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Aquaponics Final Presentation

  1. 1. Urban Aquaponics Jesse Gerard Jackie Starker Thomas Reynolds farmphilly Instructors Tony Guido and Andrew Dahlgren an urban agriculture project
  2. 2. Project Statement As a part of the UArts Farm Philly initiative our goal is to utilize aquaponics to grow food in an urban setting. Given Greensgrow’s current involvement in hyrdroponics and aquaculture, an opportunity for design exists in an aquaponics system. This design affordance allows for the integration of a repeatable and expandable system that gets food to people, educates and raises awareness.
  3. 3. Research Hydroponic Farm Aquaponic Farm Backyard Aquaponics Home Aquaponics 1. 2. 3. 4. Louis Cook’s home aquaponics system
  4. 4. How Aquaponics Works Fish are fed food and produce Ammonia rich waste. Bacteria breaks down the Ammonia into Nitrites and then Nitrates. Grow Bed Plants take in the converted Nitrates as nutrients. Water in the system is filtered by the plant roots and by the grow medium. Fish Tank Oxygen enters the system through an air pump and during dry periods.
  5. 5. Adavantages of Aquaponics Hydroponics + Aquaculture = Aquaponics Uses Much Less Water Farms Plants and Fish No Added Fertilizer Grow Almost Anywhere
  6. 6. Proof of Concept Model LED grow light pump/particulate filter plants grow medium grow bed structure drain air pump fish tank
  7. 7. Home System Concept Sketches Indoor System with Storage Tabletop Aquaponics Fish Tank Add on Fish Tank Add on Fish Tank Spigot Fish Tank Add on Expandable System Book Shelf Integrated System
  8. 8. Greensgrow Farms philadelphia project 2501 E. Cumberland Street Philadelphia, PA 19125
  9. 9. Greensgrow’s Original Hydroponics System
  10. 10. Greensgrow’s Demonstration Hydroponics System
  11. 11. Aquaponic Site
  12. 12. Scalable System 250 gallon medium sized system Home System Farm Scale System 10 to 20 gallons in a home up to and over 1000 gallons on a farm scale
  13. 13. Designing for a Larger Scale System
  14. 14. Larger Scale System Concept Sketches
  15. 15. Larger Scale System Concept Sketches
  16. 16. Greensgrow System Layout grow bed up pipe 2x4 support bracket down pipe signage tank rim fish tank support structure reservoir
  17. 17. Greensgrow System Rendering
  18. 18. Construction
  19. 19. Construction
  20. 20. Construction
  21. 21. Fish Tank The fish tank is a re-purposed 170 gallon galvanized steel trough. The exterior is painted with latex paint from Greenable and the inside is coated with Pond Shield from Pond Armor.
  22. 22. Reservoir The reservoir is a re-purposed 80 gallon galvanized steel trough from Greensgrow The exterior is painted with latex paint from Greenable and the inside is coated with Pond Shield from Pond Armor.
  23. 23. Tank Structure The structure is constructed of Spruce 2x4s that are sealed with soy-based sealers from Greenable.
  24. 24. Grow Beds The grow beds are re-purposed rain gutters from Greensgrow. The support structure is constructed of Spruce 2x4s sealed with soy-based sealers from Greenable.
  25. 25. Grow Bed Brackets The brackets are milled out of birch ply.
  26. 26. Materials Sponsors Thank you to our sponsors who have generously contributed materials to help achieve the goal of bringing aquaponics to Greensgrow. Greenable is Philadelphia’s most comprehensive resource for interior and exterior green building materials and professional services. Manufacturers of Pond Shield®, the finest, high performance epoxy pond liner and sealer on the market today. Offering the most complete high end digital imaging and grand format network in the US. Also, thank you to Lewis Cook, and Mike Hogan
  27. 27. Educational Components Aquaponics at Greensgrow A p r o j e c t b y J a c l y n S t a r k e r, J e s s e G e r a r d a n d T h o m a s R e y n o l d s Aquaponics at Greensgrow Greensgrow Farms has takes hydroponic growing a history of developing to the next level. By alternative, affordable and incorporating fish into the workable plans for growing system, a new level of food on land that was once sustainability is achieved. deemed unusable. The farm While mimicking nutrient is built on a former industrial cycles found in nature, site which calls for the aquaponics creates a use of innovative methods symbiotic environment where of growing, including fish and plants can thrive. hydroponics. Hydroponic Greensgrow now offers growing is a technique that the chance to experience involves growing vegetables aquaponics first hand. in nutrient-enriched water rather than in soil. Materials Provided by:
  28. 28. Aquaponics for the Urban Agriculturalist These components are the main system parts for a scalable and expandable vertical aquaponic system. Fish Tank Reservoir Tank Structure Grow Beds Brackets Plumbing
  29. 29. Small Scale System Rendering ©MomoPhoto
  30. 30. Large Scale System Rendering
  31. 31. Aquaponics at Greensgrow