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Kentico EMS+ is your cloud powered Customer Experience (CXM) solution. Built on the secure and scalable Windows Azure cloud platform and leveraging the industry leading Kentico Enterprise Marketing solution. Kentico EMS+ allows you to easily add more storage and servers on the go without adding complexity. How do you manage and implement a website using Kentico EMS+? In this webinar, Dominik Pinter, Technical Leader Kentico CMS shows how to manage and develop your website with Kentico EMS+.

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  • Kentico EMSrunningthere as a websiteproject, Windows Azure deploymentguide
  • Pleasereadthemanual
  • Kentico+

    1. 1. Kentico+Dominik Pinter,
    2. 2. Agenda• What is Kentico+? – What value does Kentico+ bring to me?• When and how can I start using it?• How can I manage it?• How much does it cost?• Quo Vadis Kentico+?
    3. 3. What is Kentico+Kentico+ is the new software-as-a-service (SaaS)offering of Kentico products in the cloud.Initially, this includes Kentico EMS+, which isKentico EMS running in cloud and provided inthe SaaS model.
    4. 4. Why should I be interested?• Monthly payments (licenses + hosting) – Pay as you go – No setup fee• Hosting – Less worries for you• Updates – Upgrade/Hotfix application• Customizable – You can add your own code files (Web parts, ASPX pages, DLLs…)• Running in the cloud – Reliable and secure environment• Backups – Database and code files backups on daily basis
    5. 5. Kentico+ Architecture Windows Azure compute instance Kentico+ Website Controller Project Blob SQL Azure Storage
    6. 6. Management modes• Managed mode – Hotfixes & Upgrades – Base code files managed by the service – Not allowed to change Kentico EMS files and basic Kentico EMS database schema• Unmanaged mode – Allowed to change Kentico EMS files and database schema – Without hotfixes, upgrades and code base files
    7. 7. When and how can I start using it?• Already available• Sign up form• Service creation process (demo) – Required data (domains, datacenter, Kentico EMS version, …) – E-mail with service credentials• Kentico+ users manual – ual.pdf• Windows Azure deployment guide –
    8. 8. How can I manage it?• First version without User portal• Communication channel – – Next business day• Windows Azure storage (demo)• SQL Azure database (demo)• Customizing the project (demo)• Hotfixes/Upgrades• Backups/Restores• Service maintenance
    9. 9. How much does it cost?• One year plan – $999 1 domain license/month (including basic hosting package) – Additional hosting costs• Without a plan – $1199 1 domain license/month (first year) – Additional hosting costs• Hosting package: 1 Windows Azure Small Instance (1 CPU Core, 1.75 GB RAM), 5 GB of SQL Azure database, 25 GB of disk storage and 5M storage transactions, 500 GB of bandwidth, 40K e-mails• Including developer license• Without a setup fee• Support included
    10. 10. Quo Vadis Kentico+• Management portal• Multiple Kentico EMS installations within one Kentico+ instance• UI for Windows Azure storage• Kentico CMS+ (considering)
    11. 11. Q&A
    12. 12. Thank you http://www.kentico.com