Young marketers 2013 final round brief


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Young marketers 2013 final round brief

  1. 1. Final Round
  2. 2. Content• Part 1: We are Young Marketers 2013• Part 2: Young Marketers 2013 Embrace The Challenges
  3. 3. Part 1: We are Young Marketers 2013- Challenge: Sell your team to the judges why you should be selected asthe first winner of Young Marketers 2013- Timing: 5 minutes per team – Unlimited forms of presentation- Scores: 25o Creativity: 7o Persuasion: 13o Investment: 5Important remark:1 team will be eliminated from this part. Only 4/5 teams are allowed toenter the second part
  4. 4. Part 2: Young Marketers 2013Embrace The Challenges- Challenge: Sell a marketing plan to the judges responding to the givenbrief- Timing: 25 minutes per team (15 minutes for the presentation – 1minute late will be minus 3 scores in total, 10 minutes for Q&A ) –Unlimited in forms of presentation- Scores: 75o Prove understanding of the brand, category & consumers: 20o Provide solutions that are able to meet the brief objectives: 28o Demonstrate strong creativity/ WOW idea: 10o Work out a feasible to execute plan: 10o Deliver good presentation: 7
  5. 5. The winner team is the one who has the highestscores of the part 1 & part 2. The score will bethe average score of all the judges.
  6. 6. The Brief
  7. 7. Brand SummaryGatorade is a brand of sports-themed beverage and food products, builtaround its signature line of sports drinks. Gatorade is currently manufacturedby PepsiCo and distributed in over 80 countries. The beverage was firstdeveloped in 1965 by researchers at the University of Florida, to replenish thecombination of water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that the schoolsstudent-athletes lost in sweat during rigorous athletic competitions.As of 2010, Gatorade is PepsiCo’s 4th-largest brand, on the basis ofworldwide annual retail sales. It only competes with Coca-Colas Poweradeand Vitaminwater brands worldwide.. Within the United States, Gatoradeaccounts for approximately 75% market share in the sports drink categoryand can be claimed as no.1 sports drink brand on this planet.Gatorade has G-Series and Power portfolio, in which the main and originalGatorade - G-Series has 3 SBUs that are Prime, Perform & Recover.In November 2013, PepsiCo is assumed to launch its brand – Gatorade intoVietnam market, firstly with G-Series.
  8. 8. Target Consumers• Vietnamese male (dominant) andfemale• Aged from 23 to 35• Income ABC, living in key urban cities• They own an active life , health andfitness conscious, associated withsports/exercising habits
  9. 9. Task:• Develop a marketing campaign to launch Gatorade G-Series inVietnam (should go with consideration that PepsiCo also has itsRevive brand currently), firstly focal in HCMC & HN• Given budget: 20,000,000,000 VND (exclusive of VAT)
  10. 10. Success Measurement• Must reach minimum 50% awareness of this brand among targetconsumers in HCMC & HN after 3 months of launching, and earn theperception of minimum 70% the aware consumers (to believe) thatGatorade is the best sports drink for them in Vietnam.• Must generate the monthly sales of average 200,000 units in HCMC& HN only after 3 months of launching• Should contribute to educating the target consumers to have thehabit of consuming sports drink (expanding the category) after theirexercising (a plus)
  11. 11. Prize
  12. 12. Prize• 1st Prize:15.000.000 VND &2 BMG scholarship 13.000.000 per.• 2nd Prize:9.000.000 VND &2 BMG scholarship 10.000.000 per.• 3rd Prize:6.000.000 VND &2 BMG scholarship 7.000.000 per.• 4th Prize6.000.000 VND & certificate.• 5th Prize3.000.000 VND & certificate.
  13. 13. THANK YOU