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Miptv thewit 100113

  1. 1. 10 trends for social TV 2013 The new shows the world will be talking about By TheWitspottER, TheWit (Switzerland) January 8, 2013Cannes, Francewww.mipworld.com All rights reserved All rights reserved
  2. 2. ForewordWhich TV premieres around the world are generating the most social media buzz ?The answer is given in the 10 Social TV Trends examined in this exclusive report.The quantitative results come from the witspottER which measures in real time social mediaactivity around TV shows aired around the world, as spotted and listed in TheWit FreshTVdatabase.The qualitative analysis is based on the expertise of TheWits team in content trends.For this special report we have isolated the social media activity related to TV premieres during the mostrecent time period (September 1 – December 16, 2012).As TheWit mission is to discover new content with international potential, social events that happen to be ontv (news, politics, sports, returning awards shows…) have not been taken into account for this report. All rights reserved
  3. 3. What is social TV in 2013?Social TV is… Youth TV Music TV Participation TV Event TV Live TV Let’s have a look ! All rights reserved
  4. 4. Table of contents# The 20 most social TV premieres# The top 20 new TV shows that keep fans engaged# The Voice is the #1 social TV format# Talent Shows are the social TV stars# Reality soaps draw loyal followers# Awards shows are tailored for social TV buzz# Event TV makes people talk# Scripted Series are more liked but less talked about# Latinos are the biggest social TV commentators# The most anticipated TV show of 2013 All rights reserved
  5. 5. The 20 most social TV premieres WitER Ranking Sept- Dec 2012 Rank Title Social media comments 1 La Voz / Spain 268 978 2 Star Academy / France 220 935 3 The Only Way Is Essex Live /UK 178 689 4 The Voice Brasil / Brazil 147 501 5 Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial / UK 130 432 6 Catfish: The TV Show / USA 110 782 7 Liz & Dick / USA 90 856 8 Derren Brown: Apocalypse / UK 87 328 9 The Plane Crash / UK 74 874 10 The McFly Show / UK 70 830 11 Steel Magnolias / USA 64 077 12 The Valleys / UK 61 916 13 Salve Jorge / Brazil 58 310 14 Emmerdale Live / UK 57 878 15 Gandía Shore / Spain 47 456 16 Restore the Shore / USA 47 075 17 La Voz… Colombia / Colombia 46 423 18 Vértigo / Chile 45 975 19 Apollo Live / USA 41 567 20 Neox Fan Awards / Spain 41 127 All rights reserved
  6. 6. The 20 most social TV premieres * WitER Index: WitER Index Sept- Dec 2012 By weighing the number of comments around each premiere by the national average of comments around all premieres over the same period, we were able toRank Title WitER Index* discover the local social TV hits, i.e. shows ranking far 1 Star Academy / France 92,9 above the national average. 2 Absolute Mehrheit / Germany 87,3 In Germany Pro7’s interactive political talk 3 The Only Way Is Essex Live/UK 62,7 show Absolute Mehrheit (Absolute Majority) fronted by a superstar TV personality 4 Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial / UK 45,7 overperformed in a not so SocialTV oriented country. 5 Catfish: The TV Show / USA 40,4 6 Liz & Dick / USA 33,1 7 Derren Brown: Apocalypse / UK 30,6 8 Knæk Cancer Live! / Denmark 28,0 9 The Plane Crash / UK 27,3 10 The McFly Show / UK 24,8 In the UK, ITV1’s variety special hosted by pop band McFly was lifted by the boys’ solid fan 11 Steel Magnolias / USA 23,4 base. 12 X Factor / Sweden 22,8 13 The Valleys / UK 21,7 14 Emmerdale Live / UK 20,3 La7’s new version of political talk show Servizio Pubblico hosted by the most famous 15 La Voz / Spain 20,0 journalist of the country, made Italian viewers 16 Servizio Pubblico / Italy 18,1 talk more than usual. 17 Restore the Shore / USA 17,2 News talk show Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew, 18 Apollo Live / USA 15,1 hosted by two popular journalists, is the only 19 Hip Hop Awards / Italy 15,1 Finnish premiere which attracted attention on Twitter : it logically stands out from the 20 Enbuske & Linnanahde Crew / Finland 14 national average. All rights reserved
  7. 7. The new TV shows that keep fans engaged WitER Matrix Sept- Dec 2012 Hot Social Premiere Slow Growth (fans) Buzz effect Social Hits Controversial, trash, love-to- Appointment TV, lasting fan hate engagementWeak Fan Growth Strong Fan Growth Cult/Niche shows « Anti-social » shows Generally positive reviews, solid fan base Cold Social Premiere All rights reserved
