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Biodiversity Heritage Library: Content liberator


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Poster for RDAP13 Research Data Access and Preservation conference April 4-6, 2013 Baltimore MD

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Biodiversity Heritage Library: Content liberator

  1. 1. Biodiversity Heritage Library The Biodiversity Heritage Library is an international consortium of natural history libraries and research centers dedicated to providing free access to the world’s biodiversity literature. With over 40 million pages of digitized text, the Content liberator BHL is an invaluable resource for researchers worldwide. Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) embodies E.O. Wilsons Bibliographic metadata is aggregated by OCLC and is dream to provide a webpage for every species. BHL included in Serial Solution’s Summon discovery service provides bibliographic references to EOL via OpenURL by periodically harvesting data using OAI-PMH and image data through flickr: The BHL mobilizes biodiversity Bibliographic metadata is available content by identifying & exposing for download in a variety of over 100 million scientific names formats (MODS, BibTex, EndNote) Images are shared on where anyone is embedded within the digitized welcome to add species name machine tags such for individual items, and for all Biostor, developed by taxonomist Rod as “taxonomy:binomial=Genus species”. EOL then texts. items in bulk as .csv or via API Page, extracts, annotates, & provides harvests tagged images for display on visualizations for data in BHL found via OpenURL Open Data Policy OpenURL Bulk data Microdata resolver exports OAI- APIs PMH Scientific names change through time. Using BHL & EOL data Ryan Schenk, developer of Metadata is provided on the page as Synynyms, provides a chronological visualization COinS , RDFa, and in markup for search of name popularity and use engines and tools like Mendeley and Zotero.Bianca Crowley, Collections Coordinator, Biodiversity Heritage Library/Smithsonian Libraries Keri Thompson, Digital Projects Librarian, Smithsonian Libraries Constance Rinaldo, Librarian of the Ernst Mayr Library Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University