Malebog, leg og lær, læseproblemer, legetøj til børn abcleg


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Malebog, leg og lær, læseproblemer, legetøj til børn abcleg

  1. 1. MAlebog, leg og lær, læseproblemer, legetøj til børn - ABCLegAuthor : Thomsen Lucas Developmental Toys – Aids in LearningDevelopmental toys prove to be beneficial for children with certain disabilities. Often a child isdetected with certain disabilities and the doctor or the speech therapist often recommendsdevelopmental toys (in Danish udviklende legetøj) for the child. Always choose a toy which yourchild can easily play with. Children get frustrated very easily so try not to buy toys that arecomplex in nature. There are age specific toys for children. So make sure that you choose a toyaccording to the child’s age. Ask your doctor on the kind of toys that you can buy instead ofmaking the wrong choices. The toy should be able to hold the child’s interest. The child should beeager to play with the toy instead of getting bored. The toys should be of stimulating nature andshould hone the skills of the child. Always keep a tab when the child is feeling frustrated with aparticular toy. Try and understand things from the child’s view point.
  2. 2. Parents often get confused when they have to choose toys for children as the right kind of toyswill help in the child’s development. Choose toys that will keep the child engaged both mentallyand physically. These toys can be used in many ways depending upon the child. Always choosetoys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) that makes use of other sensory organs instead ofthe one that has been impaired. For a child who is visually impaired, choose a toy that makes useof sound or smell. However age cannot be criteria for choosing the right toy for a child. Take alook at your child’s interests and you will be able to select the right kind of toy. Building blocks aregreat for disabled children as they feel a great deal of satisfaction by creating something new.Computers are also becoming very popular with kids that have some kind of disabilities. Manychildren have lots of fun by playing games. Try to look from a child’s perspective. It has oftenbeen observed that when the child abandons a particular toy and a starts playing with emptyboxes and cartons it shows that boredom has set in.Putting colored rings on a stick brings a sense of accomplishment in a child. Let them finish thetask according to their will. Any toy that makes a noise or a sound when pushed can be a sourceof great interest to a visually challenged girl. There is Braille monopoly and Braille playing cardsfor the blind.
  3. 3. Sensory Toys – Develops All The Six Senses In A ChildA child is often born with sensory integration problems. However in order to help these childrenget over their disability that has been a lot of play items has been devised for them. Most of thesesensory toys can be easily found at any neighborhood toy store.There are many online sites that cater to a wide range of sensory toys (in DanishSansestimulerende Legetøj) for children. There are normally huge as well as small toys thatare used in the therapy. There are many toys that are expensive. However browsing on the netwill help you to get affordable toys.Teaching materials often include writing instruments, fidget toys. Toys related to fine motor andoral motor, are all available on these sites. At times special apparel such as seamless socks arerequired for a tactile sensitive child. A weighted vest is often a necessity for a child withproprioceptive issues. The internet is a storehouse of information related to these items for thechild. Educational toys play a great role in shaping child. There is a multisensory educational toythat has become very popular with children. They have numerous puzzles for children. These toyhelp the child to develop their sensory organs. Most of the doctors, schools and clinics that catersto children with sensory problems often use these kind of toys. The most common educational toyfor a child is the rubber ball which helps to develop the sense of touch in a child.Teaching material (in Danish Undervisningsmateriale) in the form of a multihued board gives
  4. 4. the child a fair idea about color. The child develops his writing skills by learning to write in a zigzag pattern. The child also learns to draw gradually with this board. Other teaching materialincludes a structure made out of wires that has wooden beads attached on it. These woodenbeads help the child to learn counting and give them a fair idea about numbers. The child alsolearns about shapes and sizes by the help of teaching material. Some wooden alphabets are givento the child and the child learns to put them in the specified shape. Sensory toys help a child todevelop all the six senses. Often soft and hard objects are placed in the hands of a child so thatthe child has a clear idea about the nature of objects given to them. It has also been observedthat children learn fast when they are taught by means of multi sensory toys. Didactic Material or Teaching Material For Kids: BaublesToys for enhancing overall intelligence are the wonderful material for kids. Multipleintelligence, it is cleared by the name itself that it makes child intelligent in multiple senses. Thesebaubles possess a variety of learning through their specialties and qualities. Explore the wonderfultoys for children; toolkits are available in expensive and inexpensive ranges both.
