Motorisk legetøj, institutionslegetøj, puslespil til børn, matematik legetøj abc


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Reading Problem among children is a common symptom in their stages. Some children are often seen not able to read or write properly. Sometimes this can be due to ineffective eyesight or hearing problem.

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Motorisk legetøj, institutionslegetøj, puslespil til børn, matematik legetøj abc

  1. 1. motorisk legetøj, institutionslegetøj, puslespil til børn, matematik legetøj - ABCLeg.dkAuthor: Thomsen LucasREADING PROBLEM?? BUY TOYSReading Problem among children is a common symptom in their stages. Some children are oftenseen not able to read or write properly. Sometimes this can be due to ineffective eyesight orhearing problem. If your child are unable to read or write like other kids in the school then he maybe a victim of dyslexia. Children who have dyslexia fails to read or write as they feel word reversalduring reading, they have poor handwritings, difficulty in repeating words, difficulty incomprehending written directions etc. If your child shy away from doing his homework or getangry or frustrated when confronted then do not think he is stubborn. It is the high time to give aserious thought to his problem.Thus, Reading Problems (læseproblemer) should be addressed early before it is too late.There are various ways of tackling these problems. Primarily, you should interact one to one toyour child and suggest the teacher to do so. One to one interaction helps to understand theproblem better. However, using toys are also a way of treating Reading Problems. You can easilyBuy Toys from the market or from online marketing sites to help your child read properly. Therecan be a variety of toys available to choose from. The most relevant and effective types of toysare discussed below: • There are three set training books available, which helps in developing reading skills and understanding. • Then there are gross motor assimilated products, which help in development of creep, crawl, walk, etc. • Then there are various puzzles and memory games which helps in developing word sense and reading skills • PC learning games are also available with improved technical content. They are divided into different age group requirements. • Then there are Kindergarden reading kits having CDs, books, puzzles, parent’s guide and so on.
  2. 2. • Then you can also go for big magnetic numbers and alphabets, which comes with a board thereby encouraging your child to learn while having fun as well.These above categories of toys are available and they have high learning content, so, if your childis having a reading problem then you can buy toys (køb legetøj) of these categories to facilitatethem to read and write properly. With the increase in number of Reading Problem, systemsamong children researches are coming up with innovative technique to solve them. So, Buy Toysand help your child to grow in a better manner.Malebog and Motor toys for your child’s best developmentThere are certain factors that are responsible for the development of a child. While few factorshave to be taken care of by the parents at home, rest are taken care of at schools. As the childfirst leaves the comfort and acquainted faces of its family members, and goes to a school, it needscertain MAlebog and educational toys to help them learn things in a fun way. These educationalaids normally help in the physical and mental growth of the children. They are very important astools to teach the young souls.Children always understand things better when they get a physical feel of the objects or canperceive things with their sight. For this reason the kindergarten and Montessori schools use sucheducational aids like – malebogs, motor toys, 3D-story books etc to teach the kids. All thesethings are very colourful and normally have a glossy finish. The kids are made to learn aboutcolours from toys of different colours. They are also given picture and colouring books to helpthem recognise each colour, with the fun element intact.Coloured cubes of alphabet and numerical are also used to teachthem the respective things! Shapes and sizes are also taught inthe same way by blocks or stacking rings. This contributes inthe development of cognitive thinking in the kids.These toys also help in the physical growth of the children.There are certain toys which involve physical activity likearranging cubes in a particular order; playing with motor toys(motorisk legetøj) and understanding the concept of ‘left’ and‘right’. Push-and-pull and ride-on car toys are a great way tohelp them learn as their physical activity helps in theirdevelopment.
  3. 3. Intellectual growth is also boosted by giving them simple puzzles to solve. These help in the handand eye co-ordination of the children, and they become sharp and swift. This process ofinteraction and active participation of the children with the educational toys, slowly craft them intocharacters of personality.While these educational aids for children are mainly used in playschools, some parents also feelthey are a great investment for the sake of the bright future of their little ones. Choosingeducational toys for your children is no child’s play. Picking up the right kinds of toys will enhancethe development of your child, which you will be surprised to see. Make learning fun for your kids.Learning With Fun and JoyHow many of us can remember a time as a child when we did not play with toys? Toys aresynonymous with childhood which is perhaps the most innocent phase of our lives as ahuman being on this planet earth. Toys are anything with which a child can play and learn(leg og lær) different aspects of life at an early stage. The history of toys can be traced to3000 BCE as many toys such as small carts, whistles shaped birds and monkeys made out ofclay, belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization have been excavated. Toys such as dolls, sticksand bows and arrows made out of wax and terracotta were used by children in AncientGreece and Ancient Roman civilization.As time passed by, with development in technology the toys which in the days of yore weremade by natural materials like terracotta, wood, straw and wax were replaced by toys madeof synthetic materials like rubber and plastic. Today unlike the days of yore toys are massproduced and sold in markets where there is a toy according to everyone’s budget. Theearliest of the toys were dolls which were played by kids even in Ancient Egyptian Civilization.Dolls in Egypt were made out of wood and many of them even had movable limbs and usedto wear wigs. In the modern times the most famous doll is known as Barbie who waslaunched in 1959 by an American toy company called Mattle, Inc. Since toys are an essentialitem in the shopping list of any family with small children, it is very obvious that toys industryplays a major role in the economy of any country. Sales of toys increase especially duringvacations and festivals such as Christmas and Easter.Another popular kind of toy is teddy bear which comes in the category of soft toys and is alsocalled plushie. Teddy bears are popular in many countries and they are not only favourite toyof children but also adults as teddy bears are one of the best-selling gifts on Valentine’s Day.Bilibo is a toy made of hard wearing plastic which is shell in shape. This toy came into the
