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Deck mobotiq march 2015


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Deck mobotiq march 2015

Published in: Automotive
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Deck mobotiq march 2015

  1. 1. Thomas Cocirta +33 6 23 37 77 45 p2p mobility
  2. 2. Current Car Ecosystem Polluting Inefficiency Complexity Planned obsolescence Ownership Hardware intensive Supply side centric Innovation aversive hierarchy Mass production High barriers to entry 2
  3. 3. Disruption Reinvent the automobile ecosystem 3
  4. 4. Future Car Ecosystem Clean High efficiency Modularity Designed to last Rentership Software intensive Demand side centric Innovation friendly meritocracy Distributed manufacturing Low barriers to entry 4
  5. 5. Product Perfectly adapted to urban traffic and commuting Designed for P2P rental Designed as a kit car Modular and highly customizable Networked, connected, software intensive Target price: $3500 to $5000 5
  6. 6. Development Mode Open hardware  Faster  Cheaper  Better Meritocracy of makers Darwinian process guaranteeing success 6
  7. 7. Business Model Sells personal mobility at the lowest price Provides a platform for customers to build business Provides digital infrastructure and collaboration tools Main revenue streams: • Sales of vehicles and custom kits • Percentage on p2p rentals • Percentage on app sales 7
  8. 8. Team Thomas Cocirta - CEO, cofounder, automotive and mechatronics background. Managed international engineering teams in medical high tech and mechatronics. Electric car enthusiast. Founded Venqo Engineering. Alain Giraud - one of the greatest experts in light electric vehicles in the world. Worked as Project Manager at Renault where he was in charge with the development of the Renault Twizy. Gabriel Ursescu - automotive expert, professor at Technical University Iasi. Designed and built several car prototypes, hovercraft and RC models. Vasile Horga – software expert, professor at Technical University Iasi. Programmed several mobile robots. 8
  9. 9. Emerging ecosystem validates our approach Open hardware for cars P2p rental service 9 The competition would exist if a vehicle like the Toyota i-road would be developed by an open hardware community like Local Motors and exploited by an user community like Getaround. Personal mobility
  10. 10. i-Road validates the personal mobility market potential and the trike architecture… ..but they are stuck with centralized, capital intensive, supply side centric development and manufacturing systems. Local Motors validates the open hardware model in vehicle development… …but they are stuck with ICE vehicles development, and their organization is a fake meritocracy. Getaround validates the p2p rental model… …but they are stuck with conventional cars while this model can only work better with vehicles specially designed for that purpose. 10
  11. 11. Mobotiq Competitive Advantage “P2P rental” by design Lowest usage cost in the market Provides business platform Developed in open hardware: cheaper, better, faster Validated by Darwinian development Organized as a networked meritocracy Revolutionary p2p digital infrastructure providing collaboration tools Innovative, suspensions, steering, security and battery charging solutions (patents pending) Longevity thanks to modularity and upgradeability 11
  12. 12. Financials We already obtained a $1M EU grant and we built an R&D vehicle (drive-by-wire, wheel-motors, driverless) and a proof of concept prototype. We are seeking for $500k venture capital, over an 18 month period, to build a completely functional, street legal prototype. 12