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Køb motorisk legetøj, læseproblemer, institutionslegetøj, køb legetøj fra abc leg


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ABC Leg er et kvalitetsstempel på læringsmaterialer, som får leg og læring til at gå i et. ABC Leg udvikler produkter til børn i alderen 0-14 år. ABC Leg henvender sig til forældre, daginstitutioner og skoler

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Køb motorisk legetøj, læseproblemer, institutionslegetøj, køb legetøj fra abc leg

  1. 1. Køb motorisk legetøj, læseproblemer, institutionslegetøj, køb legetøj fra ABCLegAuthor: Thomsen LucasLearning is pleasurableLearning is an ongoing process. Some learning is fostered formally while other happens naturallyor informally. Making kids learn anything requires heavy mass of patience and endeavor and itisnt easy at all. Children are very fickle- minded and expecting that they would exhibit maturitywhile learning is foolish. They tend to get bore easily and their concentration span is too less.Combating all these problems and ensuring that the learning happens require various strategiesand interesting modus- operandi.The concept of play and learn is a development of recent past. There aremany toys that are manufactured keeping in mind the childs skill andlearning requirements. A child can play and learn (leg oglær)simultaneously, something that isnt possible for the traditionalschools to implement exclusively to all students. This is where parentscan buy toys to their kids who will impart education and knowledge. Sointerest is retained and best- learning is also executed. The child in noway will get bored in the whole process even if he is made to play withthe same toy regularly. For example playing typing adventure gamedevelops their keyboard typing skill or vocabulary games like homophones and crosswords willbuild up their language. If this isnt enough you have animal games, music games, geography andhistory games to make sure that the child balances the fun and learning part well. Moreover if achild is made to meddle with these types of toys his interest will never die and he will alwaysvouch to buy toys (køb legetøj)that are equipped with double impact.So basically learning is fun. You wish if the school was less of learning and more of fun. That iswhy you enjoy the sports class more than your world history. For most people school meantdrilling classes, homework, projects, tests, grades and competition. Their experience was moresour than sweet. Thankfully this is not the scenario in todays learning. It is about expanding oneshorizon, ones possibilities and ones wits. The schools have combined these two as the desirableprogress of the child is guaranteed. Break the shackles and welcome the new learning with openarms. It is high time to believe that the toys and playing stuffs do more than what they aretraditionally known for. So thinking that a kid is wasting his time on playing would be wrong. Achild is learning and playing and vice- versa. Be it in schools or play centers or among friends playand learn should happen always.A ride to wonderful days
  2. 2. For me motor toys have always unfolded a series of adventure, thrill and excitement. I havealways admired them more than any other toys. It is different that with age I wasnt been giventhe pleasure of playing with these toys as the adults around me considered that I should attend toother playthings. But I was hell-bent and toyshop visit would mean that I have variegated motortoys in my kitty. I learn to persuade my father on this aspect from very early age and he was tooglad to offer his little kid whatever she asked for. Power of persuasion did work a lot for meespecially at a time when I didnt even know what does it mean or what deadly thing it is!I wasnt deterred by the fact that being a girl I should restrict myself to dolls and teddies. It is notthat I didnt crave for them. I did but motor toys (motorisk legetøj) always had a soft spot inmy heart. If I liked my tea-set I also liked my bikes and choppers. Today I dont have that muchtime to indulge in any fun- activities because of my busy schedule. But the memories are stillgreen in my mind. As if am still in that hassle- free and wonderful childhood days and playing withtoys would be so good.The other day I was on a cleaning spree. I went down to the atticand thought of putting things in little shape. It was more of amemory down the lane trip for me after ages. After dusting fewracks and arranging the half- broken drawer I suddenly found abig cane basket. It was tattered and the red color has changedto tanned brown-thanks to the dust that has settled with thepassage of time. I opened it as I could vaguely remember thecontents. To my utter delight I had my toys there. Most of themwere fine except few scratches and scrape here and there. Iforget my attic- mission and settled down there and picked upmy unscrambled learning zebra, electric motor jeep with aremote- control, a cranky tricycle and wheely bug to name afew. I checked each of them religiously and made a note of theparts which needed a little repair. I didnt even realize that theentire morning went off so soon. I brought the entire basket andkept it in my room. My mother was startled but she didnt askme anything. Out of the same excitement which always beamedout on my face when someone would buy toys (køb legetøj) for me I told her that my newfamily members will be staying with me next to my bedside table.Those knick knacks have seen me as a child and they know me more than anyone does. I justlove them and will keep doing so.Learn while you playThe world of Humpty Dumpty or Jack and Jill is too close to ourhearts when we were kids and when we grew up. The sameattraction yielded from bedtime stories of kings and queens,idyllic palaces and decorated bastion. Superman, Batman,Spider man and He-man still make us go mad and we crave forthat ecstatic perfect life as depicted in movies and magazines.The children are more than elated and electrified when itcomes to all this. The same level of involvement andexcitement can be seen on their face at the sight of theirbeloved toys and playthings.There has been a revolutionary change in the way makers havedevised games and toys for children and the thought that
