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Tony Wilson's Hermeneutics

This is a presentation of the text "Hermeneutics and horizons" by Tony Wilson.

Unfortunately, the original lay-out is missing, as are the graphics, making this an informative-only presentation.

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Tony Wilson's Hermeneutics

  1. 1. Hermeneutics and horizonsTony WilsonPresentation byThomas GinnRobbin Bakker190 wordsViewer isnt passive, but active– Participates in thetext Re-creation: reading always generates new meaningfrom a text – Reading permits resistance – Neverjust the effect of the text – Example: intertextualreferencesUnderstanding a text is a fusion of horizons. A viewer identifying with a character appropriates oneor more social roles depicted by that character. –Difference in gazing and glancing Hermeneutic theory: the viewer investigates theprogramme. – Pleasure of viewing is the detection ofmeaning“Watching television is a process in which the audienceengages in cognitive play with the semiotic resources of
  2. 2. a programme.” (Wilson 1993, p. 52) If the viewer gets involved in a text, he/she sinks intothat world – The television world gets incorporatedinto the real world Play means switching between occupying the socialrole of the character and realizing that you are theviewer.Identification is switching between– appropriating acharacters social role(s)– taking the position of theviewer The fusion of horizons takes places duringidentification – The viewer as well as the characterhave a horizon (perspective) – The play is thehorizons moving in and out of each other – Oneappropriates, the other gets appropriated Subjects which may be occupied with ease generatepleasure and intelligibility. – Example: serialsDifferences between structuralism and latermediatheory (post-structuralism)Audience subjectivity is an effect of the textViewer is passive
  3. 3. Viewer makes their own meaning (active) Identification can never be perfect Conclusion Hermeneutics is an important field in uncoveringideological operations in a text, be it film, television or any other type of text.