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Kentico EMS 7 - Power to the Marketer!

  1. Kentico EMS 7 Power to the Marketer! Thomas Robbins, Chief Evangelist Kentico CMS
  2. What’s the problem with marketing today? Who wouldn’t agree? Source: Forrester The number and variety of touch points or channels that buyers interact with sellers has grown exponentially in the last few years
  3. What’s a marketing channel? A channel may be a mobile device, retail store, web site, personal communication, email, text message, social media site …. What does this mean? • Today’s customer’s has more control over the buying process than todays’ marketer does • Mobile, web and social media are part of virtually everyone’s daily life • Buyers have more choices, more sources, more outlets, more offers and more opinions from industry pundits, peers and anonymous people to consider.
  4. Where do you start? • Understanding your customer journey – What channels are customers using for research? – What channels are customers using for purchase? – How does the experience in one channel affect the behavior of another? Content marketing is always a relevant conversation!
  5. What is multichannel marketing in 2012? The approach that marketers have adopted to manage and optimize customer engagements across the burgeoning landscape of customer touch points is generally referred to as multichannel marketing Forrester, May 2012 Multichannel marketing strategies use a combination of process, technology and organizational alignment to engage current and prospective customers in all of the digital, social, and offline channels that are part of the buyers purchase process.
  6. Kentico multichannel recommendation #1 • Make it a strategic initiative – Why it’s important • Properly executed multichannel marketing strategy is more than just new tools it’s marketing transformation! • The challenge is to create new processes, learn new technology and rethink your role in the company – What does Kentico CMS 7 offers • Strategy is a necessary independent process and activity • Technology is an enabler • Strategic gains (mature multichannel marketers) – 10%+ increase in ROI – 15%+ increase in customer satisfaction – 15% reduction in sales cycle – 15%+ increase in impressions – 10% increase in campaign payback Source Forrester, May 2012
  7. Kentico multichannel recommendation #2 • Create a culture that worships customer knowledge – Why it’s important • Success is achieved when interactions are calibrated with a customers current context and historical interactions • Data aggregation is essential • Collaboratively engage with sales – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • Web analytics • Contact groups (Segmentation) • Scoring • Contacts/Activities • Web analytics
  8. Kentico multichannel recommendation #3 • Make your website a pervasive customer engagement hub – Why its important • Today’s world drives all multichannel touches aim to drive customers to your website • Create a dynamic website that drives unique experiences for customers • Dynamically deliver content, messages, experiences, products and offers from pools of content assets based up your knowledge of the customer’s profile, behavior and engagement history – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • CMS (on-site editing, editorial publishing, Culture specific page templates) • QR Code web part • Personalization • Faceted search • A/B tests, MVT Tests • Banner management • Device profiles and layouts • Customer/Support chat
  9. Explore Faceted Search
  10. Explore: Chat • Community chat • Customer-initiated chat (Support chat) • Sales-initiated chat • Automatically initiated chat
  11. Explore: Banner Management • Display advertisements or other content in the form of banners • Track banner impressions and clicks
  12. Kentico multichannel recommendation #4 • Think engagement that include campaigns – Why it’s important • Engagement is crucial! You can’t meet the customers if you don’t show up. • Customers will engage with companies that meet their needs – even when they change – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • Facebook integration • Twitter integration • Campaigns/Conversions • A/B, MVT Testing (optimization) • E-Mail newsletter (including A/B testing) • Marketing automation (Drip marketing/Lead nurturing)
  13. Explore: Social Media Integration • Automatic publishing to Facebook and Twitter • A complete set of social media web parts
  14. Explore: E-mail Marketing • Improved UI • A/B Testing for Newsletters
  15. Explore: Marketing Automation • More effective marketing • Automates repetitive manual processes • Automate lead nurturing • Execute managed campaigns • Drip marketing
  16. Explore: Marketing Automation - Actions • Modify contact/account • Modify contact group • Replicate contact to as a lead • Update contact from • Log custom activity • Subscribe to newsletter • Send e-mail/newsletter issue • Start another automation process
  17. Kentico multichannel recommendation #5 • Build the technical infrastructure to support dynamic, cross channel conversations with customers – Why it’s important • Data integration, technology integration is part of the new world – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • HTML 5 • Salesforce integration • integration (aka Jigsaw) • MAXMind GEOIP database • Cookie levels and Cookie consent web parts • Translation services (XLIFF) • REST • Integration Bus
  18. Explore: Geolocation Based on IP Address • More detailed and accurate data based on IP address:  Country  State  City  Area, Metro, ZIP and DMA codes  Latitude/Longitude • Uses the MaxMind GeoLite City database by default • Geolocation data mapped to Kentico CMS contact fields
  19. Kentico multichannel recommendation #6 • Become a super collaborator – Why it’s important • Rethink your relationship with marketing/IT/Sales • Marketing is and will always be bound up in technology as the customer touch points become more digital (be disruptive) – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • Wire framing • Lead scoring • Lead nurturing • Great technology 
  20. Kentico multichannel recommendation #7 • Choose technology partners that rack up short term gains on the path to the full vision – Why it’s important • Find partners that immediately improve your current operations and has the strategy and roadmap to execute on your long term visions • Select on vision but roll out on tactics • Short term ROI essential to win both the battle and the war – What does Kentico CMS 7 offer • Immediate ROI • Enhanced SEO support • Azure/Amazon integration • MVC Support
  21. Explore: SEO enhancements • Support for document-based 404 pages • Accessible URLs for deleted pages • Avoiding duplicate content with more options for redirections • Culture-specific domains • Better XML sitemap and robots.txt management • Search crawler reports • ”nofollow” attributes to user generated content
  22. Explore: Database Separation
  23. Quick review of JUST what’s new • Marketing Automation • and Connectors • Database Separation • Social Media Integration and Publishing • SEO enhancement • Geolocation • Visual Macro Rule Designer • E-mail marketing - A/B Testing • Banner Management • Chat
  24. Questions Thanks! Thomas Robbins, Chief Evangelist @trobbins

