Thomas c mc mahon superintendent


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Thomas C McMahon Superintendent received education from some prestigious educational institutions.

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Thomas c mc mahon superintendent

  1. 1. Thomas C McMahon Superintendent Possesses A Sound Academic Background
  2. 2. Thomas C McMahon Superintendent received education from some prestigious educational institutions. He possesses a sound academic background and was a salutatorian at his high school. Furthermore, he was inducted into five national honor societies, including Leadership, Business and Political Science. Thomas graduated seventh in his college graduating class and received the honor of summa cum laude.
  3. 3. He was employed full time throughout the college and served as the member of student government association. He was an outstanding student and was granted permission to have a double major in Business and Political Science, by the Liberal Arts Dean while studying for his bachelors.
  4. 4. Upon graduation, Thomas C McMahon Superintendent entered the business field. He voluntarily coached basketball teams and also enrolled in a teacher certification program. He obtained certifications in several teaching areas, including Nursery School, Elementary School, Business, and Social Studies.
  5. 5. Thereafter, Thomas attended the Jersey City State College to receive his Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration & Supervision and managed to get a 4.0 cumulative average. He was also conferred the Garden State Fellowship, an opportunity which is given to only thirty graduate students every year in all of New Jersey. In addition to this, Thomas has also been the recipient of George Link Business Scholarship and Freed Foundation Scholarship.
  6. 6. About Thomas C McMahon Superintendent Thomas C McMahon Superintendent is a friendly person who lives in Toms River, New Jersey. Prior to his stay in Toms River, he was a resident of Barnegat New Jersey. He has built a successful career through his hard work and optimistic attitude.
  7. 7. He is a well-known superintendent for the Barnegat Township School District a five school k-12 school district. During his young age, he served as an Assistant Commissioner of Education in Charge of Finance. McMahon Superintendent has set a record in history by becoming the youngest Assistant Commissioner of Education in Charge of Finance in the State.
  8. 8. In addition to this, he held administrative positions in Toms River School District and the Plumsted Township School District. He has learned a great deal during his experiences in New Jersey School districts.
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