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Meet the 2017 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars


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Get to know this years 30 Under 30 class.

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Meet the 2017 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars

  1. 1. Making an Impact in Supply Chain Management Meet the 2017 30 Under 30 Supply Chain Stars
  2. 2. Charlotte de Brabandt Megawatt Winner Johnson & Johnson Charlotte led negotiations with suppliers that helped save over 1 billion euros over three years. She built a procurement department, and negotiated with suppliers in five different languages. She also completed an MEP in less than four months and saved Johnson & Johnson the equivalent of one free year in a three year contract.
  3. 3. Mitchell Agee The Boeing Company Mitchell led the strategy realignment for the 787 purchasing group. He helped oversee the delivery of over $20 billion worth of 787 jets. Within a year of working at Boeing, he ensured that late part deliveries dropped by 90%. Mitchell holds a law degree and has worked as an attorney.
  4. 4. Manuel Allendesalazar Teva Pharmaceuticals Manuel previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers Spain where he helped with the implementation of SAP forecasting and replenishment, which automated the process for 1.5 million SKUs in over 150 retail stores. At Teva Pharmaceuticals, he has created a set of tools that improve the forecasting and S&OP process.
  5. 5. Ajay Arjunan Dell Ajay started off as an intern at Dell, but quickly rose through the ranks and became a Global Commodity Manager. He has been able to accomplish sizeable annual savings through various cost-saving strategies. He manages a global supply base including suppliers from China and Taiwan. Ajay is also a brand ambassador for talent acquisitions with Dell.
  6. 6. Neta Berger Google Neta started off as a Commodity Manager at Cisco where she led a cost-savings project with suppliers that ultimately helped save a total of $300,000. She later took a position with Google where she managed materials for products such as the Google Home. She also oversaw the implementation of a process to mitigate supply chain risk for Nest programs.
  7. 7. Steven Clowney AGCO formerly National DCP Clowney led a technology procurement project for National DCP that accounted for $26.8 million in annual spend. His strategic sourcing activities resulted in $4.5 million in annual cost savings and allowed for 8,900 Dunkin’ Donuts stores to receive improved network security and new technology. Steven was then promoted to senior category manager, which brought in $450 million in annual spend.
  8. 8. Rhiana Gallen Denver Water Rhiana graduated from Colorado State University in 2016. Her internship with Denver Water turned into a full time position, and she quickly rose within the company. She has saved more than $400,000 to date. Rhiana was chosen to be a team leader for Denver Water’s Lean Six Sigma procurement value stream analysis, which aims to streamline the procurement process.
  9. 9. Chelsey Graham United States Steel Corporation As the Lead Commodity Manager, Capex, and Plant Services for U.S. Steel, Chelsey developed a project plan template that has been used to manage over 200 projects. This template helped Chelsey save $20 million in cost improvements. The template is now used by other organizations within U.S. Steel’s project management tracking.
  10. 10. Jordan Haller ExxonMobil In 2015, Jordan was recognized as a Rising Star of Safety by the National Safety Council for leading a near loss campaign for ExxonMobil in Houston to increase safety awareness. Most recently, Jordan served as the Logistics Section Chief for ExxonMobil where he led a preparatory procurement effort in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Jordan has helped his organization save $4.9 million.
  11. 11. Luis Huazano Northrop Grumman Corporation While serving with the United States Marine Corps, Luis conducted financial management for a 1,000- person unit, and oversaw a $1.25 million budget over a two-year period. He managed the procurement, research, and distribution of $1 million in supplies, new equipment, services, and maintenance parts. After serving, he joined NGC as a Procurement Analyst.
  12. 12. Trenton Lara Pacific Gas and Electric Trenton’s career took off in 2016, when he joined PG & E’s strategic sourcing team as a Senior Category Lead. He delivered $1.7 million in cost avoidance during negotiations for an RFP focused on horizontal directional drilling. One year later, Trenton was promoted to his current role as an Operations Performance Manager. He identified unnecessary transportation costs and implemented changes that led to $100,000 in annual cost savings.
  13. 13. Chang Liu Royal Philips Chang has fostered major improvements at Royal Philips. Most notably, she developed KPIs and reports to identify challenges, and opportunities for growth. Her KPIs flagged low performers, and reduced the lead time of material availability by third-party suppliers. She has improved data visibility, optimized inventory levels, made opportunities for data- driven decision making, and sustained revenue growth for stakeholders in her organization.
  14. 14. James Lorditch Curtiss-Wright Engineered Pump Division Working with defense contracts to meet strict deadlines, Jim utilized his knowledge of the industry and supplier relationships to negotiate nearly $200,000 in savings. Jim was selected to be a part of EPD’s Future Leader program, where he co-led a team that developed a framework for a master schedule to improve on-time delivery. The team created a database that has helped to improve EPD’s on time delivery by 200 percent since 2015.
  15. 15. Blake Malburg AbbVie In his role as a Category Specialist, Blake made several project negotiations over an eight-month period, which resulted in $1.2 million in efficiency savings. He was a part of the Operation Development Program (ODP) where he helped to create a supply market intelligence tool for AbbVie’s global products, allowing for real-time monitoring of suppliers and the successful leadership of product launches in 12 markets outside of the U.S.
