Multichannel Marketing – Connecting with the New Channels

Director of Marketing at PlayFab, Inc.
Feb. 7, 2013

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Multichannel Marketing – Connecting with the New Channels

  1. Enterprise web sites- Connecting with the new channels Thomas Robbins, Chief Evangelist, Kentico CMS
  2. A modern problem? Who wouldn’t agree? Source Forrester The number and variety of touch points or channels that buyers interact with sellers has grown exponentially in the last few years
  3. What’s a marketing channel? A channel may be a mobile device, retail store, web site, personal communication, email, text message, social media site …. Customer’s have the power of MORE! • Today’s customer’s has more control over the buying process than todays’ marketer does • Mobile, web and social media are part of virtually everyone’s daily life • Buyers have more choices, more sources, more outlets, more offers and more opinions from industry pundits, peers and anonymous people to consider.
  4. What is multichannel marketing in 2012? The approach that marketers have adopted to manage and optimize customer engagements across the burgeoning landscape of customer touch points is generally referred to as multichannel marketing Forrester, May 2012 Multichannel marketing strategies use a combination of process, technology and organizational alignment to engage current and prospective customers in all of the digital, social, and offline channels that are part of the buyers purchase process.
  5. Where do you start? • Understand your customers’ journey – What channels are customers using for research? – What channels are customers using for purchase? – How does the experience in one channel affect the behavior of another? Content marketing is always a relevant conversation!
  6. Content marketing is…. Social Media Sales Content SEO Process Marketing Customer Engagements
  7. Multichannel recommendation #1 Make it a strategic initiative Why it’s important The benefits • Properly executed • Strategy is a necessary independent process and multichannel marketing activity strategy is more than just • Technology is an enabler new tools it’s marketing • Strategic gains (mature transformation! multichannel marketers) – 10%+ increase in ROI • The challenge is to create – 15%+ increase in customer new processes, learn new satisfaction – 15% reduction in sales cycle technology and rethink your – 15%+ increase in impressions role in the company – 10% increase in campaign payback Source Forrester, May 2012
  8. Multichannel recommendation #2 Make your website a pervasive customer engagement hub Why it’s important Technology considerations • Today’s world drives all • CMS (infrastructure) multichannel touches to your website • Personalization • Create a dynamic website that • Search drives unique experiences for customers • Optimization (A/B, MVT • Dynamically deliver content, Tests) messages, experiences, products and offers from pools • Banner management of content assets based on • Customer/Support chat your knowledge of the customer’s profile, behavior and engagement history
  9. Multichannel recommendation #3 Create a culture that worships customer knowledge Why it’s important Technology considerations • Success is achieved when • CRM interactions are calibrated • Web analytics with a customers current • Segmentation context and historical interactions • Lead Scoring • Data aggregation is essential • Collaboratively engage with sales
  10. Multichannel recommendation #4 Think engagement that includes campaigns Why it’s important Technology considerations • Engagement is crucial! You • Social media integration can’t meet the customers if (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ you don’t show up. , etc) • Customers will engage with • Campaigns/Conversions companies that meet their • A/B, MVT Testing needs – even when they (optimization) change • E-Mail newsletters • Marketing automation (Drip marketing/Lead nurturing)
  11. Multichannel recommendation #5 Build the technical infrastructure to support dynamic, cross channel conversations with customers Why it’s important Technology considerations • Data integration and • HTML 5/REST technology integration is • CRM integration (Salesforce, part of the new world etc.) • Cookie levels and Cookie consent options • Translation services (XLIFF)
  12. Multichannel recommendation #6 Become a super collaborator Why it’s important Technology considerations • Rethink your relationship • Development process with with marketing/IT/Sales iterative reviews • Marketing is and will always • Lead scoring be bound up in technology • Lead nurturing as the customer touch points become more digital (be disruptive)
  13. Multichannel recommendation #7 Choose partners that rack up short term gains on the path to the full vision Why it’s important Technology considerations • Find partners that • Immediate ROI immediately improve your • Enhanced SEO support current operations and has the strategy and roadmap • Cloud integration (if to execute on your long needed) term visions • Select on vision but roll out on tactics • Short term ROI essential to win both the battle and the war
  14. Who are we? Kentico CMS is one of the most powerful Customer Experience Management Systems and Content Management Systems on the planet. With over 16,000 web sites in 90 countries it is used for everything from simple web sites to complex applications. Kentico CMS is easy to install, simple to manage and reliable.
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  1. Session: Enterprise Web sites – Connecting with the New ChannelsSpeaker: Thomas Robbins, Chief Evangelist, Kentico CMSSession DescriptionToday’s customers engage with your organization through a growing variety of channels. Your website is just one of them –don’t forget social media, mobile and e-mail. Understanding the customer journey across these channels is essential to the success of any marketing organization. In this session we will look at key recommendations you need to consider as you get started in multichannel engagement.