  8. 8. The top 20 new shows that keep viewers engaged “People Talking About This” (Facebook - Sept- Dec 2012) GrowthRank Title PTAT +31 Index 1 Vain elämää (The Best Singers) / Finland 44,7 24 320 To get lots of comments, positive, negative, neutral, sarcastic, insane…at launch on Twitter is one thing. 2 Unité 9 / French-speaking Canada 15,9 14 098 But to build a big and loyal fanbase on the official 3 X Factor / Sweden 14,1 37 825 Facebook page and keep fans active one month 4 La Voz… Colombia / Colombia 8,4 48 252 after debut is a stronger sign of viewers engagement with a tv property. 5 Belgiums Got Talent / Belgium South 6,4 2 987 6 The Voice Brasil / Brazil 5,9 128 169 That’s what the Facebook “people talking about this” 7 New Zealands Got Talent / New Zealand 5,8 3 234 (PTAT) is about.: this indicator sums the number of all possible interactions on the Facebook page of a 8 How We Invented The World / WW 4,9 34 238 show over the last 7 days: comments, shares, likes, 9 The Fear / Ireland 4,9 2 586 etc. 10 Asbjørn Brekke-show / Norway 4,3 11 293 With these metrics most new tv shows suffer a 11 Høflighed På 100 Dage / Denmark 4,2 2 747 natural erosion. But some other shows are able to 12 La Voz / Spain 4,1 23 113 raise the number of fans socially active. Which could indicate that the tv show does the job it is supposed 13 Zulufonen Live / Denmark 4,0 2 253 to do: get a community glued to a screen. 14 Braunschlag / Austria 3,2 3 575 This ranking shows the strongest progressions of 15 Vértigo / Chile 3,1 5 358 PTAT after one month on air (+31 days) , regardless 16 Dybvaaaaad / Denmark 2,2 1 204 of the country’s population. 17 De Slimste Mens ter Wereld / Belgium North 2,0 2 106 The Growth Index is calculated as such: - Increase in PTAT : from 1 day after premiere to 31 18 Les Marseillais à Miami / France 1,7 11 857 days after premiere 19 Niet Tevreden Stem Terug / Belgium North 1,6 1 093 - Weighed by country population 20 Rafael Orozco, el ídolo / Colombia 1,6 8 634 All rights reserved
  9. 9. The Voice is the #1 social TV format In 2012, Talpa’s talent show format The Voice confirmed its ability to get huge social media buzz in each new market where it premiered. The Voice social TV factors: #young target #music #many characters (contestants and judges), each with their own fan base #competition #participation #anticipated international brand #active social strategy on air and off air. The most social Voices:In Spain, on Telecinco, La Voz In Brazil, on Globo, The Voice Brasil In Colombia, on Caracol, La Voz In Middle East, The Voice Colombia In January 2013 The Voice is premiering in German speaking Switzerland (SRF1) and French Speaking Canada (TVA). All rights reserved
  10. 10. Talent shows are the social TV starsTalent shows (including The Voice) are the most watched entertainment showson TV around the world and the safest bet for TV stardom. The genre istailored for social media engagement :#mostly music#mostly young target#competing contestants supported/trashed by fans and foes#many live episodes generating instant response#on air call to interaction and participation#all factors creating a TV and social event In In France, singing competition brand Star Academy (Endemol) was back on air after a 5-year hiatus, beating previous social tv records for a talent show premiere in this market.FremantleMedia’s hit formats Got Talent and X Factor achieved very good socialperformances in their latest territories:In New Zealand on TV One In Belgium North on VTM X Factor (TV4): most social In Belgium South on RTL TVI Swedish premiere of the year All rights reserved
  11. 11. Reality soaps draw loyal followersSerialized reality series (contrived, constructed, semi- to almost fullyscripted…) following the lives of communities of out-of-the-ordinary people orcelebrities in a peculiar situation or dramatic phase get a guaranteed level ofsocial TV buzz:#young target#serialization, huge volume of hours build huge accumulated following#ensemble cast each with their own fan/hate base#colorful and controversial characters stimulating strong response#sometimes a call to participation and votingThe most social premieres: In the UK a Live episode of In the UK on MTV, The Valleys In the USA on E! Married to MTV’s Gandía Shore, local version constructed reality series explore the nights of Wales Jonas mobilized the fans of of Jersey Shore was the 2nd most TOWIE….was slammed by former teen icon Kevin Jonas commented Spanish premiere of viewers. 2012. All rights reserved
