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a power point presentation for the subject Philippine Literarture

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  1. 1. Philippine LiteratuMidterm Group
  2. 2. SpaniSh Colonial period
  3. 3. Spanish occupied Philippinesin early 15th century. The FirstFilipino alphabet is Alibata –when Spanish colonizedPhilippines they changedalibatas into Roman alphabet. Spanish banned the use ofAlibata because they believedthat it is a work of evil. SoSpanish fully introduced theSpanish literary language usingmany Spanish terms.
  4. 4. The European literature wasbrought by the Spaniardsand are assimilated inFilipino songs andindigenous themes.The early printing press inthe Philippine is run andmonopolized by theSpaniards friars.
  5. 5. During Spanish colonizationFilipinos felt that they beingharassed by the Spaniards.Then the Birth of thePropaganda movement andLa Solidaridad.Then Filipino fought andintroduced Tagalog to be thelanguage of revolution of thenationalist movement.
  6. 6. SpaniSh Colonial periodliteratureunderSpaniSh Colonial periodliteratureunder
  8. 8. SONGSA song is a composition for voice or voices,performed by singing. Achoral or vocal song maybe accompaniedby musical instruments,or it may beunaccompanied, as in thecase of a cappella songs.The lyrics (words) ofsongs are typically ofa poetic, rhyming nature,though they maybe religious verses orfree prose.
  9. 9. SONGSThis song depictshumbleness. Its thestory of a man who triesto show what he got towin the heart of hisbeloved one. LERONLERONSINTA
  10. 10. SONGSa Kundiman whichmeans “one night” or“one evening” in Bicol.A kundiman is aFilipino love songtraditionally sung by aman wooing the womanof his dreams.SARUMBANGGI
  11. 11. reliGiouS draMaThe religious drama, as settingforth events recorded in the Bible ormoral lessons to be drawn fromreligious teaching, is distinctivelymedieval in character, and in originis closely connected with theservices of theChurch.
  12. 12. RELIGIOUS DRAMAPanunuluyan (Tagalog for "asking for lodgings")is a Philippine Christmas dramaticritual narrating the Holy Familyssearch for a place to stay inBethlehem forJesus Christs birth through song.
  13. 13. DRAMADrama is thespecific mode of fiction represented in performance. The enactment ofdrama in theatre, performedby actors on a stage beforean audience, presupposes collaborative modes ofproduction and a collective form ofreception.
  14. 14. DRAMA“Why Women Wash the Dishes” is a playthat depicts a betting game between couplewhom either one would not like to wash thedishes. The play is filled withhumor and antiques.Bakit Babae ang Naghuhugas ng Pinggan
  16. 16. POETRYPoetry is an imaginative awareness ofexperience expressed through meaning, sound,and rhythmic language choices so as to evokean emotional response. Poetry has been knownto employ meter and rhyme, but this is by nomeans necessary. The very nature of poetry asan authentic and individual mode of expressionmakes it nearly impossible to define.
  17. 17. The story is about the love anddetermination of the Duke Floranteand the Princess Laura of Albaniawhile being pursued by the usurperCount Adolfo.POETRYFLORANTE ATLAURA
  18. 18. A short story is a briefwork of literature,usually writtenin narrative prose.A classic definition ofa short story is thatone should be able toread it in one sittingSHORTSTORIES
  19. 19. The short story revolvesaround one thing –Freedom. Or moreclearly, it seeks todefine what is freedom,and what sense it makesto those who are notfree; slaved for theatonement of their sins.SHORTSTORIESCONVICT’STWILIGHT
  21. 21. SELECTEDWORKS OFHe is considered oneof the national heroes ofthe Philippines. Studying inEurope, he was the most prominentadvocate for reform in thePhilippines during the Spanishcolonial era. He was wronglyimplicated as the leader of theKatipunan Revolution, and that ledto his execution on December 30,1896, now celebrated as Rizal Day,a national holiday in the country.JOSE RIZAL
  22. 22. SELECTEDWORKS OFMI ULTIMOADIOSA poem written by Philippine nationalhero Dr José Rizal on the eve ofhis execution on 30 December 1896.This poem was one of the last noteshe wrote before his death; anotherthat he had written was found in hisshoe but because the text wasillegible, its contents remains amystery.
