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  1. 1. CRM - Customer Relationship Management Marketing Expertise
  2. 2. How to define CRM? Traditional CRM Interactions Customer Social CRM Experience Relationships Channels Management What is CRM? CRM package Processes SAP, Siebel, Communities Blogs Social Customer Social Media 2Presentation1
  3. 3. Customer Relationship management CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a system and a technology, designed to improve human interactions in a business environment. Source: Paul Greenberg – CRM at the speed of light Source: Paul GreenbergPresentation1 3
  4. 4. The typical CRM Nightmare Also typically encountered by THoM when the CRM preparation is flawed or foregone • It starts with a problem: “We need some CRM” • Then, some business case is agreed on by the board - while it is still asking “What is CRM?” • The task of implementing CRM is „thrown over the wall‟ to a newly appointed CRM Manager • A team is quickly commandeered • Budgets are built up by surprises and hidden pitfalls • No one is clear on what it is to achieve, and for who • But it has to be done by yesterday • The system is eventually not or hardly used, but at least there is one … In most of the cases CRM is initiated because of a need to improve the internal efficiency without taken into account the customers perspective (e.g. atomizing certain processes which are un-important for the customer) Source: Gartner ResearchPresentation1 4
  5. 5. CRM a global strategy for your company to maximize the value of the relation with each individual customer. Hi, Loana! I’ve just got my new computer with our CRM software “CRM is about finding what‟s best for each customer, Cartoon: “Le temps du service” - JL Fessard not slam-dunking technology everywhere.” David Sims - CRMguru.comPresentation1 5
  6. 6. THoM’s Point Of View on how CRM will manage your customer lifetime value CRM will help you to “know your customer” defining which customers to get, keep and increase Get Keep Increase Customer Acquisition Loyalty Value (#) (time) (€) Increase Customer Lifetime value Lifetime Lifetime Value Profitability Number of customersPresentation1 6
  7. 7. THoM’s point of view on the evolution of CRM to Social CRM • Social CRM is a mindset change from business owning the communication to customers owning the communication in Social CRM • The importance and, moreover, relative importance of communication channels and – media changed from traditional CRM to Social CRM, moving away from platforms that are owned by the business to the “places” that the customers use • Social CRM has an even higher bi-directional component than traditional CRM in Social CRM the necessity for fast reactivity is even more important than in traditional CRM Social CRM CRM Source: Thomas Wieberneit Blog Don‟t replace CRM, extend it with SocialPresentation1 7
  8. 8. THoM’s Yearly Marketing Survey of 2011 shows that making relevant products and services and creating a dialogue with your customers is seen as key challenges for 2011 What will be your major marketing challenges for 2011?Making products and services more relevant for customers 52.51% Creating a dialogue with customers 48.35% Differentiating from competition 38.82% Better integrating online and offline communication 35.53%Innovating to create new markets and get the attention of 35.18% customers Proving the added value of the marketing efforts 29.64% Giving more support and assistance to customers 22.18% Tightening the collaboration with the channel partners 20.97% Accelerating time to market 16.81% % of occurrence in top 3 A CRM strategy can assist in creating a dialogue with your customers N= 577Presentation1 8
  9. 9. THoM’s Yearly Marketing Survey of 2011 shows that a further increase in social media as a buzzword is expected How do you expect the following buzzwords to evolve in terms of importance in 2011? Social Media 78 % Mobile Marketing 70 % Customer Experience 70 % Green Marketing 64 % Customer Intelligence 63% In 2010 Top 5 Not in 2010 Top 5 % of respondents answering increase When you want to use “Social Media” within your company you need to make sure this is integrated & aligned in your (social) CRM strategy N= 577Presentation1 9
  10. 10. What makes The House of Marketing different?Presentation1 10
  11. 11. We have a strong vision on marketing … Marketing is a mindset throughout the whole company, and only happens through uncompromising and ruthless focus on the total process of customer engagement. Marketing is a key contributor to achieve business objectives and to optimize shareholder value. Our guiding principles are Focus, Agility, Creativity, Tangibility and Sustainability.Presentation1 11
  12. 12. … and a clear view on how marketing must evolve • Simplicity • Strategic consistency • Leadership continuity • Prioritize & making choices • Consistent brand across all channels • Seek leadership in specific category • Customer centricity • Focused team • Detect trends & act • Early warning systems & processes • Agile & up to date organization • Built around customer engagement • Innovative company culture • Willingness to change • Diversity of profiles • Flexibility & Speed • Idea generation process • Idea valuation • Porosity & open-mindedness • KPI’s & dashboards • Scenario analysis & ROMI • Connect with marketing intelligence • Analytical culture & skills • People: yours & every stakeholder • Planet: ACT on innovation, packaging, promotion... • Profit: business-minded marketersPresentation1 12
  13. 13. We are convinced that flexibility is a key asset for the future to bridge capacity gaps... Resource Demand Chart FTE (hours per month) Project 1 5,000 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 4,000 Capacity 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 1/95 4/95 7/95 10/95 1/96 4/96Presentation1 13
  14. 14. …. and to bridge competence gaps Data cruncher Packaging E-commerce ……… Online specialist CPM specialist Performance management Project Management Shopper marketer CRM specialist Mobile marketer SocialMedia Strategist ……… Web masterPresentation1 14
