Marketing Genius Pepsico door Wouter Vandenameele


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  • FMCG = high purchase frequency every time I buy: new purchase decision decision we make often and without even really thinking about it continuous temptation to switch brands, so you need to keep building and maintaining your brand loyalty it’s not like a heavy purchase decision like a TV or a fridge get your consumers to keep loving you
  • it’s all about the total consumer experience how does the consumer feel about your brand -> connect on a personal level build a bond, just like any relationship really... make them feel special
  • make them feel special
  • don’t get punished take them seriously
  • quality over quantity quality: also localisation, don’t rely on only international content take them seriously
  • DATA FMCG brands by nature don’t know who I am not like my internet service provider does
  • data: not just aggregated numbers from Nielsen or Gfk cheap panels SM complements your other media: offers you extra insights, leverage those insights integrate SM elements in other media e.g.
  • turn your followers/friends into your marketing team win-win
  • Tools
  • many listening tools leverage gatorade experience ‘Gatorade Mission Control’
  • paid media -> owned media. Engage -> earned media
  • Pepsi: popular + young/edgy = social media (Facebook) audience Lay’s: popular, next in line brands, not the company
  • Be serious about it, and you’ll see some serious results
  • Marketing Genius Pepsico door Wouter Vandenameele

    1. 1. MARKETING GENIUS 2012 Wouter Vandenameele
    2. 2. How can PepsiCo build Consumer Retention via Social Media vs traditional media?(in-depth: why, which tools, which brands,...)
    3. 3. Why Social MediaTools & Brands
    4. 4. Reason 1
    5. 5. Flickr - davydubbit
    6. 6. brand loyalty needs emotionalconnection
    7. 7. Social Media allows you to: Communicate personal, scoops, content,... Show your affection apps, games, exclusive promotions,...
    8. 8. Stay believable & truthful
    9. 9. Focus on quality
    10. 10. Reason 2
    11. 11. Social Media gives you real consumer data Communicate and understand how they see your brand Leverage those insights
    12. 12. Why not: amplify yourexisting product trials: social sampling
    13. 13. iStock
    14. 14. Listen Be where your consumers are Listen before you talkYou can be sure they are already talking about you
    15. 15. Talk Short term Long term INTEGRATE OWNin social platforms virtual real estate (but integrate :-)
    16. 16. BRANDS
    17. 17. Have a clear strategy Identify your goals Integrate Social Mediathroughout your organisation
    18. 18. Remember: we’re just experimenting & scratching the surface