  23. 23. SELECTEDWORKS OFMARCELO H.DEL PILARHe was a celebrated figurein the Philippine Revolutionand a leading propagandistfor reforms in thePhilippines. Popularlyknown as Plaridel, he wasthe editor and co-publisherof La Solidaridad(The Solidarity).
  24. 24. SELECTEDWORKS OFMARCELO H.DEL PILARThis is a satire on thefriars hypocrisy,licentiousness and greed,which consists of parodiesof the Sign of the Cross, theAct of Contrition, theLords Prayer, the HailMary, and the catechism.Rizal considers this as amodel of classical proseand an excellent example ofTagalog humor, wit, andDASALAN ATTOCSOHAN
  25. 25. SELECTEDWORKS OFHe was a founder and laterSupremo of the Katipunanmovement which sought theindependence of the Philippinesfrom Spanish colonial rule andstarted thePhilippineRevolution.ANDRESBONIFACIO“Father ofthe PhilippineRevolution,"
  26. 26. SELECTEDWORKS OFANDRESBONIFACIOThis poem whichwas first published in theDiariong Tagalog. As the titleindicates, the theme is directed tothe Filipinos in order to arousetheir spirit ofnationalismandself-dependence.PAG-IBIG SATINUBUANGLUPA
  28. 28. Philippine literaryproduction during theAmerican Period in thePhilippines was spurred bytwo significantdevelopments in educationand culture. One is theintroduction of free publicinstruction for all children ofschool age and two, theuse of English as mediumof instruction in all levels ofeducation in public schools.
  29. 29. Free public educationmade knowledge andinformation accessible to agreater number ofFilipinos. Those whoavailed of this educationthrough college were ableto improve their socialstatus and joined a goodnumber of educatedmasses who became partof the country’s middleclass.
  30. 30. The use of English asmedium of instructionintroduced Filipinos toAnglo-American modes ofthought, culture and lifeways that would beembedded not only in theliterature produced but alsoin the psyche of thecountry’s educated class. Itwas this educated classthat would be thewellspring of a vibrant
  31. 31. Philippine literature inEnglish, as a direct resultof American colonization ofthe country, could notescape being imitative ofAmerican models of writingespecially during its periodof apprenticeship.
  33. 33. RomanticPoetryShortStoriesLITERATUREUNDERAMERICAN COLONIAL PERIODTagalogNovelBeginning ofPhil Litin English
  34. 34. TAGALOGNOVELA novel is along prose narrative that describesfictionalcharacters andevents in the formof a sequentialstory, usually. ATagalog novel is anovel written in,of course, Tagalog.
  35. 35. TAGALOGNOVEL is one of the first literarynovels writtenby Filipino author LopeK. Santos inthe Tagalog language in1906. As a book thatwas considered as the"Bible of working classFilipinos", the pages ofthe novel revolvesaround the life of Delfin,his love for a daughterof a rich landlord, whileLope K.Banaag at Sikat
  36. 36. Romantic PoetryThe dominant theme ofRomantic poetry: the filteringof natural emotion throughthe human mind in order tocreate art, coupled with anawareness of the dualitycreatedby such a process.
  37. 37. Romantic PoetryPAG-IBIGJose Corazon DeJesusJosé Corazón de Jesús , wasa Filipino poet who used Tagalog poetry to expressthe Filipinos desire for independenceduring the American occupation ofthe Philippines,a period that lasted from 1901 to 1946.He is best known for being the lyricist of the Filipino song yan Ko.
  38. 38. SHORTSTORIESA short story is a brief work of literature, usually written in narrative prose. A classic definition of a short story is that one should be able to read it in one sitting
  39. 39. SHORTSTORIES This is a short story written by Alejandro Roces during his freshman year in Arizona State University. He was well known for his humorous stories and whit in writing. “We Filipinos are Mild Drinkers” is dated back to the 1940s.We Filipinos Are Mild Drinkers
  40. 40. BeginningofPhilippineLiteratureinEnglishPhilippine literature inEnglish By 1901, publiceducation wasinstitutionalized in thePhilippines, with Englishserving as the medium ofinstruction. That year,around 600 educators inthe S.S. Thomas toreplace the soldiers whohad been serving as thefirst teachers.
  41. 41. BeginningofPhilippineLiteratureinEnglish"How My Brother LeonBrought Home a Wife"A story about an occasionthat would be a big day inthe life of any family, theday one of the sons ofthe family brings hopethe woman he intends tomarry. The story is toldin the first person byLeons younger brother.