CGMA Competency Framework for CPAs and Finance / Accounting Professionals


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The CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountants) developed a competency framework that helps provide useful context for the career path of a global finance/accounting professional. It follows a trajectory we call the Bounce, where the initial focus is on building core technical skills and learning to lead yourself. Soon the professional moves from task specific technical work to managing people and projects. This is where momentum and development should shift to include more "success skills" like leadership, change management, collaboration, performance management and more. This turn is where the initial career momentum changes direction and there is more emphasis on the skill of leading others and leading organizations. We use the metaphor of a basketball bounce pass to who momentum and trajectory of today's finance / accounting career.

Our Business Learning Institute has been researching competencies and learning plans for finance and accounting professionals since its founding in 1999. We have mapped courses to this framework and have built curriculums for Fortune 1000 finance / accounting teams to offer a strategic and systematic approach to training. We partner with the AICPA to bring you the state of the art in training from technical to the "success skills required by the Bounce.

The Bounce covers the career trajectory of professionals as they move from technical proficiency to managing people and projects and ultimately organizations. The bounce speaks to the change in direction from technical mastery to acquiring competencies to lead others and leading organizations. It is about velocity and trajectory as you shift direction to the need for more “success skills” as you move up n your career. The Bounce includes the latest research on competencies from the AICPA through the CPA Horizons 2025 Project and the CGMA Competency framework.

More information can be found on our website at and at the CGMA website at

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CGMA Competency Framework for CPAs and Finance / Accounting Professionals

  1. CGMA Competency Framework
  2. • Identify Competencies • Career Path (Ladder) • Curriculum • Cloud Learning Our approach –The Four C’s The right talent with the right skills at the right time
  3. theBounce
  4. CGMA Follows the Bounce!
  5. The Bounce
  8. Curriculum design by BLI and AICPA usingTop 5 Competencies for future from CPA Horizons research and job levels from the BLI “Bounce” Model. Leadership and Communications were combined and the 5th category expanded to include practice specialties for firms and functional areas for corporate. Examples would include: Corporate Accounting, FP&A, divisional reporting, shared services, etc. CPA Firms would have audit, tax, industry specialties. These technical areas would have specific curriculums designed to meet their specific technical competency needs.
  9. CloudLearning "We see this system as a key recruitment and retention tool, allowing us to offer our people many of the things that the largest firms do - competency–based curriculum, career paths, and just-in-time learning, and our own custom D&S learning center. ! ! ! !" !- Allen DeLeon, Managing Partner"
  10. Your Competitive Advantage “It is hard to plan for the long-term future when you don’t know what is going to happen five minutes from now. Today, a competitive edge based solely on material advantage is thin and temporary; the edge quickly becomes the margin.The ability to define the edge, and the ultimate competitive advantage, is found in the smarts, heart and ingenuity of your people. That’s your powerhouse.Tap that, train it, focus it and mobilize it; now you’ve engaged a network and inspired a sustainable shift.
  11. Engagement – Alignment - Commitment
  12. How can we help you keep your L>C? •  Strategy & Alignment •  Curriculum tied to strategy •  I2a Leadership Academy •  BLI Leadership Express - on- demand leadership support •  Social learning In a period of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners will be those organizations who can keep their rate of learning greater than the rate of change and greater than their competition. –Tom Hood
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