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Engagement Marketing – Solutions that move that needle


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Robb Bean, Vice President and Interactive Director with Burns Marketing and Kentico CMS Gold Partner provided a fantastic talk at Gilbane on their recently completed Kentico EMS implementation for Daimler Trucks North America Freightliner division.

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Engagement Marketing – Solutions that move that needle

  1. 1. ENGAGEMENTMARKETINGSOLUTIONS THATMOVE THE NEEDLE.Team Run Smart - The keys to building a successful and sustainable socialcommunity for the trucking industryProject Case Study | Fall 2012Prepared and submitted by:BURNS MARKETING COMMUNICATIONSRob BeanVice President/Interactive DirectorPhone
  2. 2. WE AREExperts in branding, creative marketing strategy,and solutions for technology-focused companies. _ Colorado-based with 36 full-time employees _ Full-service agency for some; special forces for others _ Extensive technology and life sciences expertise _ Celebrating 40 years in business in 2012 _ Local, regional, national, and international clientele _ Nimble, responsive, and proven2 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. OUR CLIENTS3 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. KENTICO CMS SPECIFICS_ Gold partner_ Certified developers_ Deep Kentico experience across the entire organization_ Types of Kentico development: _ Frontend content management (CMS) needs _ Community and intranet portal development _ Backend applications and systems _ Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) _ Marketing automation, landing pages, lead generation, and site personalization4 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. OUR KENTICO CMS CLIENTS5 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. THE OPPORTUNITY YOU CAN SEIZEWe help you identify your “sweet spot” as the basis forcreative marketing, strategy, and solutions: _ Mine for critical customer and market insights _ What users want most _ What competitors struggle to offer _ What your company does best _ Kentico helps us deliver on our clients needs with pre-built tools and a highly flexible development framework.6 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. PROJECT OVERVIEWBurns Marketing worked withFreightliner Trucks to develop a robustKentico EMS-based community portalthat delivers business-focused contentto the U.S. trucking industry. _ Rebuild their community _ Help them be relevant every day _ Connect them with their customers in a modern way _ Connect it all with their brand7 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS DRIVE SUCCESS Leader in manufacturing. Delivers industry experts, information about trucking technology, and the resources to drive the community, expand product awareness, improve brand preference, and promote total cost of ownership. Leader in industry intellectual property. Delivers the industry business expertise, industry insights, and the community content, and manages the marketing plan. Experts in creating online communities. Delivers experience in social media, community creation, brand development, and online promotion.8 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. CLIENT SITUATIONIn recent years professional drivers have experienced reducedincomes due to regulatory and cost pressures. _ Managing a complex and mobile business _ Long hours and time away from home and family _ Variable cost increases of fuels and maintenance _ Fuel is 45% of revenue _ 2011 vs 2012: +11.9% up $0.07 to $0.66 _ Fixed cost increases in insurance and equipment _ Decreased productivity due to regulations Relevant information and 112,000 miles/yr down from 140,000 _ continuing education are _ Personal health as part of CSA keys to long-term survival.9 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. PROJECT PROCESS _ Client research Gain a deep level of audience understanding through surveys, interviews, and competitive review. _ Brand/community strategy Develop a comprehensive community strategy, with relevant content, fueled by a multi-channel marketing approach that is tuned for social engagement. _ Technical approach Develop key metrics and requirements, define the architecture, and divide projects into components to be produced. _ Design, production, QA, and training Work with a mixture of internal and external team members to produce an end product with a high level of quality. By the way, please have that ready in three months 10 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. CLIENT RESEARCHCompleted 37-question, multi-part survey of 1,023 owner/operators _ 66% spend a minimum of one hour/day on the Internet _ Major shift to mobile (69% prefer Android) Mobile _ 91% of smartphone users download apps _ 90% believe apps help them be more successful owner/operators _ 72% actively engaged in social media Social _ 95% regularly use Facebook, 56% regularly use YouTube _ 37% regularly use load boards _ 90% regularly check email Email _ 83% use SMS text messaging _ Top three business issues that “keep me up at night:” SMS _ Equipment issues, bad economy, tax/IRS issues _ 68% believe it is necessary to discuss driver health issues Blog/forums11 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. BRAND/COMMUNITY STRATEGY _ Freightliner Trucks are known as reliable business tool. _ Daimler Trucks North America leads the industry in: _ Technological advancement _ Engine and drivetrain efficiency and durability _ Truck safety _ Freightliner is uniquely positioned to make a powerful connection between the core Freightliner brand and the content delivered through the new community. _ With “Run Smart” as the overall brand promise, the community delivers topic centers that align with the audience’s core business interests.12 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. BRAND/COMMUNITY