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Kentico CMS is an enterprise Web Content Management (CMS) and Customer Experience Management System (CXM) that provides a complete set of features for building websites, intranets, community sites and e-commerce solutions on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform; on premise or in the cloud. In this video we take a look at why Kentico CMS 7 should be your choice.

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  • Kentico CMS is an enterprise Web Content Managementand Customer Experience Management System that provides a complete set of features for building websites, intranets,community sites and e-commerce solutionson the Microsoft ASP.NET platform on premise or in the cloud. It supports document management, online marketing tools, multilingual websites, multisite management and it ships with over 40 modules, and over 400configurable Web parts and source code available.  
  • Your web presence is the most important asset you have in today’s world. Your web site represents your brand, company, culture, values and maybe even your sales funnel. Not having complete control of these puts you in a difficult position with your customers and puts your companies brand at risk. Thankfully this is what a content management and Customer Experience Management system like Kentico is specifically designed to solve. Kentico is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) that simplifies the publication of content targeted for web sites and mobile devices. This allows content creators to submit their web content without the detailed technical knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and the intricacies of web site management. For web developers and designers Kentico provides a web platform and CMS framework that they can enhance and extend. For marketers, Kentico CMS provides a complete Customer Experience management (CXM) platform that includes on-line marketing, marketing automation, lead scoring, and brand management. Kentico CMS customers can expect a highly flexible platform with a uniquely easy-to-use user interface. It’s currently used by more than 16,000 websites in 90 countries. Clients include Microsoft, Gibson Guitar, Vodafone and others.
  • Kentico CMS is the tool for online marketers, web designers and developers to increase their daily productivity and receive a 360 degree view of their customers. Kentico CMS is based on a flexible design model that is completely browser based. From content editing to system management. This enables people to get their work done. The configurable interface enables you to determine the exact behavior of your site. Providing companies with complete control over their web presence and user experience. This includes the ability to personalize the user experience for an individual user or groups of users and delivering accurate, relevant and personalized information targeted for the needs of any web site. This flexible design provides a de-centralized system management and content authoring engine from anywhere you can access the internet. This model provides greater security and capacity for your site and content growth and helps to reduces content duplication. A streamlined authoring process makes it easier for end users to create, edit and publish content with greater consistency. Ultimately, increasing their productivity and enabling easier web site deployment. Kentico CMS is completely extensible. Based on existing web standards and built on the Microsoft .NET architecture this provides developers a platform that they can easily extend and content editors and authors the control they need to manage their site. This combination provides a highly scalable CMS system that meets the challenges of any web site. Leveraging the .NET Framework provides a familiar paradigm for existing .NET developers to build on their skill set within the Kentico CMS framework. Web designers are able to leverage the standards of CSS to implement highly dynamic and rich interfaces for their web sites. This powerful combination of ease of use, extensibility and integration provides Kentico CMS with a powerful combination that will reduce site maintenance cost.
  • Out of the box Kentico provides several key areas of functionality –At the core is a state of the art Web Content Management System that manages workflow in a collaborative environment. Enabling users to create, review, edit, index, search and publish content to web sites or mobile devices. Providing complete coverage for the lifecycle of your site. This includes tools like CMS Desk that enable content creation and Site Manager for developers and Web Designers. These tools enable the management of site structure, appearance of published pages and site navigation.An E-Commerce engine that enables buy side commerce for any web site. This include catalog management, web analytics, and out of the box integration with leading payment engines like PayPal and Authorize.NETSocial networking capabilities to create and manage communities of users and integrate your web site into leading social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. On-line marketing capabilities that include web analytics, campaign management and marketing automation.In addition Kentico CMS provide customers the choice of running the systems either on premise or in the cloud using the same code base.
  • Kentico is in use all over the world today. With over 16,000 sites in 88 countries and backed by a worldwide partner network of over 1200 and growing. Kentico CMS provides site owners with unlimited choice for their site design and uses. This includes simple extensions for blogging to advanced interactive websites and marketing micro sites that deliver powerful additions to your marketing campaigns. With this many options in building your website we wanted to narrow down the main reasons that customers chose Kentico CMS over other products. Consistently we heard: World class support. Kentico provides their customers 24X7 customer support, and a seven day bug fix guarantee. Kentico is the only CMS system that provides a public view of their current support statistics (see http://www.kentico.com/support) An extensibility model that makes sense and guarantees productivity. A consistently documented API that enables our customers to solve their business requirements. An all in one solution that manages single or multiple sites with multi-languages. A flexible pricing model that allows you to select the options and number of sites you need. Making it easy to determine your ROI. Out of the box Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This built in functionality makes basic SEO available to your site from day one. Helping web sites take control of their brand and make it available to the world wide audience.
