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“Crushing” a live event with social media goes well beyond the ...
About two weeks or so before the event, start connecting with key attendees, high-profile speakers,
and e...
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2018 social media guide digital cpa summit 2018 macpa


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MACPA - BLI CPA Summit Social Media Guide for helping you be even more #FutureReady through planned Serendipity with our Preferred Providers and participants.

Connect, Collaborate, Innovate at the CPA Summit on December 6th, 2018.

Our Strategic Partners and Preferred Providers:
Accountants World

Let’s start with the imperative for innovation. In a world of rapid change and increasing complexity, we are all being challenged to innovate or, at the minimum, iterate by constantly improving things and doing more with less. In fact, my favorite definition of innovation comes from futurist Andrew Zolli, who says innovation is creating value in anticipation of future trends.

Serendipity can be shaped: We can make choices that will increase our ability to attract people and resources to us that we never knew existed, leading to serendipitous encounters that prove enormously valuable to us.

We have worked to attract the relevant innovators sharing our Profession around the hard trends of technology, demographics and regulations and standards so that we can discover early windows into the developments that will end up transforming our organizations. Sure, serendipity has always been important, but in a world of near-constant disruption, it becomes essential to survival. That is what we mean by being Future-Ready - being Aware, Predictive and Adaptive of the trends we know are shaping our future. That is the purpose behind the Maryland Association of CPAs and the Business Learning Institute's #CPASummit.

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2018 social media guide digital cpa summit 2018 macpa

  1. 1. CPAHOSTED BY MACPA ‘CRUSHING’ THE SUMMIT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA “Crushing” a live event with social media goes well beyond the actual event. Some specific activities before and after the event will (a) alert social influencers about what you’ll be doing during the event and (b) share what you learned at the event with key audiences afterward. Inside are some suggestions. ON THE WEB: MACPA.ORG/SUMMIT HASHTAG: #CPASUMMIT #AIAUDIT 2018 SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDE Every tweet with the hashtag #CPASummit counts as an entry. Winners selected during the final break at 2:50-3:00pm. 1ST PRIZE = APPLE WATCH 2ND PRIZE = APPLE AIRPODS Photo Credit: Apple©
  2. 2. BEFORE THE EVENT About two weeks or so before the event, start connecting with key attendees, high-profile speakers, and event organizers on the various social networks. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then begin posting occasional messages that promote the event and alert your followers that you’ll be sharing what you’ve learned via your live social stream. Here’s an example of one such message: Gearing up for @MACPA’s 2018 CPA Summit on December 6! Learn how to prepare for the “fast future.” Retweet messages from the event’s official Twitter account to share resources and announcements with your followers. Offer your followers links to books or articles that the speakers may have written. If you’re feeling adventurous, try to organize a tweetup that will take place during the event so you can meet some of the attendees face to face. In all pre-event messages, use the event’s hashtag to populate the Twitter stream with relevant messages. DURING THE EVENT Use Twitter to share key points that the various speakers make during the event. Start/join in-event discussions about the event that are taking place on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to tweet liberally. I will often use Twitter as a way of taking notes; I’ll then use my tweets to write articles and/or blog posts about the event (see “After the Event.”) A great tool for live tweeting during an event is TweetChat. You simply go to, sign into Twitter and enter the event’s hashtag. Then, every tweet that you post in TweetChat will automatically include the event’s hashtag, so you don’t have to enter it yourself. You can also follow the event’s live Twitter stream right from TweetChat. It’s a very helpful and engaging tool. Be sure to bring your camera and video camera to the event. Take photos of the speakers during their presentations and capture scenes from the events, then share them with your Twitter followers. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask the speakers for brief on-camera interviews after their presentations. You’ll be able to use the photos and videos in various ways after the event. (See “After the Event.”) AFTER THE EVENT If you have a blog, write a blog post or two about key presentations from the event. Use your tweets as quotes in your blog post, and add a photo or two to each post. Share tweets from the event with anyone who might be interested. Share photos and video that you’ve taken during the event across your various social networks. ON TWITTER KEY ATTENDEES, SPONSORS & THOUGHT LEADERS CPA SUMMIT THOUGHT LEADERS David Bergstein @DavidBergstein Dr. Chandra Bhansali @PowerAccountant Jordan Birnbaum @JordanBirnbaum Thomas Casey @LegacyCasey John Colthart @JMColthart Matt Donaldson @originaldonny Rachel Druckenmiller @Rachel_Druck Kimberly Ellison-Taylor @KEllisonTaylor Dan Hood @AccountingEdit Tom Hood @TomHood Leon Katsnelson @Katsnelson Matt Kelly @compliancememe Samantha Mansfield @SnMansfield Peter Margaritis @pmargaritis Liz Mason @HighRockCPAs Enrico Palmerino @EnricoPalmerino Michael Platt @ipainsider Mike Sabbatis @MikeSabbatis Adam Salerno @somesouthpaw Bill Sheridan @BillSheridan Stan Sterna @AICPAInsurance
  3. 3. CPA SUMMIT PARTNERS & SPONSORS AccountantsWorld @PowerAccountant Accounting Today @AccountingToday ADP @ADP AON @AICPAInsurance Auditchain @Auditchain botkeeper @b0tkeeper @CPAcom CPA Practice Advisor @CPAPracAdvisor CPA Trendlines @CPA_Trendlines eTrepid @eTrepid Expensify @Expensify IBM @IBM INSIDE Public Accounting @IPAinsider Inutuit @Intuit Liscio @LiscioCX MindBridge @MindBridge_AI Radical Compliance @ComplianceMeme Sage @SageNAmerica SIG @SilbersteinGrp Thomson Reuters @thomsonreuters XCM @XCM_Solutions Xero @Xero TEAM MACPA MACPA @MACPA BLI @BLIonline Lauren Baker @LaurenMACPA Pamela Bartoshek @BartoshekPamela Akesha Brown @AkeshaBrown Jackie Brown @JEGBrown Rebekah Brown @RJBrowncpa Margaret DeRoose @MargaretDeRoose Pam Devine @PamelaCDevine Laura Dorsey-Shaner @LauraDShaner Chris Dougherty @chrisMACPA Skip Falatko @SkipFalatko Marybeth Halpern @MBmacpa Terri Haw @HawSmith Tom Hood @TomHood Amy Puente @AmyLPuente Bill Sheridan @BillSheridan Jennifer Stevens @JennMACPAandBLI Amy Stumme @AmyStumme Krislyn Suljak @knsuljak Dee Sullivan @DSullivanMACPA Laura Swann @LauraSwann1 Emily Trott @EmilyMACPA Ryan Wey @ryanmacpa MACPA EXEC COMMITTEE Samantha Bowling @SBowlingCPA Avonette Blanding @AvonetteB_CPA Ken Kelly @kenkellyCPA Kimberly Ellison-Taylor @kellisontaylor