  4. 4. market in 2001 and was developed by a Swiss Designer Alex Hochstrasser who made this toyafter consultations with experts in child development. According to experts in childdevelopment this shell shaped toy can help the children in developing motor skills and asense of balance. Maths and other Puzzles for better development of your ChildrenPuzzle is a game, problem, or some other set-up which is designed to entertain by presentingdifficulties and confusion and requires patient effort to solve it. It is a kind of fun activity that canhelp the children to develop their logical skills as well as analytical and co coordinating skills.From the very early age we all have got various kinds of puzzle games as birthday gifts. Even ourparents have bought these games for us like the jigsaw puzzle games, match the alphabet gamesetc. Through these games we have all learnt the alphabets, numbers, recognized differentgeometrical shapes etc. Nowadays; children also get to solve jigsaw puzzles, containing theirfavorite cartoon or comic characters in them. Thus, it can be said that a child should be exposedto these kinds of games for various benefits.Following are some of the benefits of solving the puzzles for children: • Cognitive skills: Improves a childs problem solving, reasoning skills, visual spatial awareness • Fine motor skills: Fine motor manipulation is very important for writing but a child starts learning this long before he/she can hold a pencil. Puzzles for children (puslespil til børn)like chunky can help to teach how to pick up and grasp pieces and help in developing their pincher grasp • Hand-eye coordination: A child does a lot of manipulation in solving a puzzle through which their hand eye coordination is enhanced
  5. 5. • Social skills: Many puzzles can be played by more than one player which helps to develop interaction and communication between themFollowing criteria should be kept in mind while selecting puzzles for children: • Age of the child • Materials used for making the puzzle • Types of puzzlesAmong various types of puzzles some of the popular puzzles are the Maths Puzzles.Math toys (matematik legetøj)or puzzles can be viewed as a kind of recreational mathematics.Like multiplayer games these also involve specific rules for playing or solving. The player needs totake the help of mathematics for solving them. He or she need to solve the puzzle beforeeveryone else rather, needs to find the solution which will fulfill all the given constraints orconditions. Sudoku is one of the popular maths puzzles.The other different types of maths puzzles include:Arithmetic, algebra and numbers, Combinatorial, Analytical, Probability, Tiling and dissection,Chessboard, Topology, graph theory, 0-player puzzles. Puzzles and reading aides for ChildrenLearning is a vital part of a child’s growing up. Just like any two individuals can’t be 100%similar, their individual learning needs, capacities and thought processes are unlikely to beabsolutely similar. There are some children who learn fast and there are some others wholearn at a different pace. In the same way each child has different responses and levels ofcompetence in different areas of learning. ABC play was created on the premise of itsexperience with kids, especially those who have different learning needs and capabilities andsince then learning has become a passion in the lives of all those connected with ABC leg.ABC Play excels in developing and selling of learning products, abc puzzle(abc puslespil),toys that are unique and effective in helping children learn faster and creation of entertainingeducational material that enables children to learn interactively on the principle of play andlearn. The designing of products is done under active participation and feedback fromtalented and experienced teachers, child therapists, speech therapists and children’s
  6. 6. educational consultants – with a sole aim to produce high quality and effective learning aidesfor children. The aim is always to provide children with conditions that are optimal andextremely effective in their learning and acquiring new skills. Every kid loves to play;therefore, it is imperative to combine the learning process to playing. This ensures thatchildren participate keenly and achieve faster and more effective results, even in the cases ofchildren who is facing in reading problems (læseproblemer). ABC Play not only sells its ownuniquely designed products, but, it is also the Scandinavian distributor of brands likeSherston, Learning Resource and Mini Mice.The range of ABC products is useful for children in the age group of 0-14 years. Theseproducts are aimed at parents, learning schools and day care centers. ABC Fun productseffectively enhance and stimulate children’s learning and development in areas like motorskills, language understanding, Danish, mathematics and rhythmic activities. There is a vastvariety of products aimed at helping children learn Danish, English, counting, basicmathematical applications, basic science principles, rhymes, homework aides, signs andsymbols, relaxation and motor skills. For example there is ‘Baby Bongo’ which is a DVD usefulfor children in the age group of 3 months-3years. This DVD stimulates the child’s musical,linguistic and learning skills by the help of music. It contains subtitled songs that make iteasy for elders to sing along with the kids and provide great fun and entertainment to a childwhether he/she is alone or with other kids. This is just an example of the great ABC playproducts for children.