  15. 15. Flexibility demands the right talent at the right place, & on going training The House of Marketing can help you develop and keep the right talents in your marketing department. Coaching on the job, one company or multi company program, more details Marketing Talent program available as from October 2012 Relevant Marketing training, from general to very specific & tailor made - product management Training - project management - communication (online, offline) - social media - email marketing -…… Personal coaching focused on marketing Coaching related skills and technical skillsPresentation1 15
  16. 16. We offer help adapted to the new business context In a economical environment where turbulence is the new norm, The House of Marketing provides marketing excellence at the right moment, exceeding clients expectations by delivering higher return on investment and by making the organization more agile. We achieve this by recruiting passionate marketers for whom we create an inspiring and nurturing environment.Presentation1 16
  17. 17. How do we work?Presentation1 17
  18. 18. We work on temporary assignments…. Mostly function based Broad FMCG experience B2B and B2C environments Coordination activities of Marketing plan, go-to-market specialists in strategy & production, sales, advertising, implementation, people Brand promotion, R&D, … Marketing management, business Managers Churn analysis, churn Managers intelligence reduction Coordination of Marketing Product placement activities optimization Strong analytical and Market & competitor negotiation skills analysis Channel & Enhancing retail partnerships Business Market assessment & Category by increasing category sales Analysts quantification and aiding in fact Clustering of customers Managers based/strategic selling E-strategy definition & roll- out Extended experience in SME E-Marketers Coordination, design & and large matrix organizations implementation of e- Alignment of organization & Social Process marketing actions towards similar goals Media Website Managers Clear roles & responsibilities Specialists management, email definition, organizational marketing, social design media, mobilePresentation1 18
  19. 19. … and on strategic marketing challenges Mostly project based Client challenges THoM expertise & solutions • Attract new customers • Customer intelligence: translate data into relevant insights Volume • Increase customer spending • Segmentation driven • Reduce customer churn • Business and marketing planning • Increase Innovation success rate • Innovation Management Program • Restore customer trust • Customer intelligence: translate data into relevant insights • Capture more customer value Margin • Category assessment • Margin management driven • Marketing performance management • Doing more with less resources (ROMI, CLTV, dashboards) • Tracking of ROI • Marketing audit • Define or redefine positioning • Consumer intelligence: translate data into • Changing customer experience from relevant insights product push to relational (customer- Positioning centric) • Customer (store) experience • Positioning on the sustainability dimension • Sustainability • Positioning towards current and potential • Employer branding employees Consumer analytics and insights are crucial for each of the three challengesPresentation1 19
  20. 20. We offer a unique combination of strategic excellence and operational pragmatism Strategic excellence Operational pragmatism • Proven track record in strategic • Track record in making things happen marketing advice within international and complex • Creating relevant insights in the companies business • Applying practical knowledge of • Identifying the true leverages for successful corporate sales and significant improvements marketing organizations • Turning opportunities into structured • Turning initiatives into tangible actions and prioritized business initiatives • Helping you to successfully implement strategic recommendations We help you in realizing more from your marketing strategies and building the marketing capabilities for systematic resultsPresentation1 20
  21. 21. We deliver tangible value by bridging the knowing doing gap… Strategic excellence Operational pragmatismPresentation1 21
  22. 22. We have different meetings during an assignment PROJECT DELIVERABLES DEADLINE PROJECT DELIVERABLES DEADLINE Define MLT strategy for Market analysis End 2007 Internal Define MLT strategy for Market analysis End 2007 product X RGO identification + – Draft – product X RGO identification + estimated revenues & final reco + budget EPR Developing targeted expansion strategy for a estimated revenues & final Brand strategy Luxembourg based private life insurer Strategy, organization and marketing reco + budget Brand strategy Action plan 2008 Client Launch Product Y Product chart (branding, …. Build methodology and framework for country-specific go-to- Knowledge Capture Matrix Project objectives market launches based on learnings from first failure on the Italian market in private life insurance asset management Action plan 2008 Launch approach EPR positioning, USP, …) Client: Consultant: Project: Sodexho Pass - Apogheos Olivier Olbrechts Business Plan Date: 27/08/07 • Analysis of the fact base and decision on targets Launch package Comment: Interim (project) All documents on project saved here. Final Deliverables. Credential to follow - Life insurance business Launch Product Y Product chart (branding, …. Organization concept test STAKEHOLDERS Learnings from the way the client works Learnings on how THoM could work better New products or services Marketing domain/ methodology Relationship opportunity (executive Client agenda sell-on opportunity Industry trend/ insight Competitor information • Market structure and distribution options Follow-up launch improvement contact, positioning, USP, …) idea) SALES