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Buyer Workshop Information

  1. 1. For Buyers Free Buyer Workshops Avoid Making Serious Home Buying Mistakes... Most resale home buyers move into their new houses or condos about 60 to 90 days after their offer has been accepted. Before you start actually looking for the home that you want to buy, you should get educated about the process, learn how to "hire" a Buyer Agent, get a full pre-approval for a mortgage... and then start actually viewing potential houses, condominiums or new construction to buy! Our Next Indianapolis Buyer Workshops Start at: 9:25 am Sharp Saturday, January 9th 6:15 Sharp Thursday January 21st 90 minutes later, walk out feeling confident, knowing exactly how to begin your home search and having a clear vision of how the entire home buying process comes together. You'll be provided with handy fill-in forms and charts to guide you through a smooth, hassle-free home-buying process. We know that our workshop will save you time, money and worry, even if you've owned a home before! Even if you already own a home, chances are that you bought it before Buyer Agency became a trend. Many parts of the home-buying process have changed dramatically during the last few years since disclosure and buyer agency became more common. Here's what you'll discover at these Home Buyer Knowledge Workshops: • How to best begin your home search to save you time, money and worry • How to avoid buying a "money pit" and ways to spot the 6 signs that could mean expensive, hidden trouble • The critical questions to ask a Realtor before you "hire" him or her to be your Buyer Agent and represent you for what will likely be the biggest single purchase of your life. We'll also tell you the correct answers to expect • The easiest and most accurate way to find out what you will get for your money in today's Indianapolis housing market • The formulas that financial institutions use to qualify you for a mortgage so that you can 'crunch your own numbers' • Why a verbal or written "Quick Qualifier" from a bank, internet or friend is not enough to guarantee that you can actually get a mortgage... and what you should get instead • What three critical things you should do ahead of time to give you the edge in a multiple offer situation
  2. 2. We're confident that the Home Buyers Knowledge Workshop will be the best 90- minutess that you invest during your 'home-searching' phase. Not only that, it's: Free, there's no obligation and you'll take home a 55-page Home Buyer Reference Manual entitled "Save Time & Money When Buying Your Indianapolis Home" to review at your leisure. Here's what some of our Raving Fans had to say about their experience Our Mission: Building strong long lasting relationship, one person at a time by, making decisions based on the long-term benefits to our clients. "The EASYstreet team is outstanding. They are the hardest working Realtors I have ever dealt with." -F. Jacobi "I am so impressed with EASYstreet's knowledge of the industry, and the effort they put forth to ensure that my transaction happened. And let's not forget my agent's kind offer (which I accepted!) to unload storage boxes at my new home. In closing, it is so rare nowadays to find a group who is so customer service oriented, and am blessed to have the opportunity to work with my EASYstreet professional. You are the best...nobody comes close! -R. Ortega "Our EASYstreet agent has been very, very responsive to all of our requests! She was very thorough each time we went over an offer. The service and quality of service have been above our expectations. I would rate her service a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10!" -R. Hostetler "Our EASYstreet agent was extremely helpful in our purchase of a new home. He was there the whole time working in conjunction with us. He was a professional all the way through, and we felt like we could call him at any time about concerns or questions we had. It is professionals like our EASYstreet Realtor that made our purchase a smooth and easy transaction. His advice was great and he guided us through the process like a pro. I take my hat off to EASYstreet." -S. Paciorek Our Home Buyer Workshop Curriculum The Home Buyer Workshop is moderated by Jim Thomas, Realtor with Easy Street Realty. He is joined by Fairway Mortgage, mortgage specialist in the Indianapolis market. This is your chance to learn inside tips from experts in their field, people who are "out in the trenches" every day. You'll discover all the 'meat & potatoes' details about buying a house or condominium and new construction such as... • The important definitions that relate to home purchasing so, that you’re able to speak the language to all parties involved (buyer agent, mortgage lender, lawyer, home inspector, etc)
  3. 3. • A complete explanation of Buyer Agency…what a Buyer Agent should be doing for you in the transaction, how they get paid, why some agents are not motivated to get you the best price and what one extremely important questions you should ask BEFORE signing any buyer agency agreement • Learn the three critical reasons why you should avoid buying a home from the listing agent like the plague • What happens at a Buyer Consultation and what the pitfalls are if your buyer agent does not take the time to have one with you • The difference between how much you can afford to pay and how much you want to pay monthly for house condo expenses. Don’t get caught eating macaroni and cheese every night so that you can pay your monthly mortgage • The specific benefits of filling out a “Wish List” before you start looking at a house, condominium or new construction to help focus on and decide what type of home suits your lifestyle best • How to choose the proper home when you’re out viewing properties with your buyer agent AND ways to determine how much to make your initial offer for • Learn how to calculate ‘fair Market Value’ and avoid overpaying even if you’ve fallen in love with the property • What happens at a Mortgage Consultation…learn what your mortgage options are and how you can negotiate the absolute best rate • Discover how to use FREE money from the government save thousands when you buy your first home. You’ll even learn the tips and techniques to use to get an actual downpayment from the federal government • What does the home inspector do? Why can some of them be a major liability to you? What should you be doing while the home inspection is going on? • Hear real life examples of how the offer presentation process really works...what conditions in your offer are different between house, condominium and new construction • How much money do you actually need to submit an offer • Once your offer is accepted, what needs to happen next…when do you assemble your down payment and when and where are all the documents signed? • You’ll receive a detailed rundown of closing costs that you can expect to pay • How do you spot potential deals and why you should avoid or buy foreclosure, bank owned and short sales To Register For The Next Home Buyer Workshop... Hit the reply key for this email with the following: First and Last Name Email Phone Number Address Preferred Date Do you currently have a real estate agent?
  4. 4. When do you plan on buying? 1. Once you have registered, you will receive a pre-workshop package by surface mail or email giving you the exact location and a confirmation of your attendance. 2. Don't delay - there are only 18-20 seats available at each workshop. We do reserve the right to limit registration at either times based on seating availability. 3. If you do have to cancel once you've registered, please notify us immediately to free up the seat for someone else. We'd be pleased to register you for another upcoming workshop. Please give us as much notice as possible so that we can invite someone from our waiting list to attend. 4. Please arrive early as latecomers will not be admitted 5. Please be prepared to stay for the full 90-minutes, as this workshop will prove to be invaluable in your home buying experience. 6. Please pass on this email to your friends, co-workers, and neighbors Offering attendance at our Home Buyer Workshop to future home purchasers is NOT intended to interfere with or induce the breach of any existing agency agreement or relationship! Jim Thomas Easy Street Realty – Private Real Estate Advisor 317-363-8459