pædagogisk legetøj, legetøj til børn, puslespil til børn, køb legetøj - ABCLeg


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Udendørs Legetøj er perfekte til at holde børn aktive - især da vejret bliver varmere! Vi har en bred vifte af spændende udendørs legetøj. Ved at bruge udendørs brug, bliver børn mere bevidste om deres kroppe og deres færdigheder gennem en aktiv spiller de erfaringer med disse legetøj.

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pædagogisk legetøj, legetøj til børn, puslespil til børn, køb legetøj - ABCLeg

  1. 1. pædagogisk legetøj, legetøj til børn, puslespil til børn, køb legetøj - ABCLegAuthor: Thomsen LucasBuying Toys OnlineSuggesting the very fact, that there has been a noticeably steady rise in the number of peoplewho buy toys online, is purely substantiated. Before the internet marketplace boom, actual toystores were the favorite haunts of parents looking for new and novel toys for their children—thishas changed in recent times as online stores come up with new and exclusive selections virtuallyevery day. The collection is larger and more organized online and it’s so easy to buy toys there.This is probably why parents are increasingly turning to online stores to get toys for their kids.After the upgrade of online stores to the e-commerce there is probably no better place to look fortoys.The process is as simple as going online and visiting an online store and after a few clicks you canget puzzles, motor toys, radio controlled toys, action figures, dolls and so on. Puzzles and learningtoys really help children learn skills and get over simple childhood difficulties like readingproblems (in Danish læseproblemer). The best part about buying these toys online is that youcan get them at great discounts and bargains and the toys can also be customized to your child’sneeds. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Parents find it a whole lot easier and less time consuming thangoing to actual stores and walking upon miles and miles of aisles to get that perfect toy. Everytime parents buy toys online, they are not only making it cost effective but saving time too. Nowyou can easily choose from numerous categories and with e-commerce, buying online has becomeso much easier.If you want the best gifts for your child on his/her birthday then you must go online and you willbe elated to look at the vast collection. It is simple to buy toys (in Danish køb legetøj) onlinebecause the stores not only categorize the toys they also sort it according to age groups. So be it
  2. 2. your child is 2 or 16 years old—you will find a toy to his/her liking. It is also a fun experience tobrowse through so many toys and you will feel your own childish senses tingling!So you don’t have to worry about standing in a queue to get that new limited edition action figureor some other toy for your kid. Just go online and get it over with. You may also compare prices atdifferent websites and see which site offers the cheapest deal. Also, keep in mind that you buytoys from reputed online toy stores—this will ensure quality and timely delivery.Playing and learning LanguageThe notion of play & learn has become a mantra in every schools and every educationalinstitutions. There is hardly any schools or play centers which doesnt implement this system intheir learning techniques. Be it a play near or house or a school in the middle of the city, play &learn has always been in the priority list. It is so because people have understood that in todaysage it is not only enough to go to school and learn to read and write but also important is the factthe all-round development of the childs personality happens properly. The ability to understandthings, recognize shapes and sizes and colors along with developing the extra-curricular skills areat the forefront today thanks to this concept.As a matter of fact language learning can also happen from thisscheme. Learning English language through learning toys (inDanish lærende legetøj) is highly effective. The conventionalmethod would be to write letters of the alphabet in the four-liepages or memorizing the spelling of apple and cat along with howthey look like. Instead following this age-old method the childrenare provided various learning toys with which they can learn thelanguage faster and remember it without mugging. Like for examplethere will be a card which will have a picture of cat and just belowthat the first letter will only be printed. The child first has to see thepicture and differentiate whether it’s a cat or a goat and then has towrite down the spelling of the word based on the clue given. Thiskind of game helps the beginners who have just started fiddlingwith the language.Language games have been always a correct blend of fun and learning. As a matter of fact for
  3. 3. every- age group there are language games because language learning is a lifelong process. Ofcourse you are not required to learn the language through toys till you are sixty but at least yougain the knowledge and flair of the language, learning toys or games come very handy. Orderingsentences, filling blanks, painting, picture labeling and coloring, words pairing and recitation aresome of the games or language learning toys. Play & learn (in Danish leg og lær) is a conceptthat doesnt work in isolation. With correct coordination and implementation this technique yieldsvisible results. Learning toys are the efficient and effective instruments which enhance, forwardand lead the whole learning structure balancing the fun element neatly.Educating with Toys A child’s psychological, physical and emotional developments are influenced a lot by the toys they play with. Buy toys which are branded as ‘learning toys’ and you probably gave them a fun way to learn a new subject, skill or a new facet of knowledge. Learning toys encourage children to bring out the best in them and break the very milestones they create themselves. Toys like motor toys, construction toys, MAlebog, puzzles etc. will help a child learn while slowly becoming aware of their own potential. Learning toys include and employ stimulation to a variety of senses to facilitate the learning procedure. They help fine tune the child’s optical, aural and verbal skills, problem solving skills and motor responses or hand eye coordination.Better results are achievable if you buy toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. Thetoy only is as good as the player, and so if the player is of the age group the toy is meant for,then it will yield positive results. The earlier you buy toys for your child the sooner they willstart the learning and creative processes. You can get learning toys even for toddlers.