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The Psychology of Love & 'Pulling'


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A brief presentation about the psychology about what makes people attractive and therefore valuable lessons to be learnt in dating, pulling & relationships

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The Psychology of Love & 'Pulling'

  1. 1. FALLING IN LOVE ‘or Pulling’ Thomas Miles, Planning Director, Lavender* June 2010
  2. 2. Use others
  3. 3. Look-a-likes
  4. 4. Love at first fright
  5. 5. The Sharing game Happiest day Or What have you always wanted to do
  6. 6. Lust or love
  7. 7. Disagree then agree
  8. 8. Talk Dislikes
  9. 9. Keep him hungry
  10. 10. Write about it +20% expressive language & positive feelings