  • If we break down Kentico CMS even further. We can see that is contains modules. Modules are the basic unit of functionality for content authors and editors to interact with the system. Kentico CMS ships with over 40 built in modules that cover a wide range of features and functionality needed for web sites. These include an out of the box blog engine, media library, taxonomy and many others. The extensible API allows companies to both extend and build their own custom modules. To see more detailed information consult –http://www.kentico.com/Product/All-Features
  • Kentico CMS 7 is the latest generation of the leading .NET solution for building successful and scalable websites, on-line stores, intranets and delivering effective marketing campaigns. Kentico CMS enables you to quickly build websites by combining existing web parts and modules and never be limited in site structure, navigation or design. Kentico CMS provides full control over produced HTML code and an extensible API to easily integrate with other systems. Extending the Kentico CMS Ultimate edition is the Enterprise Marketing Solution for your online marketing needs. Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) is the easy to use Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution that helps to deliver campaigns quickly, and provides useful and actionable data. Unlike other Customer Experience Management (CXM) products, EMS doesn’t require overly complex configuration and delivers results almost instantly. With EMS you can focus on what matters driving traffic to your site and optimizing your customer’s experience.
  • Kentico EMS is an easy to use, out of the box marketing solution that allows you to deliver real time customer centric marketing across channels and analyze results almost instantly. With Kentico EMS you can: Leverage the power of Kentico CMS to author your site using the intuitive browser based interface Create on-line campaigns, forms, newsletters and optimize customer experience without technical knowledge. Test new customer experiences using multi-variant and A/B split testing.Provide an end-to-end customer experience both on-line and offline.Connect with back-end systems, such as Salesforce.com and Data.com.Provide a dynamic customer experience across all web properties and get a 360-degree view of your customers. Deliver effective campaigns using content personalization.Analyze real-time results with campaign management.Optimize your campaigns with multi-variant and A/B split testing to increase your conversions and deliver the most compelling customer experience. Deliver qualified leads with lead scoring and make your sales team more productive.
  • Now that we have looked at an overview of Kentico CMS7. Lets’ do a demonstration. In this demonstration we will show the following areas –The Sample Kentico CMS corporate siteCMS DeskSite ManagerUser personalization (Note: Show home page example)On-line marketing tabNote: You may want to highlight areas that are important for your customer.
  • I hope you enjoyed our quick demonstration and for more videos about Kentico CMS please take a look at http://devnet.kentico.com/Videos.aspx . As you can see Kentico is a feature rich CMS platform. Designed to hide the complexity of web site and brand management and empower marketers, developers and web designers to be more productive. It’s pretty hard to list out all the features that every customer needs for their web site. In talking with our customers and partners we asked them what key features they demanded from Kentico in delivering their web sites. While this is the short list, we believe that Kentico CMS 7 has the features, flexibility and extensibility that any web site demands.
  • With over 16,000 active sites in 88 countries and a network of over 1200 partners worldwide. Kentico CMS is truly a global solution. Running some of the most recognized brands across the world. For a complete list take a look at the Kentico Partner Showcase available at - http://www.kentico.com/Showcase.aspx
  • In addition to a vibrant set of implementation partners, Kentico also has a growing set of Technology partners that provide products or services that enhance Kentico CMS functionality and increase its value for clients.
  • Product screenshots that you may use for extending the presentation or showing specific features.
  • Why Kentico CMS 7

    1. 1. Why Kentico CMS 7The Full-featured Flexible Web Content Management andCustomer Experience Management Platform
    2. 2. What is Kentico CMSKentico CMS is one of themost powerful ContentManagement Systems andCustomer ExperienceManagement Systems on theplanet. With over 16,000active web sites in 90countries it is used foreverything from simple websites to complex applications.Kentico CMS is easy toinstall, simple to manage andreliable.
    3. 3. Why Use Kentico CMS? Ease of use • Author your site with an intuitive browser based interface similar to Microsoft Word. • Create on-line campaigns, forms, newsletters and optimize customer experience without technical knowledge. • Test new customer experiences using multi-variant and A/B split testing. Fully integrated • Provide an end-to-end customer experience both on-line and offline. • Easily connect with back-end systems like Salesforce.com • Provide a dynamic customer experience across all web properties and get a 360-degree view of your customers. Higher ROI • Deliver effective campaigns using content personalization. • Analyze real-time results with campaign management. • Deliver qualified leads with lead scoring and make your sales team more productive.
