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Final lunch revised


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Final lunch revised

  1. 1. Work at Lunch vs. Lunch at Work Shirley Breaux + Hannah Thompson
  2. 2. Where does thetime go?The trend that we areidentifying is the lunch hour.We are focusing on thedecreasing amount of timespent while eating lunch.
  3. 3. How It Evolved
  4. 4. Before People would take long hourly lunches where they would drink and be unproductive the rest of the day.
  5. 5. More Recently Unemployment rate has been on the rise since 2000. *
  6. 6. HypothesisPeople are constantlyattached to electronicscausing people to grazeinstead of sitting downto leisurely lunches. Withall the new technologiestoday people feel theneed to be constantlyreachable, especiallythe working class.
  7. 7. The idea of lunch as we know it is DEAD.People’s lifestyles are rapidly changing, the concept of lunch is becoming more of a shortbreak. Lunch is becoming the new smoke break.
  8. 8. Forces at WorkWe are currently in a recession and the unemployment rate as of April 2012 is 8.1%.
  9. 9. NowThere are manypressures at jobs today,including that of alwayslooking busy and beingproductive.
  10. 10. NowPeople want to get home to their families.
  11. 11. Product TrendsConvenience foods - quick, easy food that satisfy you and make you “fuller for longer” - portable, on the go
  12. 12. Product Trends-Hot Bar at many foodmarkets around NYCand many others cities. -Garden of Eden, UnionSquare
  13. 13. Product Trends Eating in front of your computer while doing work and talking on the phone is an example of how our culture in constantly multitasking.
  14. 14. Product TrendsSit down traditional leisure lunch
  15. 15. Product TrendsLunch at this restaurantcan take hourse, thereis a minimum of 20small dishes when youeat here. (Located inCopenhagen)
  16. 16. Product TrendsOUTSTANDING IN THE FIELD,QUEENS FARMFarm tour + lunch“We want to take the farm-to-table movement a step furtherand bring a table-to-farm toguests for Outstanding in theField.”Tue, Sep 18: 3:00pm - 9:00pm
  17. 17. Product Trends Food for Thought, the popular lunch-and-lecture series at the Fenimore Art Museum Food for Thought programs are held on Wednesday from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
  18. 18. Food trucks - gourmet foods on the goProduct Trends - grazing
  19. 19. Sub Cultures Celebrities have always been a culture where many people find inspiration from. People like to follow what celebrities are doing and now it is even easier to see how they eat their lunch by following them on twitter.
  20. 20. The culture of people whoSub Cultures use Foursquare. They use it to check into places and keep track of where they have been and where their friends have been. This girl made a list of places she likes to take 2 hours lunches.
  21. 21. SubculturesCEO and presidentsof companies set anexample for the rest ofthe people in the office.If they are not taking alunch then the rest of theoffice will not be taking alunch.
  22. 22. Actionable Insights A lunch break as we know it will not exist.
  23. 23. Restaurants that offer lunch willActionable Insights have to offer some kind of other incentive to pull people in.
  24. 24. Actionable Insights This could make employees more productive because they are refreshed and ready to work.
  25. 25. Thank You Hannah Thompson + Shirley Breaux