Apogheos = - Sold as interim project Proposal in - Small No other • Cross-border revenues Account Team Business Unit that has to be integrated but could be more profitable sold as process: coaching during the independent firms with low consulting firm identified in this - Private banking business into the Group if consulting implementation of potential for part of Sodexho return sufficiently - Formal approach and the business plan consulting/ • Market structure and differentiation Launch approach attracting to Sodexho Group deliverables could have been more clarified prior to the project interim - Exceptions (potential clients ?): • Expectations of wealthy individuals BCD Group, • Off-shore business aspects Launch package Coordinate client event ….. …. DELIVERY Marketing Domain: - No THoM methodology used - Business Plan Develop a standard financial business plan Accentiv (FR) • Value and tactics of wealth managers template created spreadsheet Methodology - Bancassurance model options in private banking Organization concept test from scratch template) - Detailed geographical study on Italian potential Follow-up launch iii team: No B2B Services team - Understanding of wealthy individuals • Wealth classification • Identification of advisory circle • Trend in family offices • (Family) business activity and influence of private equity and venture capital • Positioning study and go-to-market draft Coordinate client event ….. …. • Implications for organizational and branding requirements • Organizational roadmap and risk management Deliverables • Design of go-to-market model and potential • European-wide positioning strategy and implementation200706-CBC-PresentationTHoM.ppt 2 Visit by SSO Mgr Interview Objectives Consultant(s) finalized Evaluation1st call Proposal Contract Knowledge sent signed Engagement follow-up capturing Running Project status report Product Management Platform Resources Planning Risks Scope Prepared by: Liesbet Vandenberghe Period: from 25/9 to 20/10 week 6 Activities completed this reporting period Activities planned for next reporting period Client Name or LOGO Client Name or LOGO Supplier gave demo. Didier VDH will have a meeting to fine tune the requirements Didier VDH got input to make draft of technical Title of Function/project Title of Function/project requirements Central marketing will have meeting about the next steps and how we see the current project management We have now a list of general requirements tools in this project. Proposal for Interim Management Proposal for Interim Management Month Day, 2007 Month Day, 2007 LAST MODIFIED: Task ID Week Project name Action/task Task owner Follow-up Priority Status Start date Due date Date Comments/issues Decision to take Outstanding Issues/ Main Risks(1) Decision to take(1) description persons finished Issues & Risks Actions Responsible Due Date Decision Decision Maker Due Date Need alignment Meeting Thomas DC November on the real Thomas with needed Philippe. requirements Issue description Decision Decision Due date and which taker budget we can have for it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (1) Format could be simplfy for simple project 8 Project status reports Liesbet 27 December.ppt 3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 From initial call till 2 first weeks During the engagement Closing the engagement Presentation1 22
  23. 23. You are always hiring a whole team of marketing specialistsHiring a THoM consultant isn‟t just hiring a person, it‟s acquiring expertise: •THoM consultant: your day to day contact Visible • Counselor, Client Manager and Mentor: first help, coaching and stretched goals for Invisible the THoM consultant • All THoM consultants with their specific skills, expertise and experience: the second resort for the THoM consultant • THoM knowledge base (training, career development plan, books, papers, former projects, experience of previous THoMers)Presentation1 23
  24. 24. We deliver Marketing expertise in four areas • Market Intelligence • Business & Marketing Planning I. Strategic • Segmentation • Employer Branding Marketing • Branding & Positioning • Sustainability • Pricing • Social Media II. Go-to- • Product/ Brand/ Category • Shopper Marketing Management Market • Customer Relationship • Communication (offline & Management online) • Customer Process Management • Marketing Audit III. Organization & Change • • Marketing Coaching & Training Organization Management capabilities • Customer Experience IV. • Marketing Dashboards Performance • Marketing Performance Management Management • Customer Lifetime Value & ROMIPresentation1 24
  25. 25. For whom do we do this?Presentation1 25
  26. 26. We have clients from many different sectors (1) ICT & Media Utilities & Resources Financial & Other Services Healthcare & Public Sector Transport & LogisticsPresentation1 26
  27. 27. We have clients from many different sectors (2) Consumer Goods & Retail Durables & Industrial GoodsPresentation1 27
  28. 28. … talking about the tangible value delivered by The House of Marketing “THoM’s pragmatic approach is to me a key differentiator, as they are able to talk the language of actual executors and to predict or foresee many operational issues we need to tackle.” “We appreciated that the THoM team supported us in (Ronald Hannet, BU Manager) the bottom up approach involving customers, prospects, sales, specialists.” (Danny Vandevyver, Head of Marketing Com Belux) “THoM succeeded in creating change thanks to their straightforward and efficient solutions and approach.” “The added value of THoM is that they do not only deliver strategic advice, but their recommendations (Michael De Koster, Segment Manager) are tangible and can be implemented.” (Luc Deflem, CEO)Presentation1 28
  29. 29. Your point of contact The House of Marketing tel: +32 (0) 15 444 000 E-Mail: The House of Marketing Kardinaal Mercierplein, 2 B-2800 Mechelen Belgium Fax +32 (0)15 444 044 Join us on LinkedIn Follow us on TwitterPresentation1 29