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Link Finder


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Link Finder solves the problem of building LinkedIn connections quickly through your Facebook network by comparing existing Facebook friends to LinkedIn connections.

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Link Finder

  1. 1. We automatically compare existing Facebook friends to LinkedIn connections to quickly build up networks. Thomas So 415-676-8887
  2. 2. Motivation LinkedIn users want to build up their networks LinkedIn connections hunting is inefficient A huge inefficiency in the status quo to fix.
  3. 3. Motivation There is no option for looking up contacts from the biggest social network that exists, namely - Facebook Would be great but. . . LinkedIn (professional) + Facebook (casual) D.N.E
  4. 4. Solution We provide a domain for easily and efficiently finding Facebook friends on LinkedIn
  5. 5. Process Facebook Login LinkedIn Login Load Friends List Load Connections List To act as a barrier preventing users from spamming serverintensive searches. Filter out FB friends who are already LinkedIn connections. User pays $0.99. Perform search, provide top 10 matches for each Facebook name. User adds connections depending on matches’ pictures and basic information.
  6. 6. Process