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Student Bio with Photo


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Introductory Assignment English 343

Published in: Education
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Student Bio with Photo

  1. 1. 1 Student Bio with Photo English 343: American Literature Introductory Assignment
  2. 2. Description of Assignment • For this assignment, you will write a short bio that includes a photo of you. • I use this assignment to help me learn your name and also to assign participation points. • The bio assignment is worth 10 points, and these are part of the participation points you will earn at midterm. • If you have concerns about posting a photo of yourself and uploading it to bblearn, you may print out your student bio and hand it to me. • Bblearn, however, is secure, and I do not share your photo or bio content with anyone. 2
  3. 3. Requirements and Guidelines 3 • Requirements for Bio Content: Open a doument file and Type your name at the top of your bio and bold it. Underneath, write the content. Use first person (i.e. “I”) and tell me your major, career goals, and what you hope to learn in the course. Tell me anything else that will help me understand who you are. Keep it short. About 150 words should do it. • Requirements for Photo: You should be the only person in the photo, and it should clearly show your face. Your photo should be approximately 2” x 3” but don’t be too rigid about that. • Please resize the photo if needed, use this free tool: fotoflexor. If your photo file is over 1MB, it will load too slowly, so please compress the file. • See the example on the next slide.
  4. 4. Example 4 ! For!this!assignment,!you!will!write!a!short!bio!that!includes!a!photo!of!you.!I!use!this!assignment!to!help!me!learn! your!name!and!also!to!assign!participation!points.!!The!bio!assignment!is!worth!10!points,!and!these!are!part!of!the! participation!points!you!will!earn!at!midterm.! ! If!you!have!concerns!about!posting!a!photo!of!yourself!and!uploading!it!to!bblearn,!you!may!print!out!your!student! bio!and!hand!it!to!me.!!Bblearn,!however,!is!secure,!and!I!do!not!share!your!photo!or!bio!content!with!anyone.!! ! Requirements*for*Bio*Content:!Type!your!name!at!the!top!of!your!bio!and!bold!it.!!Underneath,!write!the! content.!!Use!first!person!(i.e.!“I”)!and!tell!me!your!major,!career!goals,!and!what!you!hope!to!learn!in!the!course.!! Tell!me!anything!else!that!will!help!me!understand!who!you!are.!!Keep!it!short.!!About!150!words!should!do!it.! ! Requirements*for*Photo:!!You!should!be!the!only!person!in!the!photo,!and!it!should!clearly!show!your!face.!! Your!photo!should!be!approximately!the!size!of!Lola’s!below.!!Please!resize!the!photo!if!needed,!use!this!free!tool:! fotoflexor.!If!your!photo!file!is!over!1MB,!it!will!load!too!slowly,!so!please!compress!the!file.! ! Format.!!The!layout!of!your!bio!should!look!like!the!example!below.!!I!just!created!a!two!column!table!and! inserted!Lola’s!photo!on!one!side!and!wrote!the!content!on!the!other.!!You!could!also!insert!your!photo!and!wrap! text!around!it.!! ! ! ! ! Lola%Thompson% % Karen!is!my!Mom,!and!she!often!uses!me!in!examples!to!show!her! students!how!to!do!stuff!she’s!asking!them!to!do.! ! I’m!not!in!school,!but!I!sometimes!go!with!Mom!to!her!office.!! Maybe!I’ll!see!you!there!sometime.!! ! Oh,!and!Mom!says!to!tell!you!that!my!photo!is!about!2”!wide!and! 3”!high,!so!yours!needs!to!be!about!that!size.! ! ! Format. The layout of your bio should look like the example below. I just created a two column table and inserted Lola’s photo on one side and wrote the content on the other. Next, I deleted the inside borders of the table. You could also insert your photo and wrap text around it. Submit your bio to the drop box in bblearn in a Word or PDF file.