AWS TechWorkshop DynamoDB / Customer Presentation: Infopark AG


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Why we've chosen the new DynamoDB as our cloud database

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AWS TechWorkshop DynamoDB / Customer Presentation: Infopark AG

  1. 1. AWS TechWorkshop DynamoDB Customer Presentation: Infopark AG Berlin, 2012-03-07
  2. 2. Thomas Witt@thomas_witt
  3. 3. Great Websites run Infopark Web-Sites for large-scale companies Founded 1994 in Berlin CMS and CRM in the cloud
  4. 4. How we made it to the cloud … History
  5. 5. System Architecture Elastic Load Balancer AZ 3 AZ 1 AZ 2 EC2 App Server EC2 App Server EC2 App Server MySQL DB Master MySQL Master- Master
  6. 6. SQL databases are not built for the cloud. Bottleneck Doesn‘t scale Single point of failure Adding new Replicas Consistent backups Recovery times after crashes
  7. 7. Database (Choose wisely)
  8. 8. Comparision Availability: Each client can always Relational read and write Key-value A Column-oriented/Tabular Document-oriented DynamoDB RDBMS Cassandra (MySQL, SimpleDB Oracle, …) CouchDB Riak Pick Two C Consistency: Allclients always get MongoDB, Redis, P Partition Tolerance: System works despite Bigtable the same data network splits Kudos to
  9. 9. NoSQL - So many choices … MongoDB Riak CouchDB BigCouch Redis Cassandra… remember that you haveto run all of these on EBS :-(
  10. 10. MongoDBAdvantages Auto-Sharding Good performance Dynamic query interfaceDisadvantages Global Write-Lock No automatic rebalancing, Master-Slave-Replication w/ Auto Failover
  11. 11. RedisAdvantages Performance (in-memory) TransactionsDisadvantages Only Master-Slave- Replication Limited by memory
  12. 12. CassandraAdvantages Automatic Replication and Rebalancing (N,R,W) Secondary IndicesDisadvantages Writes are faster than reads Bad scaling for 2nd indexes Super-complex to handle
  13. 13. RiakAdvantages Automatic Replication and Rebalancing (N,R,W) Secondary Indices Large Blobs Map/ReduceDisadvantages InnoDB Backend, slow writes
  14. 14. CouchDBAdvantages Bidirectional replication Crash Only-Design Changes Feed Views via JS Map ReduceDisadvantages Serialized Writes Sharding/Rebalancing only with BigCouch
  15. 15. Our HistoryWe started with BigcouchSwitched to CouchDBConsidered Riak… and now went toDynamoDB
  16. 16. They are all very … Management- Intense
  17. 17. “Any system that you pick will require 24-7 operational support. If it is not hosted (e.g. by AWS), be prepared to hire a fleet of ops folks to support it yourself. If you don’t have the manpower, I recommend AWS DynamoDB. – Siddharth Anand, LinkedIn
  18. 18. System Architecture today Elastic Load Balancer AZ 3 AZ 1 AZ 2 Scalarium EC2 App Server EC2 App Server EC2 App Server S3 Assets ElasticSearch ElasticSearch ElasticSearch DynamoDB
  19. 19. Advantages of DynamoDB Advantages Zero Administration Blazing fast, thanks to SSD Scalability with one parameter Fair Pricing Conclusion Were switching to DynamoDB as soon as its available in the EU region
  20. 20. Whats missing so far? Secondary indices Changes Feed Out-of-the-box-Backup Batch PUT/DELETE
  21. 21. Thats a wrap! Thank you! Thomas Witt Director Product & Business Development +49-151-140690-23 Twitter: @thomas_witt Infopark AG • Kitzingstraße 15 • D-12277 Berlin • •