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All it needs is the final slide with the lot of us on it!

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305 PREZ

  1. 1. GOING VIRALa brief examination of viral marketing techniques
  2. 2. What is viral video?
  3. 3. ‘Viral video’ refers to video clip content that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through blogs and other media-sharing websites.
  4. 4. In 2005was born.
  5. 5. We are a culture of voyeurs. We love to look, and we especiallylove to look at other people. Weprimarily like sensational eventsbecause they are so unusual, but even sometimes just looking at the mundane can be quite fascinating. Timothy Shary Screen Studies Professor, Clark University
  6. 6. a lot of viral videos gain momentum through social network sharing
  7. 7. how are marketers making use of viral video? made a back-flipped ridiculous into their baseball catch jeans
  8. 8. Viral marketing describes anystrategy that encourages individualsto pass on a marketing message toothers, creating the potential forexponential growth in themessage’s exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions. Dr Ralph Wilson (cited by Kirby and Marsden)
  9. 9. what attracts advertisers to viral marketing?economics it gives traditional advertising campaigns longevity it beatsmass exposure consumer apathyit turns passive viewers credibility through it enhances brandinto active audiencesconsumer endorsement
  10. 10. $ advertisers paid $100,000 US a second in the 2011£ 45,000 for a full page colour ad in the$ one page in costs $165,232 US
  11. 11. there’s a broad audiencetelevisionadvertising so people arecons not necessarily interested in the product, and sometimes don’t pay attention to the ad which makes it expensive
  12. 12. the very act of spreading the message to ones social network constitutes an endorsement of the brand, which enhances its credibility in the eyes ofa successful viral the receiverpromotion can reach Chiu et almillions.
  13. 13. A viral video done right can foster stronger relationships between people and brands. Were pleased withDedric Choi the results weve seen and were Vice President of Strategy & Analysis optimistic well see continued growth in the future. Our clients are interested in the social effect and sharing potential of online video content because it provides a more meaningful interaction and an organic and relevant distribution of that Hashem Bajwa content. Digital Strategy Director Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
  14. 14. a survey of 40 executives at top U.S. ad agencies and media buying firmsreported that according to72.1% 86% Lindstrom of clients were of clients had nearly one third & interested in created at least of all brandsusing viral video one video in worldwide have as a part of the first eight tried the viral their marketing months of 2008 video approach campaigns
  15. 15. The real media value of quality viral video is unmatched by paid media for one reason. Its time and attention the viewer has voluntarily given to the brand versus the time and attention a brand has to pay for.The quality of those two engagements are completely different. In comparison, a paid impression Greg Andersen Director of Engagement Planning has only fractional value. BBH, USA
  16. 16. only 20% ofproblems clips get more than 500 viewswith viral marketing of those, only 1% get more than 500,000 views which means that there’s plenty of room for failure plus, consumers often don’t like being marketed to
  17. 17. . RICO the first video went. live in late 2010 his key purpose was to promote Air New. Zealand’s new sky couch the mascot earned himself. over 51,000 Facebook fans over a one year period, Rico earned ANZ more than 4.5 million Youtube views
  18. 18. “As a small airline at the bottom ofthe world we haven’t had thebudgets to take a traditional marketingapproach to gain awareness of these award-winning product innovations. “Thanks to Rico they have hadfantastic exposure in our coreinternational markets and beyond. Jodi Williams Air New Zealand“ International Market Manager Global awareness about the airline is at an all time high due to is world-leading products and innovations…and its unique approach to gaining awareness through “ non-traditional marketing channels. Air New Zealand 2011
  19. 19. ALEX DAY. Vlogger/Musician. vlogs as "Nerimon".. he has 500,000 subscribers. he posts one video a week, with each upload commonly getting between 200,000. and 300,000 views each. thanks to viral marketing on Youtube, the Brit’s first single debuted. at #4 in the UK, selling over 50,000 copies in the week leading up to Christmas, 2011. He outranked Coldplay and X-Factor contestants. the music video for “Forever Yours”, has nearly 4 million views.
  20. 20. .vlogs through theYoutube channel."VlogBrothers", withhis brother HankGreen..650,000 subscriberstheir videos regularly.get more than 200,000views.the brothers upload at.least twice per week“The Fault in our Stars“ JOHN GREENheavy fan involvement Vlogger/Author
  21. 21. Overall, viral video can be seen as a highly effectivemarketing method,when used correctly.
  22. 22. it’s cheap jumps in brand awareness don’t always turn into sales it creates active viewers and there’s plenty ofit gives independents a fighting chance but.. room for failure
  23. 23. the positivesfar outweigh the negatives viral video marketing is clearly a very cost effective and often successful way to market to audiences in today’s media-saturated world