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Running your CMS in the Cloud


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An overview of running your CMS in the cloud.

Published in: Technology
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Running your CMS in the Cloud

  1. 1. Content Management in WindowsAzureThom Robbins, Chief Evangelist, Kentico CMS
  2. 2. Kentico CMS Today..Kentico CMS is one of themost comprehensivecontent managementsystems on the planet. For Developers..With over 12,000 activeweb sites in 84 countries, Delivered as a Visual Studio project34 modules, and a partner 826,152 lines of codenetwork of over 1,200 it isused for everything from 2,000 specifically for Azuresimple web sites tocomplex applications.Kentico CMS is easy toinstall, simple to manage,scalable and reliable.
  3. 3. What is a Content Management System (CMS)? CMS is Your Website ExpectationsOverloaded terms?• CMS • First contact with• WCM customers • Content is cost• DM Management • Gateway to changing web experiences• ?? IT • Multithreaded, highly scalable Web Farms • development platform • Immediate scale up/out Content Editor • Guaranteed storage and retrieval • Files, Files .. • Productivity! everywhere • Freedom from IT • Website Management • Creative control
  4. 4. What does the cloud mean for your CMS? Moving an application to the cloud simply means running the app “somewhere” on the internet other than your own servers.An industry perspective..As content consumption patterns shift from traditional web pages to a moremulti-channel content ecosystem (mobile, website, tablets, widgets, gameconsoles, kiosks, etc), the demand for highly scalable and near real-time CMSwill be needed. The movement to a real-time web will exponential increaseresource requirements of CMS solutions as they try to manage more content ina shorter time frame. Source:
  5. 5. Why move CMS to the cloud? It’s a business choice…. Agility •The cloud model keeps your business more agile over the lifetime of your CMS •Creating self service points reduces friction (IT no longer needs to specify, receive, install and configure each instance) •Automatic load leveling •Quicker iteration cycles Focus •Deploying your CMS to the cloud let you focus on higher value activities •Like having top tier developers who can differentiate applications Cost •Reducing cost through economies of scale (Not a people discussion) •Cloud service providers offer focused expertise, standardized components, best practices and massive scalability at a lower cost than a company can achieve •Pay for what you use (no need to over-provision and sink capital into compute capacity)
  6. 6. Common CMS/Cloud questions• The cloud has no file system?• Isn’t developer debugging difficult?• Isn’t performance poor?
  7. 7. Scenario – Pure Cloud Site visitors What is it? • Complete application in the cloud Advantages • Quickest for new CMS • Consistent platform Content Editors • Infrastructure reduction (not people!) Disadvantages • Existing CMS migration • It’s scary!
  8. 8. Scenario - Expansion What is it? • Leveraging cloud for Front end/Back end services Content Editors Advantages Site visitors • Maintain asset securityCorporate Firewall • Leverage existing assets Disadvantages • Infrastructure change
  9. 9. Scenario – On-Demand Marketing Site visitors What is it? • Leveraging cloud for short duration activities Advantages • Reduce on-site IT resources (not people!) • Brand expansionCorporate Firewall DisadvantagesContent Editors Content Editors • Provisioning required
  10. 10. Customer lessons• Don’t Hurry – Think about things• Understand how it works – Little details matter – especially with Azure – Be careful with 3rd party components• Learn Azure – Keep up with news• Azure is stateless – Complex Web applications aren’t stateless – Azure goes against current web architecture
  11. 11. Q&A
  12. 12. Thank you!E-mail: thomasr@kentico.comTwitter: trobbinsBlog:
  13. 13. Business Perspective• 30+ total sites running in Windows Azure, using SQL Azure• Stacked instances (3, each hosting 5+ sites)• Over 3/4 of production sites currently migrated to Windows Azure• Review of key applications – Mydentity Custom Drum Kit – Postage Ink – Emerald Coast Autism Center – RDF Associates – CED Technical