  12. 12. Awards shows are tailored for social TV buzzFrom a social media point of view, televised awards shows (Grammys, MTVAwards…) are talent shows on steroids :#bigger stars line up, more fans to add#immediately decisive competition polarizing viewers#sometimes call for online voting#lots of music#live shared experience generating socially shared reaction#for one night a year only: must watch, must talkThe creation of a brand new awards show can be a smart move for a TV channel that wants togenerate buzz and raise awareness. As show these examples of new awards ceremonies :… In Mexico Televisa’s cable channelIn Spain Neox Fan Awards based on In Italy MTV created its own local Hip Bandamax launched Premiosviewers vote ranked as the third most Hop Awards based on online voting Bandamax for Mexican music bands social premiere of the year in Spain. . . . . All rights reserved
  13. 13. Event TV makes viewers talk What’s a TV event for social media users ? #for one night only #everybody’s watching, everybody’s talking #trash TV, crash TV, TV to trash, TV to share #sensational/outrageous/shocking… #a simple game: like vs unlike #sometimes live: instant response needed The 4 most social TV events of Sept-Dec 12 :In the UK on Channel 4 (then in the In the UK on Channel 4, controversial In the UK on Channel 4, mentalist In the USA TV movie starring tabloidUS on Discovery) the documentary 2-part experiment Drugs Live followed Derren Brown staged a fake heroine Lindsay Lohan Liz & DickThe Plane Crash really crashed a a group of volunteers testing ecstasy. Apocalypse and got a real social hit. had to be watched and trashed.real Boeing 727 to study the . . .phenomenon in real-time. All rights reserved
  14. 14. Scripted series are more liked but less talked about Sept- Dec 2012 Top Genres on Facebook *Facebook Likes, as measured 31 days after Average Likes +31* Average PTAT +31* the premiere of each new show of the genre Scripted 25 838 3 406 over the period. * Facebook PTAT (People Entertainment 18 839 4 579 Talking About This), as measured 31 days after Talk shows 12 165 3 376 the premiere of each new show of the genre over the period. (value of Game shows 6 131 890 the last 7 days). Factual 3 823 952 Average 14 657 2 630 Among all the new TV shows, fiction is the genre which gathers the highest number of likes on official Facebook pages. But when it comes to being more active on Facebook, new entertainment shows count more “people talking about this” than scripted shows. All rights reserved
  15. 15. Scripted series: don’t talk, just watchScripted shows are less and less about appointment TV, more and more aboutcatch-up TV, and they request more viewing attention than reality shows. Butthey sometimes benefit from :#ensemble casts with potential multiple fan bases#big stars attached with pre-existing fanship#highly promoted tv premieres building anticipation From Brazil, Salve Jorge on Globo ranks as the most social scripted series premiere of the period, benefiting from its controversial subject (religion in Brazil). In Spain, Fenómenos on Antena 3, benefited from its cast of beloved TV stars and ranks as the most social scripted premiere of the period in Europe. In the US Nashville on ABC ranks as the most anticipated and commented US premiere of the season. All rights reserved
  16. 16. Latinos are the biggest social TV commentators 4 Latin countries are in the Top 5 of the most active social TV users Finland Germany Holland EUROPESwitzerland Norway Italy Ireland Denmark SwedenPortugal Belgium Belgium France UK Spain Austria (North) (South) Average number of social media comments per premiere (Sept – Dec 2012) AMERICA NORTH Canada Canada USA (French) (English) AMERICA SOUTH Chile Colombia Argentina Mexico Venezuela Brazil OCEANIA Australia New Zealand All rights reserved
  17. 17. The most anticipated new show of 2013German scripted reality series Köln 50667, launched January 7, 2013 onRTL2 was hugely anticipated on Facebook:#a spin off of Berlin Day & Night, the most social German TV show ever#a scripted reality soap: ensemble cast with preexisting fan base#a young target#a cross media format: fictional characters live on Facebook with fans as friends.Since late 2011 Berlin Tag & Nacht is a German social tv phenomenonand a best practice case study.For instance: on 16 November 2012, fans could spend the night withtheir heroes in a unique triple screen experience: watch the cult movieDirty Dancing on TV / watch the fictional characters watchsimultaneously the same movie in a live online episode / interact withthem on Facebook…even choose their tv dinner !6 weeks before the TV premiere, the spin off series Köln 50667 created itsFacebook page where the main new fictional character started to poststatus updates.Thanks to a very effective cross-promotion with Berlin Tag & Nacht page, itwas an instant success: 150,000 Likes in one day!Köln 50667 became the world’s most anticipated new show of 2013 on Facebook, with over 322,000 Likes one daybefore premiere (the equivalent of US series Revolution and Nashville Facebook fans before premiere altogether).The feedback during tv premiere was mixed, viewers comparing the spin-off to Berlin Tag & Nacht.The live coverage was exceptionally low on Twitter even by German standards, but fans massively used Facebook(3,693 comments !). What’s more, the page gained 20,000 additional Likes on the day of its premiere. A story to befollowed… All rights reserved