  5. 5. The initial quality we need to emerge in a child is distraction, it’s amazing but true. Modernera is full of counts or complications. So it’s not less important to get distracted from the sametrack. Variety lightens the tensions. Distraction fiddles emerges the quality of distraction intochildren. Escapism always is not bad, so let’s escape into the world full of enjoyment and lesstensions with our toy `Meteor storm’. No doubt, these are marvelous distraction toys for children(in Danish legetøj til børn) . In these, child has to go for different acts for continuing the sameplay for long time.These toys also provide light and are best visual learning aids or teaching materials. Audioexperiences also offer input in multiple intelligence of a child. So you can choose multisensorytoys for children. For learning and recognizing various sounds around the world and even forimproving their motor skills, multipleintelligence tools are the marvelous toys for children. Thesekits are proving nice didactic material or teaching material (in Danish Undervisningsmateriale).Child learns to speak; language skills flourish in the growing age. Need of having a bauble whichcan improve your child’s language skills is necessary. Human Child acts like a monkey sometimemay be the reason is that our predecessors were monkeys. So the instability of the monkeys isvisible in kids sometime. One more thing is there. Human Child imitates everything like amonkey. So we have recognized this quality in children and by understanding psychology of thechildren we are offering you communicating toys, which improve the communication ability of thechild. Child imitates the sound of the `busy bee baby buzzer’ and `baby buzzer; and learns toproduce sound.
  6. 6. Harsh, soft, rough, hard etc, there are so many surfaces and textures to be recognized in theworld for a child. So you can open his eyes towards the world. He would surely learn to recognizethe surfaces. There is a special plaything or bauble for the child which can also help blind child tolearn Braille. So we offer an all inclusive range of didactic toys for children. Toys For Your Tiny TotBuying a toy for your tiny tot is not at all difficult as there are a lot of toys in the market outthere. However, when shopping for toys for toddlers, do remember that children of different ageshave different attention spans thus it would be a good choice to get the little tots somethingbrightly colored and musical such that it captivates the attention of the child for a long time. Also,there are many educational toys that will help a child to play and learn and also develop essentialskills.The best toys I personally prefer for children one year or below of age are ‘push’ toys. These toyscome with long handles and have balls or wheels at the end of it and are meant to be pushed.These are made for toddlers and are very safe. Some of these kinds also play musical notes whenpushed. These toys also help to play and learn (in Danish leg og lær). Children learn to startwalking and it also improves there locomotion skills as they run/walk with the toys. If your tot is alittle princess then a baby doll will be the best choice. Nowadays baby dolls have become veryrealistic with belly buttons, soft hair, eyes, and defined facial features. The little girls love playingwith baby dolls and these toys actually make them feel more secured. They also role play withthese toys thus cultivating positive emotions in them.
  7. 7. For your tiny boy scout you can get beach toys—they come in sets and have a shovel, a sandsifter, a watering can and a bucket. These toys will keep the boys occupied for hours in thegarden, backyard or on the beach!Bilibo is another great type of toy that I found when going through toy categories. It is a really atank amongst toys—shock proof, virtually unbreakable, food proof, stain proof, made fromrecycled materials and is recyclable itself. A bilibo looks like a face. The toy is meant for the childto sit in and has a lot of attachments and there are a lot of things you can do with a bilibo. Itencourages open ended play and learn games and helps the child’s mental growth.These are but a handful of toys that help in your tot’s overall development. So just head over toyour nearest online store and choose the toy you want.
  8. 8. Play and learn activities and coloring book are fun for childrenIt is important that you keep your child busy with various play and learn activities. Keep asidesome time and think about some toddler activities. Plan out certain play and learn activities thatwill keep your child interested. It is important to understand that toddlers are in their stage ofdevelopment so it necessary to keep them busy with various play and learn activities.Toddlers are a bundle of energy and they love play and learn activities. Through these play andlearn activities they learn a lot about the things around them . It also helps in the development oftheir senses.Do not force any activity on a toddler. The toddler should be eager to learn through play and learn(in Danish leg og lær) activities. It gives the toddler a sense of independence when he is tryingout new things. It gives them great sense of joy too. Art and craft is also another way of keepingthe child interested. The child loves to create new things and their imagination often surprises us.
  9. 9. A child loves to sort out things .So try and give them some blocks of different shapes and sizesand watch them play and sort out shapes. Give an empty box to a child and you will soon find outthat the child is slowly filling the box up with various objects. Try to give them plenty of boxes topack and unpack. Puzzles are also a great mental activity. There are various puzzles on the webwhich can be downloaded .One can always sit with the child in front of the computer and solvepuzzles together.Coloring book (in Danish MAlebog) help in the development of the sensory organs a child. Onecan start by giving them a simple coloring book but try not to set any rules asking them to staywithin the lines of the drawing. Coloring books help the child to discover various colorcombinations and also explore them. The motor skills are particularly developed in a child,especially thumb, finger, hand and wrist movements.A child is often excited to color the pages of a coloring book. The outlines of the drawings areoften done in bold which helps the child to color properly. It can also be a leisure activity for yourchild. A coloring book is a great companion for a child during vacation or rainy days when the childis locked indoors. A child derives immense pleasure from it. Several pages of coloring books canbe easily downloaded from the internet. So make sure you turn every vacation into a fun filledactivity with play and learn activities and coloring book.