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fit final slide show

  1. 1. DigitalCitizenshipby Thomas Petrick
  2. 2. the 9 elements of digital citizenship- digital access- digital communication- digital commerce- digital literacy- digital security- digital law- digital rights/ responsibilities- digital etiquette- digital health and wellness
  3. 3. digital access- digital access- to be connected, by choice to the internet/ technology, but to be equally connected.
  4. 4. digital access- this element is basically meant to show that everyone has the right to use technology.- technology is a staple in todays society and everyone should be able to use it.
  5. 5. digital communication- digital communication- email, instant message, any sort of social network.
  6. 6. digital communication- digital communication is self explanitory- using technology and the internet to be able to converse and communicate by sending emails/ using social networks is common in todays society and very easy to do.
  7. 7. digital commerce- digital commerce- using technology and the internet for retail purposes, buying and selling over the internet.
  8. 8. digital commerce- digital commerce is the ability to shop online and be able to order and buy items by using your computer to be either picked up or shipped to you by mail.- shopping online is becoming more popular the more people use the internet.
  9. 9. digital literacy- digital literacy- the know how of technology, the learning of technology and the use of technology.
  10. 10. digital literacy- being taught digital literacy while young is becoming a lot more common because of how important it is.- learning about technology is needed to be able to function normally in the world today.
  11. 11. digital security- digital security- protecting ourselves from viruses, hackers, identity theft, etc.
  12. 12. digital security- digital security is important because of how dangerous technology can be.- credit card numbers and information can be taken from you via internet connection.- learning to protect yourself from that happening is important so you does not happen.
  13. 13. digital law- digital law- behaving yourself, being responsible with technology.
  14. 14. digital law- digital law can be explained by not using technology for bad.- no hacking/ pirating/ stealing/ etc
  15. 15. digital rights/ responsibilities- digital rights/ responsibilities- technological freedom to everyone as an equal.
  16. 16. digital rights/ responsibilities- like the bill of rights, there is a basic set of rules that are extended to every digital citizen.- everyone should be equal.
  17. 17. digital etiquette- digital etiquette- being polite and respectful, not misusing technology for disrespect.
  18. 18. digital etiquette- digital etiquette is an important key in the safe use of digital citizens.- refraining from bullying and other offences and being respectful is how the digital world should be.
  19. 19. digital health and wellness- digital health and wellness- being physically well while using technology, also being mentally well while using technology.
  20. 20. digital health and wellness- digital health and wellness should be practiced by every digital citizen.- mental problems like addiction to social networks can be a problem for someones digital health and wellness.- physical problems like lack of exercise is also a problem that digital citizens can face and should be avoided by exercising and eating right while using technology.