Editor's Notes

  1. Faceted search – Examples/web parts/Full text search/Smart search/Faceted searchChat – Examples/web parts/Chat
  2. It’s possible to automatically post to Facebook or Twitter when you publish a new blog post, news article or product. And that’s not all, there is also a bunch of new social media web parts. They can be easily used out of the box. (DEMO FB like box [])
  3. To version 7 we redesigned nearly whole UI of e-mail marketing to provide you better UX, effectiveness and comfort when creating e-mail campaigns. There are also other enhancements – many of them under the hood - which provide better performance, stability or control of e-mail address uniqueness when sending a newsletter issue.DEMO: Visual Macro Rule Designer – create contact group with contacts who are from Czech and Slovak, subscribe the group to the first newsletter and send a new issue, present attachment managementDEMO2: Create A/B test on the second newsletter
  4. The most important marketing feature in version 7 is MA.MA allows marketing teams to turn leads into sales more effectively, with less effort.MA streamlines work of marketers by automating repetitive manual processes.The new module takes to another level all existing Kentico on-line marketing features, such as Contact Management, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Segmentation and Personalization.Marketers can easily define and execute automated marketing campaigns (processes) to engage new customers, nurture and qualifyleads and continue in aconversation with existing customers. Drip marketing may be used for this purpose which allows you deliver the right content to the leads at the right time during their buying process. Drip marketing is a communication strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time. The most commonly used form of drip marketing is email marketing. (Email drip marketing is often used in conjunction with a Form in a method called an autoresponder. In this method, a lead completes the form on a company's website and is then enrolled in a drip marketing campaign with messaging appropriate to the form's context.) Drip marketing can be used as a function of the lead generation and qualification process.
  5. Automated processes can be designed from various types of actions including e-mails, tasks assigned to sales people or synchronization of chosen contacts into a CRM.If you are interested in this feature don’t miss separate session that is only about this feature and is starting tomorrow as a first session in the business track.
  6. We have fully replaced our previous simple IP2Country database with new GeoIP database from MaxMind which is far more accurate and it is upgraded regularly. The MaxMindGeoLite City database comes as standard with Kentico CMS installation. Beside country it contains other information too. Here is the list.The newest version may be downloaded from our Client Portal website. GeoIP Organization database is available there as well. This database offers to determine organization name of a visitor. If more accurate results are required then a premium database can be purchased from MaxMind.The important thing is that Geolocation data can be mapped to Kentico CMS contact fields. (DEMO Settings)
  7. Lots of enhancements have been made in SEO. The main SEO (search engine optimization) enhancements include the following:… (Here is list with the most important changes…)
  8. An other important feature is DS. It is not one of the features you will work with everyday. DS allows separation of main database into two – standard content and On-line Marketing databases for higher performance and scalability. This can be done from within the CMS with new separation wizard. The separation is not irreversible, databases can be joined into one again if it is necessary, also from within the CMS.
  9. Kentico EMS in version 7 offers many interesting features for marketers. Lots of features, introduced in earlier versions, have been improved and lots of new have been added. Here is the list with the most interesting ones.