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Giorgio Armani Designer Diary


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Giorgio Armani Designer Diary

  1. 1. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 1 Giorgio Armani Designer Diary e Digitally signed by Thomas Liquori Thomas Liquori DN: cn=Thomas Liquori, email=thomasliquori@aol.com, m o=thomasliquori.me, l=New York, NY . Date: 2010.09.06 13:13:52 -0400 or i i q u s L m aT h o Thomas Liquori FAS238 Professor Cockle March 9, 2008 Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  2. 2. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 2 m e r i . q u o • L i Example of Giorgio Armani’s “Mani” collection of 1979, where less s expensive wear was offered for woman. a Related Index Terms ARTIST m • • Armani, Giorgio (Italian, born 1934) o MATERIAL AND TECHNIQUE h • • Textile, LinenT • • Textile, Rayon OBJECT • • Clothing • • Clothing, Womens • • Clothing, Womens, Europe Technical Glossary • • linen • • Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  3. 3. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 3 m e r i . q u o i • Armani Spring/Summer collection of 2003 presented in Milan L September 2002. His models looked stately and wore slim jackets with loose drawstring trousers. a s h omT • Milan, March 2003 Armani presented his Fall/Winter 2003 collection. His models wore black A-line mini’s with high heels which reminded us of the 1960’s. Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  4. 4. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 4 m e r i . q u o i • Armani showed off his Spring/Summer collection during Milan fashion week in September 2003. The collection was a jaunty nautical show L of stripes that went in every direction on shorts, baggy pants, high- waist trousers, jackets, skimpy summer dresses and even floppy s hats. m aT h o • During fashion week 2004 in Milan, Armani presented his Emporium Spring collection. He was inspired by India, and the days of the Raj. Jodhpurs, turbans, flat sandals, Nehru jackets and jewel- encrusted dancing girls. Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  5. 5. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 5 m e r i . • u o Ready to wear, Autumn/Winter 2005 at fashion week in Milan. This q particular outfit above, is made up of velvet bloomers with a cuff i around the bottom edge, it was certainly an unusual show. s L m aT h o • Armani presented his Emporio Spring/Summer 2006 collection during Milan Fashion Week in September 2005. Armani concentrated jackets or tops over printed cotton skirts, or soft crepe skirt suits with flyaway satin frills. on Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  6. 6. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 6 m e r i . q u o i • Fall 2008 ready to wear, “the free spirited” collection as he called L it, he played with flowers printing them on new longer skirts and arranging them across the hem of a sheer tulle top. s My opinions on Giorgio Armani’s past and present concepts on fashion a are that they are definitely unique. The reason why I chose mostly, if not all girl portraits and ready wear, is because the men’s wear class is m mostly made up of girls, with only 2 men in the class ( I think the third man dropped the class ). I feel that the women could better identify with o these types of outfits and concepts of fashion even though it is a h menswear class. I know that the women of the class want to learn aboutT menswear, this is the reason why they are taking the class, but if I can learn something about women’s wear in return, then what harm am I doing. To be quite honest, I love Armani’s fashion and I am a loyal customer to a lot of his clothing designs. I must say that I never really had the chance to get into dept about his women’s clothing, but after doing the research that was required in this paper, I actually learned a lot and have a new outlook on Giorgio Armani’s designs and unique concepts. Giorgio Armani Designer Diary
  7. 7. FAS238 Thomas Liquori Page 7 e Cited Resources: m www.style.com . www.elle.com i www.madeinitaly.com u or L i q a s h omT Giorgio Armani Designer Diary