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MAlebog, abc puslespil, bilibo, Undervisningsmateriale- ABCLeg


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Every child learns something with the help of the best teacher only. Teachers play a great role in building the career of the children. This profession is counted as the best service to humanity. Teachers have a different role in the different stages of the children.

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MAlebog, abc puslespil, bilibo, Undervisningsmateriale- ABCLeg

  1. 1. MAlebog, abc puslespil, bilibo, Undervisningsmateriale- ABCLegAuthor : Thomsen Lucas Development Toys Helpful in Learning the Basics of LifeEvery child learns something with the help of the best teacher only. Teachers play a great role inbuilding the career of the children. This profession is counted as the best service to humanity.Teachers have a different role in the different stages of the children. In the nursery school thechild has a tender mind so teachers have to act according to that only. Children at that stage learnvery fast from the surroundings and he or she is not interested in listening to the instructions ofany one because at this stage sense of denial comes from the very beginning. You can easilychange that negativity into positive value by making use of the development toys as an aid orteaching material.There are a great number of toys which are available online. You have to choose the toys whichbest suits you but it is not an easy task. Even in the market, multi-sensory kits are availablewhich are very much helpful in developing the overall senses of a kid. Development toys (inDanish udviklende legetøj) are very much helpful in learning alphabets of a language which isnot an easy task. Without these development toys you have to work hard for making your child tolearn these alphabets. For your student or child, even some building blocks are also very muchhelpful.
  2. 2. These toys are very effective and helpful in adding interest in the children for learning differentthings. Usually mathematical figures and mathematical calculations are not liked by the childrenbut with the help of these toys and the teaching materials you can easily create interest in thechildren. They easily learn the mathematical calculations and are in a position to calculate at theirtips.So learning with these toys and the Teaching materials (in Danish Undervisningsmateriale) isunmatched and unique. It shows a great way to success to the children. Learning with these toysis the first lesson of their childhood to build a great future. There is no doubt about the learning ofthe children with these toys and all the materials. They easily learn all the languages and themathematics just by playing with these toys. So it is necessary to select the best learning kit foryour children. The New Age Toys, Brings Fun And Knowledge.Toys for children are objects which, we use to get the smile in the face of the children, make sure,we give them toys to reach their good books, and also it’s an unloving companion of ourchildren’s, which don’t harm them, and which occupies their world.But the important aspect of these toys for children are that they provide them, they feed them thebasic knowledge, and the basic senses, and the more the toys teach them the in habitual practicalsenses and objective knowledge, these toys when developed become educational toys, whichfeeds them more knowledge respectively.
  3. 3. As we get the toy for our child, it’s important we choose the way it is, these educational toys, hasbeen developed in different genres, like you can give a great introduction for the basic knowledgeof any subject.A toy which is based on robot, gives them an introduction about robotics, a toy on helicopterteaches them aero, as u can give them the basics of gravity, basics of other physical terminologyand all, gizmo toys, which ask them to set the circuit, and the puzzle based toys.Toys for children (in Danish legetøj til børn) based on dolls, miniatures, and animals, aresomething basically given to child, which procures them with the knowledge, just before thekinder garden period of theirs, toys based on animals, gives them the introduction of all the basictypes of animals, and the toys based on characters and heroes are also get their sentiments wellthat they get used to those characters.Toys based on puzzles and mechanical puzzles, are something which puts a basic stage for theirIQ capabilities, the way they solve those problems, and set up the mechanical and archeologicalpuzzle, which indirectly puts the basics for them to practical knowledge of the building,mathematics, and all. Example,something like ant works, build a plane, are a big players ineducational toys (in Danish pædagogisk legetøj).These educational toys also bring huge amount of fun and thrill to the child, some toys who aretype of collectibles, and some based on automobiles, vehicles, cars, two wheelers, also keep themin tangent with the pleasure of driving, as they try to relate reality with what they see, thus thesetoys for children, add that knowledge and behaves like a companion which teaches them on andon.The versatility provided by these toys, is useful as the child can select whatever they want.
  4. 4. Art Of Teaching – With Materials And Development ToysAs a teacher, I believe in the more practical usage of development toys and teaching materials, ina class room. I relate this very simple towards the children, as we as a teacher carry theexperience which the child doesn’t have, but they carry the freshness and new mind, which wecrossed, the huge difference in the generation gap, creates a diff between what we say and howthey understand.As compared to us the child get a good introduction and are used to technology, at their tenderage, long before us, so the level of proficiency of increases in their learning habits’, which setstheir IQ and EQ level little high, so as I daily interact with these kids, in two big schools. Iunderstood, the more practical and more straighter to the point, thus the use of teachingmaterials (in Danish Undervisningsmateriale), which gives them practical sense, and somedevelopment toys, which add fun in their learning, is very important.Development toys (in Danish udviklende legetøj) are things, that are a supplementary to thesubject we take, if I am taking the basics of height, elevation, basic physics, I use toys like, builda plane, construction of a building, making of rocket, toys, which comes with a huge kit, wherestudents has to develop it , so by applying the basic concept of height, weight, elevation, all . It’slike what youteach them in the black board, you use these development toys to make thempractice and relate those ideas in to them.These study materials, contains of pictures, presentations, some illustrations works, gizmos,puzzles, variations, collectibles, development toys like, clay toys, building toys, scale models, andsome electronic toys, and the list goes on.
