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  2. 2. • Whilst designing my ancillary poster, I created a production log showing the steps I have taken whilst creating the poster showing what I have edited, cropped or deleted.• The software I will be using to create my ancillary poster is Adobe Photoshop CS6 and I feel that I am an intermediate to photoshop since I used it last year to complete my AS projects so I know how to work the basics.
  3. 3. The first thing I edited was the picture of Red Riding Hoodfrom being in colour to black and white. This is because theactual film is in black and white and it will make sense if thepicture on the poster will be in black and white. This wouldgive the reader an idea about what the genre of the film isgoing to be since the silent era only had black and whitefilms. I edited the pictures by clicking on adjustments thenclicking on black & white as seen in the screenshot wherethe arrow is pointing at.
  4. 4. I added a white strip to the black backgroundwhich is where I was going to place myselling line. I wanted to make my selling lineconventional to encourage the reader towatch my film. At the same time I wantedthe selling line to be slightly cocky just likeCharlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” poster Iresearched where the selling line was “Surewe took a year to make it!”. This is atechnique I wanted to use to make the readerbelieve that my film is a must watch.I decided to use a catch selling line “Only 2Film canmake a film 2Great!!!” my film company name is called2FILM and I punned the name with “too great/2GREAT” which is quite catchy should enlighten thereader. Also, the placement of the selling is quitevisible so the reader so it could appeal to them easily.The font I used to create the selling line is “elephant”because the font looks similar to other fontsassociated with silent comedy posters.
  5. 5. I added three pictures of the actors whoare performing in the film with theirnames typed bold in the “elephant” font.I used this font to keep a level ofconsistency flowing along the poster. Bycontinuing to use this font, the 1920sfeel will still be there. If I kept ondiffering the font, the poster will lookslightly tampered with and immatureand may attract the wrong targetaudience.I decided to put the actor’s names andpictures at the top poster in a large sizeso It can be seen easily. If the readerscould see this, they may be convincedthat this film is one to watch as itconsists of well established actors.Showing their faces will attract peoplewho are of Afro-Caribbean descentbecause they will notice that the actorsare of that ethnicity so will feel that theycould relate more to the film.
  6. 6. The only thing I added atthis stage to the creationof my poster was the logoof me and Tesfah’s filminstitution “2FILM”.I created the logo on awebsite called“” and simplycopied it onto the blackbackground.
  7. 7. I added the masthead to the posterwhich was the name of the film “PattyTake”. This is the largest text on theposter and I done this for the reader toknow what he film is called. They wouldbe able to spread the news of the newfilm coming out and could research thefilm online.The font I used was “Goudy stout” andI used this because it will make theaudience know what type of genre thefilm is going to be. The font looksslightly comical and will relate to thesubgenre silent comedy where laughteris supposed to be found. If I continuedto used elephant font, the poster willlook to serious and may put off ourtarget audience.
  8. 8. The last element I added was the banner andanother selling line. They were both typed in thefont “Franklyn Gothic Heavy” just to add anotherfont to the poster. The banner includes the dateof when the film is coming out, so I pit in aslightly larger font size than the second sellingline so people will know when the film I comingout. The banner is telling the reader that the filmis a comedy film as it says “making you laugh”expecting the audience to laugh when the watchthe film on the 12th December.Also, the second selling line is typed in patois sothat my target audience could know that this filmis for them. They will understand what the wordsmean and would feel that this film is related tothem and will to watch the film for this veryreason. The reader will also know that this film isa modified version of the fairytale “Little RedRiding Hood”.
  9. 9. I thought my film poster was complete until I looked at the three images again ofLittle Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and The Grandma which I felt could have beenbrightened. The tool I used to edit these images were the brightness/contrast tool which made the images look brighter and in essence made the whole poster looked brighter. This will appeal more to the audience as bright things grabs our attention even more which brightening these images will do.
  10. 10. I also bordered each of the three images with borders which compliesto silent comedy films. This was to keep the 1920s feel flowingconsistently on the poster to make the audience know that this is asilent film.I searched for silent movie captions on google images and found theimage seen below and made the image part of the background wherethe three images of the actors would sit on.
  11. 11. This is how the final version of myancillary poster looks.I am happy with the design as I didn’thave to reedit or delete any elements Icreated which didn’t look to good.Everything went well and was createdsystematically from when I created thebackground to when I added thesecond cover line and the banner.Also, I managed to stick to theconventions of a 1920s film poster andthe main one was to make the poster inblack and white which was what I donecomplying to the conventions.