STRATEGYTeam Run Smart supports the business-minded truckingprofessional with relevant content and professional advicefrom business coaches. _ Truck Smart: Maintenance, specs, engineering, etc. “The Team Run Smart community is the definitive guide to help business-minded drivers succeed.” _ Fuel Smart: Maximizing fuel economy TJ Reed Director of Product Marketing Freightliner Trucks _ Business Smart: Maximizing profits, minimizing taxes, incorporation, time management, etc. _ Health Smart: Living healthy on the road including diet, exercise, psychology of being away from home, sleep apnea, etc. _ More channels: Including Team video, Live Smart, Drive Smart, and Motorsports content 13 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. TECHNICAL APPROACHA robust Kentico EMS communityportal focused on user engagement. _ Mobile-optimized and traditional website _ Features include: _ Topical articles, blogs, forums, member deals, newsletter subscriptions, polls/business forms, personal accounts/friend management _ Facebook content management _ SMS messaging integration _ Web analytics: Site usage, community engagement, and campaign management _ EMS specific _ Gamification of membership experience – track and incentivize member engagement with custom activity points _ Landing pages and campaigns – manage, track, and optimize online and offline campaigns14 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Top-level project components and channels15 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING MATRIX Communications matrix - incoming and loyalty communications16 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. PROJECT WIREFRAMES17 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. WEBSITE AND MARKETING Tracked sharing Miles, badges, and profileIntegratedvideo BannerContent managementcategorization Content popularity Industry professionals 18 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  19. 19. COMMUNITY AND DIGITAL MARKETING Top members Active support forums Campaign landing pages Digest emails19 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. WEEKLY DIGEST EMAIL _ A complete record of weekly content _ Bringing people back in touch with the brand at least once a week _ The digest contains: _ Recent articles _ Posts from our pro drivers _ Weekly tips _ Campaign summary statistics _ List membership: approx. 1,880 _ Views: approx. 360 _ Clicks: approx. 29020 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  21. 21. CAMPAIGN DETAILSCampaign tracking Click tracking 21 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  22. 22. DIGITAL ADVERTISING22 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. TRADESHOW PPC CAMPAIGN _ Targeted search terms related to the launch event, Great American Truck Show, in Dallas, Texas. _ Examples: “GATS hotels”, “GATS Dallas”, “GATS 2012” _ Ten ads were developed and launched in the two-weeks before the event. _ The goal of the PPC campaign was to drive GATS booth traffic. _ The challenge of these transient event-based PPC campaigns is that we must guide searchers: _ From their searched term about GATS (where theyre typically looking for registration or hotel information, or something similar) _ To thinking about Freightliner at GATS _ To click through to a Freightliner landing page, to _ To be motivated enough to remember to actually visit the booth when they attend _ Register for the TRS community (Secondary conversion) _ Campaign summary statistics _ Impressions: 1,147,437 _ Clicks: 1,057 _ Cost per click: $1.32 _ Conversion percentage (to membership): 0.6%23 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  24. 24. CAMPAIGN DETAILS Number of visitors (goals)Campaign views Number of conversions (goals) 24 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  25. 25. BANNER ADVERTISING _ Internet Truckstop _ Provide general awareness of the Team Run Smart brand _ Campaign summary statistics: _ Impressions: unknown _ Clicks: 180/month25 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  26. 26. CAMPAIGN DETAILSCampaign tracking Conversion tracking 26 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA AND SMS27 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  28. 28. PROJECT RESULTS _ Delivered project ontime and within budget _ Launched with major industry accolades and a little fear _ Reached membership goals quickly while adding +200 member/week _ 6-month goal in four weeks _ 12-month goal in eight weeks _ Seeing consistent daily online engagement 24/7 with 30 to 100 users online at all times _ Experiencing high click-through rates on automated newsletters _ Excellent visibility into a variety of campaign types: _ Targeted email _ Banner placements _ Tradeshow pay-per-click (PPC) _ Facebook marketing28 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  29. 29. NEXT STEPS…MOREEMS-BASED ONLINE MARKETINGKentico EMS provides a fully integratedset of on-line marketing tools.Currently using_ Web analytics_ Campaign management_ Email marketing_ Segmentation/lead scoringFuture use_ Personalization, A/B, and MVT testing_ Lead nurturing and drip marketing_ Contact management29 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  30. 30. NEXT STEPSContinually adapt based on user metrics and offer new features,content, and services to drive value and brand preference. _ Promotion of Freightliner as lowest total cost of ownership _ Targeted marketing and lead nurturing _ Content personalization _ New content and continuing education for drivers _ The redistribution of existing content as podcasts _ Integration of image sharing and other social features _ Expanded mobile, apps, and location-based services _ Marketing of incentives and partner promotions30 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved
  31. 31. HAVE QUESTIONS? Rob Bean Vice President, Interactive Director 970-776-178031 | BURNS | Copyright All Rights Reserved