An Introduction to Demandware


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An Introduction to Demandware

  1. 1. Technology and Expertise for Digital Commerce SuccessDemandware revolutionizes how businesses deliver seamless consumer experiences in the digital world. Demandwarehas a fundamentally different model for delivering success to world-class retailers and brands. We combine a businessapproach that’s based on partnership and shared success with highly-scalable cloud-based technology that lets you focuson running and growing your business, not managing software.No other commerce platform provider enables the level of innovation and user empowerment that Demandware does,backed by a global operating environment that lets you grow with confidence. Here are just some of the reasons lead-ing retailers and brands such as Lands’ End, Panasonic, Lacoste, L’Oreal, Solstice and Puma choose Demandware overtraditional commerce platform providers: Our business methodology is based on problem solving and shared success. You receive new capabilities automatically and without disrupting operations. Our LINK ecosystem technology enables interoperability and extensibility for commerce innovation. You receive merchandising and strategy expertise to help accelerate your success as part of the subscription. Our platform lets you expand business across new brands, geographies and channels. You receive seamless upgrades compatible with your custom code. You deploy within a proven, global operating environment that’s scalable, secure and reliable, ready to run your digital operations. ©2012 Demandware, Inc. |
  2. 2. DEMANDWARE COMMERCE THE PLATFORM TO POWER YOUR DIGITAL COMMERCE SUCCESS Your competitive advantage and ability to outpace last year’s comps does not come from managing IT infrastructure or software development, but rather in your ability to continu- ally innovate to meet and exceed consumer expectations. With Demandware Commerce, easy-to-use applications are designed to empower your entire digital commerce team to manage all aspects of the shopping experience. Since we maintain and enhance the cloud, you can focus on what matters most – growing the business. “The launch of our Swedish site proved that the Demandware Com- merce platform and the cloud-based model would support and allow for the quick deployments we were look- ing for to support our business goals. With Demandware, our team is able to easily launch multiple sites.” Steve Cretney, CIO, Lands’ End Demandware combines the operational benefits of cloud, with an enterprise platform that allows you to: • Drive innovation and build unique consumer engagement across digital channels • Enjoy industry-leading uptime, availability, security and scalability • Receive new commerce functionality automatically • Accelerate global expansion with minimal capital investment Demandware Commerce includes: Commerce Center A web-based marketing and merchandising application enables business users to control all digital commerce experiences and processes across channels. Users manage catalogs, pricing, promotions, and customer targeting for superior shopping. Control Center An operations and administrative application providing full control of your business. Users run and manage job schedules and monitor per- “Since launching on Demandware Commerce, we are seeing improved formance to ensure optimal response and uptime for consumers. customer satisfaction and KPI’s across all four sites from the ability Development Center for customers to refine their searches A development application that enables developers to fully customize to ease of checkout. We now feel all aspects of the shopping experiences. Developers can modify, that we have a strategic partner and a platform that can help us grow our configure, extend, create, debug and deploy custom business business.” shopping logic across multiple channels and devices. Michelle Magallon, Commerce Cloud VP of Digital Commerce, A secure and scalable infrastructure that delivers commerce services Perry Ellis International to each application of Demandware Commerce. You focus on business innovation. We focus on continual enhancements and leading performance. ©2012 Demandware, Inc. |
  3. 3. DEMANDWARE SOLUTIONS UNLOCK SUPERIOR CONSUMER EXPERIENCESUnlock the power of the digital world and enable your business to quickly, easily andaffordably deploy Demandware Commerce to solve common consumer and busi-ness challenges. Demandware Solutions enable you to:• Quickly and efficiently go to market.• Enjoy seamless commerce operations across all channels.• Enable innovative and unparalleled consumer experiences.