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Next Generation Leaders - Report from sessions at CCHUC13


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Want to know what people are thinking about the Next Generation of Leaders? This report is from participants at my sessions at the CCH User Conference in Phoenix, AZ. It covers what the biggest leadership challenges facing CPA Firms? How many have a well-defined career path to partner, What about learning and development? IS learning tied to career paths?

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Next Generation Leaders - Report from sessions at CCHUC13

  1. 1. The Next Generation Leader - Navigators of Change CCHUC13 Session Report Generated on October 30, 2013 How many years have you been in the CPA Profession? 14.4 What generation are you?
  2. 2. 17.2% 29.3% Gen Y born 1980 - 2000 (Votes: 17) Gen X born 1965-1979 (Votes: 31) Boomers born 1946 1964 (Votes: 10) Matures born 1945 and 1925 (Votes: 0) 53.4% What size is your firm (number of people)? 15.5% 31.0% 1 to 10 (Votes: 0) 11 to 30 (Votes: 18) 31 to 50 (Votes: 5) 51 to 100 (Votes: 15) 100 to 250 (Votes: 11) 250 and up (Votes: 9) 19.0% 8.6% 25.9%
  3. 3. Has leadership changed? 2.0% Yes (Votes: 30) No (Votes: 20) Not Sure (Votes: 1) 39.2% 58.8% How has leadership changed... Split up Must be on top of things, times change much quicker now Founders retired (died) got rid of 2 partners different ceo No recent changes, all partners have been in place for approx 20yrs
  4. 4. new technology initiatives Need to be flexible and more visionary Retirement of a founding partner Retired Leadership has changed based of the the change in generations, (boomer and y) team collaboration Methods used to lead, but some characteristics of a leader remain similar moving out of controlling to collaborating less top down more collaboration How people view their work changed transition from retired partners to new/younger partners to be successful need to be more collaborative; team oriented. Stop the preaching from the mountain It has to be more collaborative n/a Style More staff-friendly
  5. 5. Starting to get younger partners but still same leadership. some new faces (younger partners) have brought fresh ideas to the firm. More interactive What is your biggest leadership challenge? Older partners unwilling to change Staff retention and motivation. Hard to pinpoint what motivates new hires Finding the kinder/gentler person when bringing in change confidence Adjusting to the entitlement generation developing new leaders Attracting and retaining quality staff talent.. work life balance Getting outgoing partners to accept change and see the need for change (specifically around IT)
  6. 6. Older partners not willing to change Getting everyone from top down to change Reluctant to change. Old school Adapting to change "this is the way we have done it for years and it works fine; why do we have to change" Getting people comfortable with change merging old ways with new...and keeping all satisfied stepping up without being pushed getting buy in order to enact the change Adjusting our culture to attract new leaders Staff acceptance Bringing up younger generations Getting people to move to more modern ways of thinking. And retire before we are doing their estate Succession Finding them for the future getting partner buy in Retirement of majority of partners in next 10 years
  7. 7. Poorly defined roles old styles still hold strong Lack of effective leaders within firm as role models. Getting everyone on the same page yet their ideas are heard Do you have a compelling vision/strategic plan for your firm? Yes (Votes: 20) No (Votes: 6) Not sure (Votes: 7) 21.2% 18.2% 60.6% Do you have career paths to partner understood by all?
  8. 8. Yes (Votes: 7) No (Votes: 33) 17.5% 82.5% Do you have training linked to your career paths? 12.8% Yes (Votes: 5) No (Votes: 9) Kinda (Votes: 25) 23.1% 64.1%
  9. 9. Social Q&A Do you think you can "fix" actively disengaged employees? When you return from you share what you learned? have you read Start With Why What is the average age of a next generation leader? Can you have career managers who are techi How do you make the business case to invest in learning and development beyond satisfying CPE req's? how does your firm handle "career managers". should there be an up or out policy so new up-and-comers see opportunity? Get Conferences.IO for an Event You Are Hosting