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Bonito AG - Company Presentation


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Company Presentation

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Bonito AG - Company Presentation

  1. 1. Table of content BONITO 1 Agency 1 Consultation 2 Product Development 3 Marketing 4 Web Agency 5 Sales 6 References 7 Partners 8 Contact 9 Thank you 10
  2. 2. Agency BONITO Being a highly specialized full service agency within the health, fitness and nutritional supplements industry, we are your partner for product development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, communication, corporate publishing, web development and sales. Every service is implemented with consequent focus on the markets and the requirements of our customers. BONITO AG cooperates closely with product developers, marketing and sales professionals, creatives and technology specialists with a market experience of decades. We set up powerful teams for our customers with experts who will create the most efficient solutions and the furthest reaching results, individually designed for each of our customers. There are no limits for us. Curiosity, passion and experience are the guarantors of our success. 2 1
  3. 3. Consultation BONITO 3 2 Strategic and operative consultation BONITO AG will guide its customers alongside the whole value- added chain with an extensive know how in all areas of strategic and target-group-specific marketing communication and sales planning. We manage the whole range of modern communication media and channels within the area of merchandising. BONITO AG will develop strategic and operative concepts for you with the focus on product development, manufacturing, business development, marketing and communication (marketing mix). Strategy and implementation will always be guided by content- related targets and the orientation of your company, whether start-up or established enterprise. We offer flexible solutions, featuring efficient and transparent cost structures.
  4. 4. Product development BONITO 4 3 nutritional supplements for health care nutritional supplements for sport and fitness diatary foods super foods special products for sport and fitness physical factors to increase product performance
  5. 5. Product development BONITO 5 3 Our intensive market monitoring and our tight-knit network of established market leaders and early adaptors of the nutritional supplement industry enable us to recognize trends early, also in the raw material sector. Innovative and creative idea generation within our team facilitate new concepts for every single customer full of perspectives and future orientated. We draw on a repertoire of over 1,000 established product formulas. Based on years of experience we assist our clients with the development of individual formulas and we are capable of turning new and innovative concepts into commercial products in the shortest possible time according to the needs of our customers.
  6. 6. Product development BONITO 6 3 We check product developments as well as marketing statements for compliance with the requirements of the designated sales area. Furthermore we issue applications for approval, notifications and certifications within the EU, Switzerland and the international market. We issue expert assessments of the marketability of products for our customers with the help of renowned surveyors.
  7. 7. Marketing BONITO 7 4 Today an effective and efficient marketing is of essential importance for the success of a business. Marketing is supposed to sell; it has to work and must produce results. BONITO AG is your partner for innovative concepts of communication and marketing ideas. Our competent team develops target-group-specific and efficient concepts for every channel, whether POS, social media, websites or e-mail marketing. The limits of classical consumer behaviour are increasingly disappearing. Today’s consumer is flexible and changes permanently between offline and online channels. Hence successful marketing requires invariably a tailor-made strategy, which meets the requirements of this complex subject matter.
  8. 8. Marketing BONITO 8 4 Businesses need competent specialists who comprehend this. This applies to the implementation of single disciplines as well as to the implementation of complex online strategies. BONITO AG illustrates to you which methods, technologies and data will generate the greatest success in the long run. SMS Online Marketing SEO Mobile Ad SMO Online Ads Affiliate Online
  9. 9. Web Agency BONITO 9 5 BONITO AG is your full service provider for building commercial websites, creating professional software solutions and general online technologies. Our team of professional media designers, copy writers and programmers offers a one-stop shop for layout development, product design, logo design, websites, Google optimisation and social media linkage. We put lots of emphasis on intuitive web shops which depict exactly your individual business process. We convert challenging concepts and specific workflows into emotional designs and positive customer experiences. The construction or the re-launch of your web shop is usually just the beginning. Hence we set great value upon a long lasting cooperation based on partnership. CS Layouts UI/UX Design mySQL PHP HTML 5
  10. 10. Sales BONITO 10 6 Tough competition, demanding customers and more and more sales channels present companies permanently with new challenges. The success story of BONITO AG is based on the reasonable combination of two different but deciding disciplines: the competence in marketing and advertising and the know how in sales and distribution. We offer a wide range of sales activities which can be combined with communicative measures at any time. We can for example support you in the area of e-commerce not only with the setup of your IT infrastructure, logistics and fulfillment but also with implementing established shop systems conceptually and graphically. Sales are not everything but everything is nothing without sales! Talk to us, if you want to stimulate your sales. We have an extensive sales network all over Europe and we can open doors for your products. We support you actively with different activities like consulting and coaching of your staff.
  11. 11. References BONITO 11 Protly Premium Protein Icecream Switzerland Consulting, Website, Social Cummunities, Marketing, Sales, Logistic Services Blue Belt Fat killer belt Worldwide Consulting, Social Cummunities, Marketing, Sales FA Nutrition Switzerland Consulting, Website, Social Cummunities, Marketing, Sales, Logistic Services Athlete Battle Spray Worldwide Consulting, Marketing, Sales Photon Speed Creatine Worldwide Consulting, Website, Graphic- Design, Marketing, Sales, Logistic Services 7
  12. 12. Partners BONITO 12 8
  13. 13. BONITO 13 Contact Us Address Bonito AG Webergasse 1 9434 Au Switzerland Phone & Fax Direct Line: +41 (0)71 747 65 41 Fax: +41 (0)71 747 65 42 Cell Phone: +41 (0)78 803 66 60 Social Media
  14. 14. THANK YOU