  18. 18. The most anticipated premiere of 2013 in numbers The 3 most Liked comments during premiere: Köln 50667 : strong on Facebook 76.5% This series is just boring 10.4% Berlin Tag und Nacht is better 13% 76.5% of the comments12 pm 1 am are in response to a “picture” post Hey people, what were you expecting from the first episode? It’s clearly not 100% convincing, and not much happened. But after all Berlin Tag & Nacht also started small and got better ratings afterwards because it became more interesting. We should wait and see what the next episodes bring. I think that in half a year everybody will love it. Wait and see! ;)) 348,123 Activity around premiere Likes Facebook Likes evolution Before (07/01): 328,985 Between 12.00pm and 01.00am: After (08/01): 348,123 308,703 5 posts from the production 328,985 2,838 Comments in response PTAT 2,173 Likes in response 08/01: 60,048 801 comments « off the wall » Berlin TN (08/01): 276,218 Jan 8 Dec 26 Jan 7 All rights reserved
  19. 19. The most anticipated premiere of 2013 in numbers#köln50667 : quiet on Twitter388 tweets during premiere, low even by German standards.34.5% of tweets were RetweetsThe most active user (after fan page @Koln50667TV) sent 13 tweetsThe most « popular » Twitter user has 48,771 followers (online portal Der Westen) and sent 3 tweetsUsers tweeted via Web (31.2%), iPhone (29.6%), Android (21.9%) and other platforms (17.3%) So artificial! Bad actors #köln50667 I’ll give #köln50667 2 months maximum, maybe one season. What is missing in #köln50667 are the typical “exotic birds”. But the series is still “virgin” so don’t worry, that will come. Isn’t # Köln50667 a bad copy of #Berlin Day Night? Or am I wrong? #köln50667 Premiere All rights reserved
  20. 20. MethodologyThe WitER measures social media comments for TV shows posted on Facebook and Twitter before,during, and after airing.The WitER Index weighs the number of social media comments related to a TV airing by the averagenumber of comments of all TV airings in the same country during the same time period.A value of "1" equals the country’s average. e.g.: if the national average number of comments for a tvshow is 2,500, a show with 10,000 comments will be valued "4", a show with 100,000 comments willbe valued "40".Countries covered in this special report include: USA, Canada, Latin America (Argentina, Brazil,Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela), UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy,Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand.TV shows covered in this special report include new TV shows premiered between September 1 andDecember 16, 2012. New awards shows (first edition in 2012) were included. News, sports andunscheduled specials were not included. All rights reserved
  21. 21. About the authorThe Wit - World Information Tracking - mission is to feed its proprietary FreshTV database everydaywith Fresh TV and digital content news, trends, practices from around the world in order to help itssubscribers (broadcasters, producers, advertisers) come up with the TV & digital hits of tomorrow.To help discover the hottest - and sometimes under the radar - new content, the WitspottER exclusiveanalytics track social media activity around TV shows 24/7 from a quantitative and qualitative point ofview.www.thewit.comhttp://twitter.com/TheWitFreshTVThe Wit & Friends on FacebookThis report is brought to you by MIPTV-MIPCOM Visit mipworld website: www.mipworld.comMIPTV & MIPCOM are the world’s leading content Follow usmarkets for creating, co-producing, buying, selling, http://feeds.feedburner.com/mipworld/ABNFfinancing, and distributing entertainment & TV http://twitter.com/_mip_programs across all platforms. http://www.youtube.com/mipmarketsMIPTV & MIPCOM respectively take place every http://www.facebook.com/mipmarketsApril and October, each bringing together over http://linkd.in/mipmarkets12,000 professionals from 100 countries. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mipmarkets Download mipTV/mipcom iPhone App: http://road.ie/mip-markets All rights reserved