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Curecity- Best app to find best doctors in india


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CureCity - a revolutionary app in healthcare sector to assist patients in finding the best doctor in their vicinity and for doctor to digitize their healthcare practice.
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Curecity- Best app to find best doctors in india

  1. 1. Find the best doctors With just a Click…… Quickest and most Reliable Healthcare search engine within your reach
  2. 2. SNAPSHOTS :- • Why Curecity. • An introduction to Curecity. • Purpose of Curecity. • How it is helpful for doctors. • How is it beneficial for patients. • Functionality of Curecity. • Curecity on social media. • Curecity apps.
  3. 3. At present the healthcare sector faces challenges in following fronts :- 1. Fastest growing population. 2. Extremely low public expenditure on healthcare services. 3. Inaccessibility of healthcare services. 4. Paucity of manpower (doctor, nurses and paramedics). 5. Undersized healthcare services quality. 6. Lack of information regarding specialized doctors. 7. Overpriced healthcare services. 8. Untimely healthcare solutions. 9. Non transparent relationship between Givers and Takers.
  4. 4. Need of Curecity • The first and foremost reason of inception of Curecity — Affordable healthcare services is fundamental right of each Indian. • To connect the Remote area patients with the mainstream health services through a digital platform. • UHC(Universal Healthcare Coverage) index, developed by world bank, which work for monitoring the progress made in health services ranked India at 143 place among other 190 counties which gives a reason to Curecity for providing a systematic and cost effective health care solution. • In India lack of timely health aid results in lot of casualties and deaths every year. Doctors waste lot of time in approaching patients and their medical records when needed the most. Curecity, as its prime and future motto facilitates a no time approach of doctors to the patients and to scroll the medical history of patients through Curecity digital platform, thus helps is save lot of casualties and foolish deaths.
  5. 5. Need of Curecity It has been experienced that, when patients search for doctor, they have to make many efforts to find the best doctor to cure their ailment. And even it is not sure that they get the right one or not on time. So, to occlude this situation, there is need of online doctor directory search engine based on patients/users experiences through reviews, where anyone can easily find the best doctor at any time and can contact them for health care services.
  6. 6. An introduction to Curecity Curecity is a medical search engine which acts as a digital directory to find the best doctors or health related queries/problems in an individual vicinity, on the flip side Curecity assists Doctors and other healthcare professionals to digitize their healthcare services.
  7. 7. Doctor, hospital or clinic Best Doctor
  8. 8. Why use Curecity • 24*7 access to healthcare. Easy access to the best doctor anytime, anywhere. • Thousands of verified doctors and other healthcare professionals on curecity. • Save time and money spent on consultant. • No more carrying hefty medical records. Save all medical documents and share with your doctors. • Door step healthcare services – reach EMR before you reach. • 360* profiling of your healthcare services.
  9. 9. Why use Curecity • Effective management of healthcare records. • Easy accessibility of health care sector. • Affordability of treatment. • Quality services. • Information of specified doctor.
  10. 10. Perks Online Connectivity Thousands of Verified Doctors Save your Precious Time Save your Money
  11. 11. Perks Electronic Medical Records Quality Medical Services Easy Accessibility of Healthcare Sector Effective Healthcare Tips
  12. 12. How it is helpful for doctor? • Connect globally – 24*7. • Digitize your practice to reach easily to your patients. • Enhance your healthcare center’s visibility – through adding information, uploading images and videos. • Set up your online profile on top notch healthcare platform – free of cost. • Answer patient’s questions online and increase your visibility. • Grow your reputation by sharing your expertized healthcare tips, through broadcast massages service .
  13. 13. How it is helpful for doctor? • Promote your healthcare events to get more potential exposer, through e-campaigning facility. • Doctor can check reviews and other feedback given by patients and reply on the same to analyze his own strength and weakness.
  14. 14. Perks For Doctors Connect Globally Digitize Healthcare Practice Online Doctor’s Profile Place Healthcare Center on Internet
  15. 15. Perks For Doctors Grow Your Online Reputation Promote Healthcare Events Share Online Expertized Healthcare Tips Get Feedback from Patients
  16. 16. How is it beneficial for patients? • Connect to the best doctor easily in your vicinity. • Contact to your doctor – anytime and anywhere. • Maintain your ERM – electronic medical record. • No more carrying thick medical files – every time you visit a doctor. • Give your rating and reviews regarding your healthcare experience. • Save time and money spent on consultant. • Free for lifetime. • Accessible for remote area patients. • Follow you favorite doctor, to stay connected and updated. • Online medical consultancy.
  17. 17. Perks For Patients Get Best Doctor Easily Free For Life Time Get Connected Anytime Get Connected from Anywhere
  18. 18. Perks For Patients Electronic Medical Records Save Your Time & Money Give Rating & Reviews Get Online Healthcare Tips & Consultancy
  19. 19. Search doctor, clinic, hospital and other health care centers. Through Curecity search box, you can search doctor by name, clinic and hospital by name and area plus Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, gyms, yoga centers, etc. When you will write the first name, you will even get other suggestions to complete your query and get the required doctors, healthcare professionals and healthcare centers easily to contact them, anytime and anywhere.
  20. 20. Search Get Best Doctor Hospital & Clinics Gym Centers Yoga Centers
  21. 21. Search Get Best Dentist Ayurveda Centers Homeopathy Centers Naturopathy Centers
  22. 22. Search Ophthalmologist Dermatologist Cardiologist Gastroenterol- ogist
  23. 23. Search Psychologist ENT Experts Gynecologist Neurologist
  24. 24. Profile of a Doctor
  25. 25. Contact Details of a Doctor
  26. 26. Functionality of Curecity
  27. 27. Doctor search A patient can search a doctor through this doctor search form. Here you can search doctor through location, specialty, direct by name and even by experience of his practice.
  28. 28. Clinics search A patient can quest for any clinic through location, specialty and direct by name.
  29. 29. Health center search A patient can even search for other healthcare centers which include ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, gyms, yoga centers, etc. in his vicinity. He can search through location, specialty, and direct by name of a particular healthcare center.
  30. 30. Second opinion search A second opinion can be visit to a physician other than the one a patient has previously be en seeing in order to get more information or to hear a differing point of view. Here a patient can search it through locations, specialty and also by name.
  31. 31. Curecity on Social Media Platforms
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  33. 33. Download Curecity App Now