  3. 3. parents carry in their mind while buying such things. Parents are concerned about the goodquality as well as the educational value glued to the toys that they want to gift their little ones.Depending upon the age-group of the child the toys are manufactured. Today almost all toysenable kids to get equipped with particular skill which may start with defining eye movement andeye- hand coordination to recognizing the toy and involving the other parts of the body to grabthat if it’s kept far away. In fact you dont have to educate your child how to play with the toys.They are fast enough to catch the trick after two or three attempts. The scholarship can extendfrom mere playing to learning letters and numbers of the alphabets and recognizing colors. If hislinguistic development has started the parents can involve the child to speak few monosyllables atthe initial stage.One of the most interactive and mentally engrossing activities is to offer puzzles for children(puslespil til børn). You can have basic ABCD puzzle or arranging numbers and filling themissing ones. Jigsaw puzzle, tiles game, New Year or Christmas puzzles, picture puzzle have beengreat hit with this bustling crowd. Institution toys (institutionslegetøj) are in great demand inschools, church and other educational bodies. If a child loves to solve puzzle be assured that hisbrain is developing properly. Physical and mental health has to be augmented simultaneously atthis growing stage. Parents can stay cool and calm for these interactive toys and puzzle areenough to ensure all round personality growth of their dear ones. Educational toys are the bestbet as the fun and learning goes hand in glove. One doesnt have to think of anything else whenthese kids are at play. Let them enjoy!Fill In All HuesI remember watching a movie where the child or the protagonist couldnt concentrate in studies.He hated going to school and reading was such a difficult task for this little fellow. Instead colors,imagination, cartoons, drawing, painting fascinated him to the core. Fed up from childs degradedacademic performance the parents enrolled him in a boarding school under the impression thathe will regain his studies and his reading problems will also vanish. They anticipated that thehostel life will make him learn and unlearn everything. This child developed into a different andimproved personality with the help of his arts teacher. The teacher understood his area ofinterests and garnered that accordingly.Well I didnt cry buckets after watching this movie but I was highly touched. Reading is animportant skill and every child should learn to read and write from very early. It is good forimagination and creativity. Constant reading helps the child to develop his speaking skills. Wehave been hearing these things since ages and cant deny the fact that these dictums does holdtrue eternally.Unfortunately many children suffer from reading problems (læseproblemer). So it becomesimperative for the parents or teachers to create an element of interest in their hearts. Readingshould be made exciting and fun- based activity. Instead of making them sit and read in a boringconventional room, try changing the semi fixed space of the room. If the room is colorful withpaintings and cartoon cut-outs and other animated objects the child will feel great and it would actas injecting him with positive spirit and oodles of energy. Find a story where you can enact.Knight’s tale, Kings tale or princess life are some of the all- time dear friends of children. If thechild has reading problems, it is mandatory to make reading fun and not a drill or lesson.I also feel that children love to draw and color. They learn to recognize color and once they get tosee and touch the colors, their joys know no limit. They get very happy if someone draws anoutline of a bear or a house and ask them to fill in colors. Providing them coloring book(malebog) is a great way to keep them occupied for hours. Instead of making your kids addict to
  4. 4. video games and cartoon shows on the idiot- box, engage them with this colorful and interestingactivity. If the kid is stressed out or not at peace make him or her sit with a coloring book. It willturn him cool as a cucumber. These strokes are something that the generation after generationswill love doing so.Why Bilibo?Buying toys for those little ones is indeed very exciting and pleasing idea. Parents and kids havealways enjoyed doing this together. Children love to play with the toys for few days till that newfeeling is there. Some weeks later their interest and the attachment towards the same toyvanishes into the thin air. You want your child to eat healthy foods and you cook for him or herkeeping all the requirements in mind. But the kid finds paper pieces or potato skin tastier than thehome made healthy food. You wonder what is so good about picking things from the floor andmunching them. No one has the answer except that small fellow who derives overwhelming joy indoing so daily.The same behavior is attached with toys. The child`s doll or bear or motor toys (motorisklegetøj)have always been in the priority list. So you buy all these toys and feel happy to see yourkid playing with them. What again makes you wonder is that the child leaves the toys and catchesthe box and start playing with it. You might joke saying that instead of all these toys you couldhave bought few boxes of different shape and size. Well this might sound amusing but this iswhere the genesis of bilibo has been laid. Kids adore them because these boxes can be used formultiple purposes. They either stand or sit or move it like a swing. If that doesn`t satisfy theircreative streak, the same is used for carrying stuff around or putting it on their heads or using itas doll beds and tunnels. One gets fascinated to see how these colorful, light-weight and shell –looking boxes are used for different purposes by the kids. These toys have become a great hit inthe market and more than parents the little child is aware of the fact. Children today are fast-paced than adults and the credit goes to the age of information explosion that we breathe in.Even I was introduced to this bilibo (bilibo)my cousin`s daughter. She took time to show whatshe can do with this stylish box. I felt why the same thing wasn`t there when we were children.To this my cousin also agreed and we had a mutual –empathy rendering session for a while. Withso many innovative, modish, sci-fi playthings capturing the toys market, it is such a nice thing tosee these kids deriving untold joys from bilibo.