Evolution of Pet Rabbit Supplies


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Know more about Evolution of Pet Rabbit Supplies

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Evolution of Pet Rabbit Supplies

  1. 1. Evolution of Pet Rabbit Supplies There is no solid evidence of rabbits though one debatable stat puts the first evidence of rabbits back to 10 million years ago in France. In all, there are twentyeight species found on all continents except Antarctica and it was last introduced to Australia. The European rabbit that originally occupied the Iberian Peninsula was widely introduced in all of Western Europe two millennia ago and gradually the rabbit population spread across Europe, and were domesticated in the 19th century. Rabbits as pets became popular in the US in the seventeenth century and since then have been a companion to the humans. Gradually stores dealing with pet rabbit supplies sprang all over Europe and US and are now doing a good business selling rabbits, accessories, pet feed, and other rabbit grooming related products.
  2. 2. Gelling with your pet By nature rabbits are as sweet and loving as a cat or a dog. There is a difference though between the way a dog and rabbit responds to your display of affection. Unlike the dogs a rabbit dislikes being picked up and cuddled. The reason for this is that the rabbit is a prey for a hawk or an eagle and when you pick up a rabbit that mimics the eagle. Similarly a rabbit not bond with you immediately the way a dog does. They need a lot of patience and it does take some time for you to gain the trust of a rabbit. The kids in your home need to be taught this fact as they would like to play with a rabbit the moment they see one. They need to be taught as to how to handle them and recognize their body language and signs. Did you know that when a rabbit’s nose stops twitching, it’s probably asleep even though its eyes are open? Once you bond with a rabbits you will learn how expressive they are!
  3. 3. Rabbit Feed-Dos and Don’ts Feed your rabbit with fresh hay, orchard grass, botanical hay, brome, oat hay, vegetables and plain pellet diet. Commercially prepared hay available in pet rabbit supplies store contains 12-14% protein and around 18% fiber offering a complete balanced diet. Diets that include only seeds and treats result in malnutrition. Feed fresh vegetables such as broccoli tops, beet roots, carrots, sweet peppers, parsley, and fresh fruits (to be used in lesser quantities) and remember to wash them carefully. The foods to be avoided are honey or seed sticks, chocolate, bread, cereals and all human grade treats.
  4. 4. Rabbit Food and Accessories
  5. 5. Super Pet My First Home Complete Kit for Rabbits Super Pet Hi-Corner Large Litter Pan