  5. 5. Although , I believe in books and power of words, with these young kids, I make sure , these toysare something which makes them to unite with the book more, as they provide the theory partmore in to a practice, It makes a wonderful feeling ness inside them , that they get in to the groveof studying the book, then realizing what they studied when they practice with the teachingmaterials, and as the heart of the child is always light, when you present any concept with a thrilland fun, they understand so easily as they enjoy those things, and enjoy what they understand,which you can’t force in to their hearts. Institution Toys – An Institution In ItselfIf you look back at your childhood, you’ll notice that certain occasions stand out. Like yourfavourite toy, for instance. The thrill of finding that one thing you begged your parents to get you.Endless hours spent playing with it, trying out new moves, fixing it…the joys of childhood.Step into a toy store today, and you’re sure to find products catering to different age groups, fromrattles, soft toys, puzzles and action figures to life-like models of airplanes and cars. Among them,you will also come across motor toys or institution toys, the first of which are robotic in nature,with the latter helping harness and further their learning potential.
  6. 6. Motor toys (in Danish motorisk legetøj) are those that involve robotics, mechanics andelectronics. Most are controlled by remote control, allowing the user to maneouver them from adistance. They are pricier than most other toys, in keeping with the manufacturing cost and thebrand name. Such toys hope to arouse in children, an interest in engineering and mechanics.Institution toys (in Danish institutionslegetøj), on the other hand, are relatively simple in natureand include puzzles and building blocks, among others. They help children in furthering hand-eyecoordination, enhance logical thinking, increase spatial awareness and improve social skills, forexample, by building something for and with friends and family.Most adults will have to admit that when buying toys, we tend to choose those we think willappeal to children. How many of us take the time to scout around for those items that actuallybenefit kids?Keep this in mind the next time you think of buying toys for children. Choose only those brandsthat conform to international safety standards. They are more expensive, no doubt, but are waysafer. Also, be sure to check out age appropriate toys which seek to help in the learning processand what skills it will develop in a child.
  7. 7. Children are born intelligent, barring those with developmental disorders. Harnessing andpromoting intelligence and skill can begin since infanthood with the right awareness and products.Continued throughout childhood, there is no doubt that your child will grow up to be someonewhose innate skills are maximized to the fullest potential. It is up to adults, therefore, to take itupon themselves to educate children with the right tools and stimulation.
  8. 8. Learning With The Educational ToysEducational toys are the main tools for the children that help the child to develop and build theirfundamental skills. Children play with the toys and pass their time with full enjoyment. Use ofthese toys has been proven to encourage the creativity, self-confidence, coordination, emotionaland social resilience, language development and academic skills. Usually toys for children,especially educational toys are a way of fun for the children to encourage and also to learnsomething by way of playing.There are many companies who specialize in making educational toys (in Danish pædagogisklegetøj). They provide enjoyable and unique toys which any child would love to have. There aremany baby toys and educational toys which are made in such a way for the children to build theirfundamental skills and also to encourage their learning capacity. There are many toys for children(in Danish legetøj til børn).
  9. 9. Mainly the baby toys and the educational toys falls into different categories and which are ahelping aid for the children to encourage the development of different skills. Some of thesecategories include: 1. For small muscle coordination, arts and crafts develop fine motor skills. 2. To develop concentration skills, creativity and self confidence, educational games are helpful. 3. Pretend play toys are very much helpful to encourage the children to use words. They are very effective and helpful in building communication skills. These toys promote sharing, expression and imagination.Baby ToysThese toys are an essential part for the development of any child. Though these toys don’t haveany educational value but they still play a vital role in the overall development of the children.These toys are very effective for the children below 3 years. These toys are very effective toutilize the play time for the children below 3 years. These toys are very effective in stimulatingthe five senses of the children. Some of the baby toys include, toys with music and sound, colorsetc which encourages the movement and coordination ofmuscle.
  10. 10. Wooden ToysFor early learning these toys are very effective. These toys are very effective in encouraging thecoordinating, creativity, self-confidence, emotional and social resilience, academic skills,language development etc. you can also order these toys on net after viewing and taking theideas of different toys.