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—rememberthis line? Well, play is being incorporated in thechildren’s learning process increasingly as it helps inthe better assimilation of the knowledge received. Basicgrammatical and numerical skills can be taught quiteeffectively without even resorting to textbooks! Thechoice of the learning toys is mainly based on thematerial, i.e., the parents buy toys (in Danish køblegetøj) made of wood, metal or any other realmaterial rather than their plastic counterparts. Butelectronic learning toys are fast consuming the marketof toys. The thing about wooden or metal learning toysis that they are durable, made of non toxic materialsand will last you for years.A toy as simple as ‘building blocks’ can teach important skills like better reflexes (to catch afalling block), creativity and also basic principles of physics; and who knows it might justspark that architect in your child! Always buy toys which a child is interested in—trains, cars,MAlebog, animals, blocks etc. If the child is particularly interested in science then gethim/her a chemistry set, or a doctor’s set and if he/she is interested in solving mysteries thenyou can get one of those games which require solving simple numerical problems to obtain
  4. 4. clues to a crime.Uniqueness Of PuzzlesPuzzles can be solved and it in turn encourages the development of hand -eye co-ordination as well as the motor skills of young children who try to solve them. Itencourages their mind to think and act smart. It is good to introduce puzzles forchildren (in Danish puslespil til børn) but it is apt to introduce it to children at theright stage of their life. A very complex puzzle would confuse young children.The thought and memory process of children must beborne in mind before buying any kind of puzzle. Thesepuzzles are of many types like wooden puzzle,jigsaw puzzleand other educational puzzles which include the process oftesting the childs spelling, number and so on. It isadvisable to initially help your children to solve the puzzlebut later it is advisable to encourage them to solve puzzleson their own. Educational puzzles which include the mixand match of the object with its letter is gaining popularity.Many pre-schoolers are taught the basics of Englishalphabets with these puzzles.Lauri teaching toy includes a durable plastic storage tray. Under each and every alphabetthere is a picture which helps the child to reinforce letter recognition. All the Lauripuzzles are made of durable rubber which would not tear or crease. These rubber lettersare 2inches in height and it fits in a 11.5 inch square puzzle. The wooden sound puzzleis designed in such a manner that when the correct alphabet puzzle alphabet is placedon the puzzle board,the board at once announces the letter. It is suitable for children ofthe age group of 2 years and above.Another abc puzzle (in Danish abc puslespil) which has got a lot of popularity is the"Alphabet train floor abc puzzle" which has got 27 huge alphabet pieces with pictures and
  5. 5. colourful illustrations with each alphabet corresponding to one letter. The completedpuzzle is over 10 feet long. The upper and lower case alphabets can be introduced to kidsby the new puzzle named "See Inside Wooden puzzle" where Upper and lower casealphabet wooden pieces can be made to fit when placed correctly in the apt case.Home is actually the place where kids learn their ABC and this can be taught to them byvarious methods. For example an apple can be shown to the child and said A for Apple, B forBall and C for cat. Similarly "counting numbers" can be taught by asking them to count thenumber of eyes they have or fingers in each hand. Every educational puzzle is unique toevoke the curiosity of every child and its benefit is also of great value to the child.Toying with LearningMany people are of the notion that toys are nothing but paltry things which had been invented forone sole purpose—keep the child occupied when mommy and daddy are doing important things.Times are changing and this conception is being proven wrong. The motor toys and theinstitution toys (in Danish institutionslegetøj) today, for example, actually help a child learnvital skills and hone them continuously in the course of play—so one actually learns while havingfun!How do toys help children learn?Toys have been found to trigger the creative process in children’s minds. They give them thescope to observe and infer how real objects behave in the real world. The toys, especiallyinstitution toys, are made vivid and colorful. The color directly stimulates the child’s thinkingprocess. Some colors are even known to excite. Other colors have been known to help the childform associations of the color to real everyday objects. The size and feel of the toy also provides acertain stimulus. The child learns various things like patterns, spatial relations, shapes etc. Toys,especially motor toys (in Danish motorisk legetøj), have been known to enhance hand eyecoordination, motor skills, patience, creativity, imagination and even basic numerical andgrammar skills. The right puzzles and toys can really help children with elementary math andlanguage skills.Bridging the Real and the Imagined
  6. 6. You might have noticed that when children play with dolls and/or stuffed animals they take themto be real. Toys that make sounds, when a special part of their body is touched, are extremelyenjoyable for children. Girls imagine their toy ovens baking cookies or their doll houses to be theirvery own home. Boys imagine racing with their toy cars or their toy trucks hauling heavyconstruction equipment. This is a subconscious development of their imagination and creativethinking process. The toys become the bridges between their reality and the adult reality. It isbasically a fantasy borne out of reality. Children are not as practical as adults and take their toysto be as functional as their real life counterparts.Children, one must know, are curious by nature. They cannot help it. Toys that interest andappeal to their curiosity are the most effective in the learning process. So go out there or getonline and buy some toys! You will find great deals on learning toys and other types of toys inonline stores.