  16. 16. Madeline Martin Mars Petcare NA Madeline’s first major project with Mars, Inc., was to streamline the certification process for cocoa suppliers. Since then, she has been a part of a global team that implemented the M&M “Great Wall of Chocolate,” in Shanghai, and enabled $500,000 of efficiencies in cost of goods sold (COGS). Madeline has now shifted to the Mars pertcare division, and has already amassed $14 million in estimated savings.
  17. 17. Caitlin Michaelis Anthem, Inc. Caitlin is a Strategic Sourcing Consultant at Anthem, Inc. In her time with the organization, she has streamlined a software used by Anthem and their vendors, ultimately saving 28 percent annually. Caitlin also convinced business partners to use RFI services, which changed a proposed 42 percent annual increase into a 16 percent annual decrease in spend.
  18. 18. Meer Parekh Dover Fueling Solutions As part of Dover Corporations Supply Chain Development Program, Meer successfully relocated an international plant within an eight-month time span. As part of the relocation, Meer was responsible for planning, scheduling, and developing relocation timelines for over 80 manufacturing machines. He has also also led efforts to reduce excess inventory from Dover using A3 analysis.
  19. 19. Joshua Pratt United States Steel Corporation Joshua developed the first fuel hedging program at U.S. Steel, he was able to generate $15.5 million in working capital improvements. He has created new forecasting models for corporate risk-management strategies, and has shared these models with other facets of global procurement. Joshua has reached more than $33 million in savings in his time at U.S. Steel.
  20. 20. Conor Quarry IBM Conor led a team that leveraged IBM’s Watson Analytics as a replacement for Microsoft Excel. He created a new structure based on his “what if?” ideology that led to faster data analysis and data linkage across multiple fields. As a result of his success, Conor now leads IBM’s Analytics as a Service, department.
  21. 21. Elizabeth Richter Flex, Inc. Before joining the Supply Chain Leadership program with Flex, Inc., Elizabeth worked as a procurement professional at Kohl’s headquarters. She supervised over 400 associates at Kohl’s Baltimore e-fulfillment center during peak season. At Flex, Inc., Elizabeth is the chief of staff for procurement and supply chain.
  22. 22. Tanner Ryan Shell Trading (US) Company Tanner has worked in Anchorage, Alaska, where he played a role in Shell’s demobilization efforts. He was able to save $2.5 million in Arctic operations materials. Later, Tanner served as an analyst working on RFPs for $20 million contracts where he was responsible for identifying prime locations and sourcing suppliers for Shell using center of gravity and load distance analysis.
  23. 23. Daniel Sanchez Aquanima Daniel began his supply management career at Associated Grocers of new England. There, he received $2.1 million in COGS reduction. After accepting a position with Aquanima, Daniel was able to achieve a total of $2.2 million in savings within his first 6 months with the company. Daniel is a member of ISM, and is a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM).
  24. 24. Sharndeep Singh Johnson Controls As a Global Category Manager, Sharndeep sources carbon flat roll steel across the globe, including North America, Taiwan, China, India, Japan, and the Middle East. He has been able to reduce costs by 18 percent, and increase capital by 4.2 percent. On average, he manages 530 million pounds of steel per year.
  25. 25. Lauren Sylvester United States Postal Service Lauren began her career with the United States Postal Service (USPS) as the Lead Purchasing Specialist. In this role, Lauren received $1.1 billion in contracts and facilitated the “Priority: You” campaign. In her current role as Manager, Cargo Air Acquisitions, she has saved $433 million for USPS to date.
  26. 26. Nicholas Ulmen 3M Company In 7 years with 3M, Nicholas has been able to accumulate $6 million in savings in Lean Six Sigma projects. He is a Project Lead for transportation, where he aids in distribution efforts. In his current position, Nicholas is responsible for training his department, working with multiple teams of representatives and stakeholders, and facilitating migrations to a new ERP and TMS system.
  27. 27. Keith Unton The Hershey Company Keith achieved more than $1.3 million in savings while working in the co- manufacturing department with Hershey. Keith is also responsible for the seasonal Peppermint Bark Bells, in which he was able to achieve $10 million in sales. Keith also focuses his efforts to help others across the globe. He travelled to Ghana where he was a part of the Nourishing Minds effort, which helps feed 50,000 Ghanaian school children per year.
  28. 28. Patrique Veille Renew Design, Inc. Patrique served as a Project Management Consultant for Tempur Sealy’s sourcing team where he saved $10 million annually. In addition, he is a member of the Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. He is also on the board of directors for the Hemp Industries Association.
  29. 29. Lisa Weaver E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co. Lisa led a project for her company, where she optimized the supply base and reduced spending for commercial print by 10 percent, this project was valued at $10 million. She also formed a strategic partnership and achieved 36 percent in year-over-year savings as part of an initiative to expand the scope for shipping, receiving and mailroom services. In the past two years, Lisa has saved $2 million in cost avoidance and $1 million in working capital improvements.
  30. 30. Hilary Wendt Shell Exploration & Production Co. As Category Manager FEE & WIE at Shell, Hilary primarily focused on deepwater wells. She now plays a major role in Vito, Shell’s offshore project, where she created a contracting strategy that changed the way Shell dealt with contracts in the Gulf of Mexico. Hilary also identified areas for collaboration in the installation and equipment management supply chains in negotiations with one of Shell’s largest equipment suppliers.
  31. 31. Leah Williams Northrop Grumman Corporation Leah played a crucial role in the government reporting and Defense Contract Management Agency’s annual audit for a small business, where she placed a PO of more than $1 million. Leah also serves as an advocate for HBCUs. She has won multiple awards for her performance with small businesses, supplier management, and event planning.
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