    4. 4. Complete Platform and EcosystemOn Premise In the Cloud
    5. 5. How Can Kentico CMS Be Used?• Interactive Marketing Websites Our Customers Say..• Blog Sites – Highly responsive support• Magazines, Newspapers – Extensibility• Intranet – Rapid Development• Community Portals – Easy Management• E-Commerce Shops – All in one solution for your• Self Service Sites web site• B2B & B2C Sites – An easy to determine ROI• Member/Directory Sites – Intuitive Web Based Editing• Church/Schools Sites and Management And many more… – SEO Friendly
    6. 6. A few of the available modules• Blogs • Message boards• Booking system • Messaging• Content rating • Newsletter• Content staging • On-line forms• E-Commerce • On-line marketing• E-mail marketing • Polls • Project management• Event calendar • Social networking• Forums • Reporting• Friends • Taxonomy• Geo-mapping • Wiki• Groups • Web farm support• Image gallery • Web analytics• Intranet 2.0 • Workgroups• Lead scoring • Custom modules and more…• Marketing automation• Media library For more information: http://www.kentico.com/Product/All-Features
    7. 7. Kentico Editions • Analytics engine • Contacts • Score rules • A/B Testing • Portal engine integration • Newsletters • Reporting • Activity tracking • Dynamic evaluation • MVT Testing • Users • Open e-mail tracking • Conversions • Accounts • Potential clients • Content personalization • Newsletter subscribers • Clicked links tracking • Campaigns • Contact groups • E-commerce customers • Bounced e-mails • Automatic grouping • On-line forms • Search • Marketing automation Web analytics & Contact Web site Integration with E-mail Lead scoring Reporting management optimization other modules marketing • Web Content management • E-commerce • Social networking • Intranet • On-line marketing Kentico CMS 7
    8. 8. Kentico EMS – Fully Integrated CXM Platform
    9. 9. Kentico CMS Demo
    10. 10. Customers most important features ∙ Analytics ∙ E-commerce (on-line store) ∙ On-line forms ∙ Active Directory integration ∙ E-mail queue ∙ On-line marketing ∙ AJAX support ∙ Event Calendar ∙ PayPal support ∙ Approving documents ∙ Authorize.NET ∙ Event Log ∙ Personalized content ∙ Avatars ∙ Export/import web sites or selected ∙ Personalized editor ∙ Bad words ∙ Flexible content hierarchy ∙ Polls ∙ Badges ∙ Flexible navigation ∙ Portal engine ∙ Banned IP addresses ∙ Forms authentication ∙ Preview before publish ∙ Blogs ∙ Forums ∙ Recycle Bin ∙ Booking System ∙ Branding ∙ Friendly (smart) URLs ∙ Report Abuse ∙ Complete documentation of the CMS ∙ Friends ∙ Reporting ∙ Content and object staging ∙ Full source code ∙ Re-use content on several pages ∙ Content locking (check-in/check-out) ∙ Full-text search ∙ Roles and Users ∙ Content Rating ∙ Fully customizable ∙ RSS feeds ∙ Content/design separation ∙ Geo mapping (Google Maps) ∙ SEO ∙ Controls caching ∙ Custom document types ∙ Google sitemap ∙ Scheduled Tasks ∙ Custom document types with ∙ Groups ∙ Spell-checker ∙ Custom event handlers ∙ Image gallery ∙ Social media integration ∙ Custom fields ∙ Incremental deployment of site changes ∙ Starter Sites ∙ Custom tables ∙ installation and database ∙ Taxonomy - Categories, Tagging ∙ Custom web parts in C# and VB.NET ∙ Integration with custom user and role database, external ∙ Time-zones support ∙ Customizable Menu ∙ Customizable page templates authentication ∙ URL aliases ∙ Linked documents ∙ User contributions ∙ Customizable permissions ∙ Customizable settings ∙ Marketing automation ∙ User management ∙ Deployment on shared hosting ∙ Media library ∙ User registration and secured pages ∙ Document-level permissions ∙ Memory management ∙ Web analytics ∙ Drag-drop development ∙ Message boards ∙ Web farm support ∙ Dynamic site map ∙ Messaging ∙ Widgets ∙ Easy deployment ∙ Multiple languages ∙ Windows authentication ∙ Multiple sites using single code ∙ Windows Live ID authentication ∙ Newsletters ∙ Workflow ∙ Notifications Just to name a few!
    11. 11. Major Clients (Includes 60 Fortune 500 Companies)
    12. 12. Technology Partners
    13. 13. How to reach us? • http://www.facebook.com/KenticoCMS • http://www.twitter.com/KenticoCMS • http://kentico.uservoice.com/ – Suggest new Kentico CMS features
    15. 15. On-Site Editing
    16. 16. Marketing Automation
    17. 17. Mobile Layout
    18. 18. Mobile Preview
    19. 19. Content Management
    20. 20. E-mail marketing
    21. 21. Wireframes
    22. 22. Web Analytics
    23. 23. Personalization
    24. 24. Accessibility Validator
    25. 25. Code Preview
    26. 26. E-commerce reports
    27. 27. Live chat
    28. 28. Social media widgets
    29. 29. Web part toolbox
    30. 30. Visual Workflow