Start Your Own E-Business in 5 Easy Steps


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This Power Point was created during the Summer of May 2009 for my Business Presentation class at Berkeley College. We had to come up with our own idea for this presentation on what we wanted to talk about for our final project that was associated with business. Since I had experience with running my own E-Commerce business in the past, why not give some insight to people who are interested in how to get started and give them some tips. When viewing the presentation press on your mouse or space bar to continue onto the next slide. Enjoy!

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Start Your Own E-Business in 5 Easy Steps

  1. 1. 1) Think of a product or service you are interested in2) Come up with a name for your business a) Fun Facts About Domain Names b) Fun Facts Continued3) Design a website & acquire a payment processor4) Get established out in cyberspace by advertising5) Think of new ways of promoting and expanding your business
  2. 2. Think of a product orservice that you haveinterest in.Do your homework on theproduct or service! Do some R&D on the product or service that you tend to sell.
  3. 3. Come up with a name foryour new business Check and see if the name you chose is available to be registered with the county clerk You can do this by going to your local county clerk and filing out the DBA form
  4. 4. Register all TLD’s If you plan on taking your Check to see if all top level business globally, then it is domain names are available imperative to register the Example: .COM, .NET, .ORG. .asia extension as part of yourPurchase web hosting for your top level domain namedomain name investment.
  5. 5. The value of domain names has steadily risen to new heights in the last few years.• At the height of the Internet bubble, sold for US$5M while fetched US$2.5M. Since then, took in $2.75 million in 2004 and in early 2008, was sold for US$9.5M
  6. 6. The action is not restricted to “.com” domains either.• reportedly auctioned for close to US$1M earlier this year. If the skeptic in you is still not convinced, in 1999, 2 entrepreneurs spent US$7.5 million dollars for a domain, “”. It is now estimated to worth from US$300 million to US$400 million dollars.
  7. 7. Design a website for your Acquire a paymentnewly founded idea processor for your business is a Example: PayPal or cost effective way to purchase a merchant designing a website account
  8. 8. Get established out in There are numerous ways to advertise your business on thecyberspace by internetadvertising! Examples: Blogs, message boards, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo
  9. 9. Think of new ways of There are numerous websites which you canpromoting and expand into to sell yourexpanding your business products, the possibilities are endless…
  10. 10.