• Create a flexible and evolving foundation for the future.Each Demandware Solution is a comprehensive package that includes DemandwareCommerce, Accelerators, Implementation, Solutions Support, Education, andDemandware LINK Partner Ecosystem. Together, these will guide strategy, supportbusiness growth, and lay out a clear blueprint to leverage the power of DemandwareCommerce and its applications. The six solutions include: “The development of truly integrated multi-channel shopping experiences is a strategic priority for House of Fraser. The Demandware Commerce flexibility Web Commerce and scalability have allowed us to take You can quickly and affordably create a full-featured, customiz- growth in our stride and to bring retail in- able storefront, enabling consumers to find and purchase products novations to market extremely quickly.” online while maintaining seamless interactions across brands, geographies and channels. Robin Terrell, Executive Director, Multi-channel and International Mobile Commerce Business, House of Fraser You can interact with consumers via mobile web on consumer- held smartphone and tablet devices, while maintaining brand consistency across consumer interaction points. Multichannel Commerce You can deliver consistent digital consumer experiences across channels and devices by unifying commerce capabilities. De- mandware’s open architecture allows for customer, product, order, and inventory data to be consumed as a service and integrated with third-party systems. Global Commerce: You can power commerce across multiple geographies, quickly and affordably creating a global digital commerce footprint with multiple currencies, languages, brands and sites from a single instance. End-to-End Commerce You can deliver a robust and consistent brand image including the “We wanted the ability to integrate digital commerce platform, fulfillment, customer service, market- cross-channel experiences for our cus- ing, and website management – managed by one of Demand- tomers on a global scale. Demandware ware’s LINK End-to-End Partners. stood out among the competition as the right platform to help us to achieve our objectives while improving our online Emerging Commerce brand experience, increasing organiza- You can establish a direct-to-consumer or business-to-business tional agility, and growing domestic and channel for the first time with an affordable and flexible approach international sales.” to support every stage of growth and expansion across channels and into new geographies. John Kalinich, Vice President of eCommerce, Deckers ©2012 Demandware, Inc. |
  4. 4. DEMANDWARE SERVICES Demandware Services is a combination of internal assets, capabilities and billable ser- vices that provide strategy and on-going support for Demandware clients and partners. The four Demandware service lines focus on client and partner enablement to drive digital commerce success. Implementation Services – A set of incremental offerings provided to clients and part- ners where necessary to help build, launch, and optimize digital commerce experiences. Growth Services – A set of incremental best practice guidance and support offerings provided to clients and partners to identify and execute new revenue growth opportunities. Support Services – A set of offerings to fully support Demandware Commerce as well as client and partner custom implementations. DEMANDWARE Education Services – A set of incremental offerings to train, enable and empower clients and partners to effectively work with Demandware Commerce and Commerce RETAIL PRACTICE Solutions. The Retail Practice is a dedicated group of industry experts goaled on making you successful with Demandware Commerce. Hav- DEMANDWARE LINK PARTNER ECOSYSTEM ing held such positions as Vice Demandware LINK Partner Ecosystem is a network of trained and enabled third-parties President and Director of eCom- that deliver best-in-class technologies, consulting and services to complement and merce at major corporations, these enhance Demandware Commerce. It is designed to align seasoned industry pros will proac- tively deliver value-added services, LINK Technology Partners – Goodbye expensive, custom integrations. assets and expert advice on the Because of our model, all clients operate on the same version of our platform so they issues that matter most to your can easily and confidently leverage our library of more than one hundred pre-built business. All Demandware clients third-party technology integrations. benefit from the Retail Practice and there are no extra fees, utilization LINK Solution Partners – Design, implementation, and advisory services help limits or billable hours. create sophisticated cross-channel consumer experiences. Specialized training and close working relationships with our partners ensure that they are prepared to drive The Retail Practice will provide outstanding business value. you with: LINK End-to-End Partners – Complementary business process services and technologies, including marketing, website management, fulfillment, customer service, • Practical steps to maximize and more to give Demandware Commerce clients the level of service they need to your investment run a successful digital commerce operation. • Proven ways to leverage industry best practices and LINK Developers – A community of employees, partners, clients and independent thought leadership developers that contribute and collaborate to enhance knowledge and proficiency • A team with 200+ years of of Demandware development, providing additional resources and tools for the digital commerce expertise Demandware customer base. incented by your success 5 Wall Street Burlington, MA 01803 781.425.1400 ©2012 Demandware, Demandware, Inc. | is a registered trademark of Demandware, Inc. ©2012 Inc. | Demandware