Ancillary posters research


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Ancillary posters research

  1. 1. •Our silent comedy needed to have a poster anda double page spread to help advertise the film to our targetaudience. I needed to market the film to the intended targetaudience (people of Afro-Caribbean origin) whilst using thetechniques of the codes and conventions which original silentcomedies used for their posters.•I believed that because our short film is based on the sub-genre silent comedy its only right for me to research silentcomedy film posters. This will help give me a deepunderstanding of the mis-en-scene of a poster, e.g. what thecharacter’s facial expression should look like, what fontshould be used for the title of the film.•Whilst planning to make a silent comedy short film, Iresearched films on high-profile silent comedy actors such asCharlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy. I thought I should do thesame and research two posters supporting Charlie Chaplinand Laurel and Hardy’s posters.
  2. 2. This is the selling used in the poster promoting Laurel and Hardy’s “Big Heist in Venice” The selling line uses speech marks which possibly indicates that somebody or a group of people (possibly journalists or critics) has written a review judging the film. This was done to influence the audience to believe that this film is “epic” and a “must watch” The font stands out from the resulting to see the film in the rest of the text typed on the cinema. poster as it is written in an italic style. This is done to This technique will be helpful make the reader know that in creating the poster of my the selling line is important ancillary products for my and that they want the short film as my intended audience to take it seriously. audience will be intriguedThe positioning of the selling line is another key factor in into watching my film due tomaking the poster work effectively. It is right beneath the the way it has beenmasthead which is going to be the first piece of text seen promoted as a the audience. The designers of this poster knew that ifthey put the selling line in this position, the chances are thatthe readers will acknowledge it since they’ll read themasthead first. Due to observing this poster, When it comesto creating my own ancillary, I will aim to position my sellingline in a place where I know certainly that my reader willscrutinise so they could feel as though my film is worthwatching.
  3. 3. The masthead is short yet detailed.The font size of the masthead It briefly explains what the silentis quite large so will comedy is going to be aboutimmediately grab the which is a “big heist” a robberyattention of the reader. This is (which presumably Laurel & Hardydone so that the reader could will be committing) and where theknow a little bit about the film film will be set in Venice, Italyat first glance. (which relates to the selling line where it says “…Italian Film Weekly” This masthead is effective as they are letting to the audience know about the film without consuming acres of the page space.When it comes to creating my poster, I will want to make the masthead stand out by making it quite large and bold and positioning it in a good Like the selling line, the masthead is location for it not to be overlooked. positioned in a very good place. It I f eel that the masthead should be is the first piece of text underneath done in this way through the picture of Laurel & Hardy. The researching this poster. picture is arguably going to be the first thing seen by the audience and once they identify the picture they will then identify the masthead because it is the next piece of text on the poster after the picture.
  4. 4. The main image in this poster is The actors names appears ata medium shot of Laurel & The top of the page and it isHardy so that the reader could written in a large font. Becausenotice the body language Laurel & Hardy were well knownportrayed by the duo. Hardy actors in those times, the readershas a posture which shows that will be automatically attracted tohe is suspicious with Laurel with watching the film as they knowhis hands on his hips and eyes that Laurel and Hardy are goingglued on to Laurel’s face. to be featured. Making theirLaurels face looks innocent names noticeable on the posterwhich could mean that he is the will attract attention and willmain culprit in the “Big Heist in enlighten the reader and theyVenice”. You could see that the read every single word on thefacial expressions are poster.emphasised which makes itcomical meaning it complies to The colour used in the poster isthe codes and conventions of a black and white which is relevantsilent comedy. I will need to to the silent era where films were inmake sure that my poster has black and white. Because our filmimages with emphasised body is going to be in black and white itlanguage because it follows the will probably be best for us tocodes & conventions of a silent make our poster black and whitecomedy so the audience would to make our audience know thatknow what to expect when they the film will not be in colour.go and watch the film.The colour of the poster works outthat the text written in black sitson a white background whereas The banner addresses the audience with an exclamation mark tothe text written in white sits on a emphasise that the film is coming out really soon. In addition toblack background. The colour this, the banner sits at the bottom of the page as the designers ofcoordinates to create a simplistic the poster expects you to have read everything above gatheringeffect on the poster which is for all the main pieces of the information. The designers has possiblypeople to read and anticipate placed the cover line at the bottom of the page so that therather than making it look artistic. readers could rush of and make arrangements to see the film after reading what its all about.
  5. 5. The clothes The Kid is wearing is similar to the clothes worn by Oliver Twist. This poster of “THE KID” is different compared to the one used for “Big Heist in Venice” as the poster uses animations to appeal to their target audience. Because thisThe familiar face of Charlie silent comedy involves a child, IChaplin and “The Kid” appears on believe the designers usedthe poster as the main image in a animations to appeal to childrenmedium shot. Their facial as well as adults because theyexpressions suggests that the duo know that children are interestedare worried or cautious about in reading/watching cartoons sosomething which almost pictures they will be attracted to thiswhat is going to be seen in the poster The clothes that the kid iswearing may also be an indicator The techniques the designers usedof what is going to occur within to make this poster appeal to theirthe silent comedy. target audience is something IThe clothes The Kid is wearing is need to bear in mind. Becausesimilar to the clothes worn by my short film is targeting a WestOliver Twist which depicts the Indian audience, the patty mayVictorian era not so much the need to be seen as it is a West1920s and we know that in those Indian delicacy and will relate todays children like Oliver Twist were their way of life. Facial expressionspoor and performed petit crimes on the actors face will be a keyto get by and The Kid may also be marketing point as it will help themischievous hence the worried reader to know that the film isface. going to be a silent comedy as seen in “The Kid” and “Big Heist in Venice”
  6. 6. Charlie Chaplin’s name is written largerthan the title of the film “The Kid”. I thinkthis is a marketing strategy becauseduring the 1920s, Charlie Chaplin wasextremely popular and lettingeverybody know he is featuring in thefilm will attract a large audience. Thistechnique is used for the last poster Iresearched on Laurel & Hardy, thenames are visible to attract audiencesto watch the film which includes theirfavourite actors. This technique is one Ineed to employ The selling line for The Kid just like the selling line for Big Heist in Venice , they both use speech marks. In this case, the producers of the film quoted “Sure we took a year to make!” in a cockily manner emphasising how they made such a good film in a short space of time. This could make the reader feel that they need to watch the film to see if the producers comments are true which is a good marketing strategy and its quite unorthodox.