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Lessons from Learning: How to make an intranet more useful (Simon Thompson/Intranet Now 2018)


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Presentation to Intranet Now 2018, suggesting that intranets need to better integrate and provide access to workplace learning.

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Lessons from Learning: How to make an intranet more useful (Simon Thompson/Intranet Now 2018)

  1. 1. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lessons from Learning How to make an intranet more useful Simon Thompson
  2. 2. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow You have been assigned new mandatory training…
  3. 3. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Why Learning? Satya Nadella Microsoft From a “know-it-all culture” to a “learn-it-all” culture John Hagel Deloitte Center for the Edge “Large organizations need to shift from providing scalable efficiency to providing scalable learning”
  4. 4. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow The curriculum and academies project
  5. 5. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lesson 1 Learning is a team effort You cannot do this on your own Talk to the people involved in training Start investigating the pain points Use your governance, content and interaction design experience Look for broader themes and commonalities Use your intranet as a shop window
  6. 6. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lesson 2 Sharpen up your comms New security training available 05 October 2018 IT and training are proud to announce new training for you to become security compliant. Click here to read more Security Wise Saira saves client £80K 05 October 2018 Saira Brooking is the toast of the Huddersfield office thanks to some quick thinking and the Security Wise training she took this summer. Learn to be Security Wise like Saira Learn to protect your team and clients Security Wise is here to give you the skills you need to keep ahead of cyber threats. Sign up for Security Wise 05 October 2018 Crypto CoP Meetup Putting the Lock in Blockchain 5.30pm 27 Sept 2018
 London office canteen
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 Join Marie for Where Next in the Industry Marie is Standards bearer We’re creating a new grade for statisticians with comprehensive training to upgrade your skills from Excel to Data Analysis and MI. Try the new MI assessment today Make it big in Big Data!
  7. 7. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lesson 4 Curation is king Academies
 ➡ Categories
 ➡ Topics
 ➡ Subjects ➡ Programmes ➡ Resources CurationExploration Expertise Learning journey What
  8. 8. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lesson 4 Embrace tech, carefully How do you implement a chat bot? Hello to Jason You just implement a chat bot! What about social tools? Can machine learning help us? I don’t have enough data to answer that. You don’t have enough likes for me to answer that! Jason Jason Jason Doctorbot Doctorbot Doctorbot Doctorbot What does work? Jason
  9. 9. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow Lesson 5 It’s about the people Know your people Research User experience Ongoing communications Stakeholder engagement Content lifecycle Culture change Ongoing value
  10. 10. @ThompsonSimon#IntranetNow What is the alternative? Invest in your organisation’s future Put your intranet at the centre So… Why Learning?