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Introduction to UI Personalization with Kentico CMS 7


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UI personalization allows the creation of a simplified user interface. It’s a great way to create personalized and
extensible user experiences that empower people to get things done. System administrators are able to remove tabs,
menu items, actions and parts of UI pages that aren’t needed. This allows users to not be overwhelmed by loads of
unnecessary options. System administrators are able to deploy intelligent user interfaces. In this session we will
examine how this feature is used within Kentico CMS 7. We will cover the basics of technical implementation,
design concerns, extensibility and security. In this webinar we looked at how to implement the basics of UI
personalization on your Kentico CMS 7 site.

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Introduction to UI Personalization with Kentico CMS 7

  1. 1. Introduction to UI Personalization with Kentico CMS 7 Thom Robbins
  2. 2. Session agenda • UI personalization fundamentals • System management options • Creating custom UI elements • Wrap up
  3. 3. UI personalization fundaments
  4. 4. Importance of UI personalization… • Create simplified interfaces – Decrease the learning curve – Remove unnecessary features – Show only essential business features
  5. 5. UI Personalization Fundamentals • Kentico CMS user interface consists of Modules • Modules contain UI Elements – Page or part of page in CMS Desk that can be hidden from a users • Tab • Menu Item • Groups of Controls CMS Desk Only!
  6. 6. Runtime Management • UI profile defines visibility of a UI Element for a particular role • User profile defined by UI profiles of their roles • UI element visible if at least one role the user is a member makes element visible
  7. 7. Demo – UI Personalization in Action Let’s Meet Andy
  8. 8. System management options
  9. 9. Enabling UI Personalization Site Manager -> Settings -> Security -> Enable UI Personalization
  10. 10. What Can I Customize? ***UI Personalization applies to CMS Desk only*** Personalization available for UI Elements • CMS Desk main tabs (module CMS Desk) • CMS Desk –> Content Tab (module Content) • CMS Desk -> Content -> New (module New) • CMS Desk -> My desk tab (module My desk) • CMS Desk -> Tools tab (module Tools) • CMS Desk -> Administration tab (module administration) • WYSIWYG editor (module WYSIWYG editor) • Media dialog (module Media dialog)
  11. 11. Modules.. Site Manager ->Development -> Modules Define which UI Elements are available
  12. 12. UI Personalization Site Manager ->Development -> Modules Set Permissions for Roles
  13. 13. Creating custom UI elements
  14. 14. Adding New UI Elements Display Name Element name in Administration interface Code name Web site code name Element is custom Set value to true for custom UI elements Caption UI Caption Icon path Menu item icon
  15. 15. Demo Adding a New Tab to the CMS Desk
  16. 16. Wrap up… • UI personalization provides a great opportunity to customize the interface • Understand your user needs
  17. 17. Questions… Thanks! Thomas Robbins, Kentico CMS Chief Evangelist Check out the Digital Marketing University for more great marketing content! Email: Twitter: @trobbins Twitter: @MYMKTING
  18. 18. Who are we? Kentico CMS is one of the most powerful Customer Experience Management Systems and Content Management Systems on the planet. With over 18,000 web sites in 90 countries it is used for everything from simple web sites to complex applications. Kentico CMS is easy to install, simple to manage and reliable.