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Project Mercy


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Slideshow describing the 2017 Sacred Heart Rockne Parish Lenten project. Includes details on each loan made and links to supporting webpages.

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Project Mercy

  1. 1. Project: Mercy Sacred Heart 2017 CCE Lenten Effort
  2. 2. What it was • Collect a $5 donation from each student • Use to make small loans to a variety of individuals based on the “Works of Mercy” • 7th - Clothe naked, shelter homeless • 8th - Feed hungry, drink to thirsty • 9th - Bury the dead, pray for the living and the dead, comfort the sorrowful • 10th - Bear wrongs patiently, forgive offenses • 11th - Admonish sinners, instruct the uninformed, counsel the doubtful • 12th - Visit those in prison , comfort the sick • As loans are repaid, the returned funds will be directed to new loans, selected by each class.
  3. 3. 7th Grade • Clothe naked, shelter homeless • Supported Ibrahem, a carpenter from the Gaza Strip • The home he lives in with his parents was destroyed due to local political unrest. • His $500 loan is helping him to rebuild the house he shares with his parents. •
  4. 4. 8th Grade • Feed the hungry, give water to the thirty • Supported Gregorio from Guatemala. • Been farming for 10 years. • His $700 loan will help him purchase seed and fertilizer for his farm. •
  5. 5. 9th Grade • Bury the dead, comfort the sorrowful. • Supported Adama from Senegal. • 50 year old widow with 5 children. She runs a store and restaurant • Her $4,025 loan will help her buy additional inventory and supplies. •
  6. 6. 10th Grade • Bear wrong and forgive offenses. • Supporting Benkadi from Mali,a 25 year old father. • He raises and sells sheep. He has been doing this for years but “often runs in to obstacles in his business, such as theft of livestock and unidentified illnesses. In spite of everything, he hasn't given up because he always finds a way through." • His $3,325 loan will help him to buy additional livestock to support his business •
  7. 7. 11th Grade • Admonish the sinner, instruct the uninformed. • Supports a young man named Innocent from Uganda. • He has paid for his younger brothers to go to school but now would like to be able to go to school for himself so he can become better at his job. • This loan of $575 will enable a better future for him and his family. •
  8. 8. 12th Grade • Comfort the sick. Visit the imprisoned. • Supporting Abdugaffor from Tajikistan. • He and his wife both work, however his wife has recently became ill and they don't have the funds to get treatment. • This $625 loan will help pay for her treatment. •
  9. 9. Bonus Loan • Paid for by extra funds from 11th and 12th grade! • Jesus said to care for the alien. • This $1,000 loan supports Amina from Lebanon. She is a 52 year old mother currently living in a Palestinian refugee camp. • Her loan will help her embroidery business. •
  10. 10. TeamWork • Teamed up with Catholic Kiva • 2100+ members • $3,133,000+ loaned • 107,256 loans • #2 overall most new members • #3 for all time amount loaned under Religious groups
  11. 11. Our Portfolio
  12. 12. What’s next? • When loans get repaid back, the class will then choose a new loan and the funds will be redirected to that loan. • View complete portfolio here: •