building & Sustaining On-line Engagement


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Panel: Christy Jones, CAE, Director of Membership, American Association of University Women; J. John Mancini, President, Association for Information
and Image Management; Michael Mathy, Administrator, American Association for Laboratory Animal Science

“Engagement” is one of today’s big buzz words. There’s a Web proliferation of new communities, new authority models, and increasing expectations
and distractions. But what does it take to build and sustain true connections around your association? Panelists will expose various online methods,
multi-networks, guiding principles, best practices, and virtual worlds that support outreach, education, new business models, next generation, varied
demographics and personas, a broader reach, member services, and awareness. They will also share alternatives to information-heavy Web sites and illustrate their tools for engagement, collaboration, and attracting and retaining new members.

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DigitalNow - 2010 Building & Sustaining On-line Engagement

  1. Building and sustaining online  engagement: This Ain't Your  Parent's Social Club  Moderator: Tom Hood, CPA.CITP – MACPA  Panel:   John Mancini – AIIM      Christy Jones, CAE – AAUW      Michael Mathy ‐ AALAS   
  2. Building & sustaining on‐line  engagement – a panel  "Engagement" is one of today’s big buzz words. There’s a web  proliferation of new communities, new authority models, and  increasing expectations and distractions. But what does it take  to build and sustain true connections around your association?  Panelists will expose various online methods, multi‐networks,  guiding principles, best practices, and virtual worlds that support  outreach, education, new business models, next generation,  varied demographics and personas, a broader reach, member  services, and awareness. They will also share alternatives to  information heavy web sites and illustrate their tools for  engagement, collaboration, and attracting and retaining new  members.    
  3. Learning Outcomes:  • Discover where business networking is headed (both private and public networks).    Examine trends and Opportunities in Engagement with Volunteers, Public and  Members   Consider challenges in creating and sustaining online engagement   Work toward Data driven outcomes and measurements   Understand how to bridge online and offline content and resources    Encourage user engagement rather than user consumption of content   Differentiate community roles, their place in associations and why management  might be a misnomer   Connect content and people. Empower and educate volunteers, board, members  and current communities to engage and reach new communities   Consider the difference between the social world’s data and viral connection, and  the association’s vetted body of knowledge with its curators, taxonomy, structure,  transparency and intelligence for rating and automating.   Cultivating vs. collecting an audience   Consider an engagement centric business model and board support 
  4. About AIIM  • Association for Information and Image Management  • We help organizations find, control, and optimize  their information.  • 50,000 basic members (free) and 5,000 premium  (paid)  • Extensive training program for associations and their  members on technologies discussed at this  conference – also available for presentations  •   
  5. About Me – John Mancini  • President and CEO  • Blog under “Digital Landfill” and “8 Things” –  • Twitter = @jmancini77  • Active on Facebook and LinkedIn  • Email =     
  6. AAUW  • American Association of University Women  • AAUW advances equity for women and girls through  advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.  • More than 100,000 members and donors; 1,300  branches nationwide  • Demographics: ages range from 18 to 103; mostly  women (men can join); mostly US  •   
  7. About me ‐ Christy Jones, CAE  • Director – Membership  • Member and Branch Relations; Customer Care  Center; Records; Recruitment (1.3 million  direct mail campaign this year); retention (incl  social media)  • Blogger: AAUW ‐ http://blog‐  • Twitter (@christytj), Facebook, Second Life,  Linked‐in, Four Square  • Email: 
  8. AAUW  AAUW on Ning AAUW on Twitter AAUW on Facebook
  9. AAUW  AAUW Office in Second Life AAUW via Chapter Leaders Playground
  10. AAUW  The AAUW Experience
  11. AAUW  The AAUW Experience
  12.   What is the AALAS Foundation?  • The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science Foundation supports  educational outreach on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal  care and use in science to advance human and animal health  • Our parent organization, AALAS, has over 14,000 members nationwide    Goals  • Promote public understanding, respect, and support for the life sciences  • Educate future leaders about the essential role of animals in research and  education  • Encourage today’s students to become tomorrow’s laboratory animal science  professionals    © 2008 Numedeon, Inc.
  13. About Me – Michael Mathy  • Foundation Administrator  • Active on Whyville  • Email =     
  14. What is Whyville?  • A vibrant, kid‐safe virtual city designed to engage young people in constructive  educational activities while promoting socially responsible behavior 
  15. Why Whyville?  • It’s Fun!    • Next Generation of Educational Outreach    • Immediate Access to Our Target Demographic    • Reputable Sponsors    • Measurable Results  © 2008 Numedeon, Inc.
  16. AALAS Foundation in Whyville  •  The Foundation worked with the creators of  Whyville to create three customized  games to teach citizens about the essential role of animals in biomedical research   © 2008 Numedeon, Inc.
  17. Positive Results  Game Traffic  • CARE generated over 500,00 game plays in seven months  • Over 12,000 Whyville citizens viewed our informational brochures, which  link to online resources like our website      Increase in Financial Support  • Despite the ongoing economic crisis, we set a fund raising record in 2009    Increase in Website Traffic  • 178% monthly increase in unique visitors to the AALAS Foundation site     Quality Survey Data  • Survey data tells us we have a receptive audience and great potential to  shape opinions about the care and use of animals in research          © 2008 Numedeon, Inc.
  18. About MACPA  • Maryland Association of CPAs  • Founded in 1901  • Individual, professional membership – 12,000  CPA and student members  • Mission is to promote & protect CPAs, enable  them to conform to high standards  • Connect – Protect – Achieve!  •   
  19. About me – Tom Hood, CPA.CITP  • President & CEO  • Blogs & &  • Twitter ‐ @tomhood & @macpa  • Active on Facebook & Linked‐In  • E‐mail: 
  20. This scares the heck out of me! 
  21. Throw the fishing lines in every pond 
  22. Accounting Education Pavilion Our pavilion features a place for Colleges & Universities to showcase their accounting education and a place for accounting educators to connect, share, and learn from each other. It is also a place for prospective students to see the many options available in an exciting career as a Certified Public Accountant.
  23. New Young Professionals Network Club NYPN on CPA Island Life’s a beach at the Club NYPN on CPA island. This special area devoted to New & Young Professionals has all of the features for networking, casual meetups, and fun. Complete with a dance floor, tiki bars, beach, and a real treehouse – it is the place for students and young professionals to chill.
  24. BLI Conference Center A center facilitating the development and sharing of competencies and strategic knowledge required for leadership in the rapidly changing business environment. BLI will deliver competency-based curriculum, courses, content, and community to enhance learning and grow intellectual capital for organizational and executive leadership.
  25. Where does this all lead to?  • How do you sustain all of these fishing holes?  • Rapidly evolving technology will cause a continuum of options  • What is fundamental value proposition?   • Who are you targeting and where do they hang out?  • It is still about people and content as key principles  • How do you help me do my job better and advance in my  career?  • Or help me connect to someone to do my job better?  • Or help my organization get better (for my profession)? 
  26. Throw your lines in! 
  27. Resources  • AAUW  • AAUW Online/Social Media Intro  • SLURL to AAUW Office in Second Life: mons/199/39/26   AALAS  Whyville information page   Whyville log-in instructions   CARE PowerPoint presentation     
  28. Resources  • AIIM  • Link to example of using free content (e-book) = Separate social networking site (on Ning) = • MACPA • • How Social networking & remote conferencing transformed MACPA – slideshare • PulsePencast of panel conversation