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The big five: online marketing trends 2014 (eng) | klean a:s

  1. 1. The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) | Klean A/S Forside » Klean weblog - om bedre websites » The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) The Big Five: Online mark... The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) As we approach a new year, international marketing media is trying to predict which digital marketing trends will dominate the following year. Much like big game hunters have their ‘The Big Five’, here at Klean we have our own Big Five, which we believe will dominate digital marketing in 2014. Af Thomas Sciavitsky Bentsen, 10. december, 2013 kl. 8:40 The reason for the many predictions springs from a general interest, but also because a number of organisations right now are planning their budget for the coming year, and therefore have to get an idea of which areas to focus on. "The less you bet, the more you will lose when you win". If you trawl through the entire spectrum of news media, blogs, publications, etc., it becomes evident that there are five megatrends being highlighted regarding developments in 2014 The Big Five 2014: 1. Content Marketing 2. Image-centric Marketing 3. Mobile Marketing 4. Marketing-to-Location 5. Social Media Marketing 1. Content Marketing - Content that creates value There is general agreement that Content Marketing will be the big winner in 2014. Content Marketing is about companies creating authority and trust in their relationship with their customers by continuously betting on high quality content, and making this available through all channels. The actual content is typically created to give customers insight into a company's products or to provide brand awareness. A good Content Marketing approach is all about creating active content, like 1 af 4 24/01/14 15:04
  2. 2. The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) | Klean A/S articles, video clips or case studies, which then spread via an effective digital marketing strategy through newsletters, search engines, social media, etc. Comparative studies have shown that companies with a well-functioning Content Marketing Strategy can sell 67% more than companies that do not have Content Marketing as a part of their marketing palette. 2. Image-centric Marketing - It's all about the pictures As consumers, we get bombarded with commercials and ads on a daily basis. This is true now more than ever. It is, therefore, extremely important that content becomes easily accessible and digestible. Fast-growing social media like Pinterest, Buzzfeed, not to mention Instagram, bear witness to the power of pictures as well as the viral effect that pictures have. Image-centric marketing is about focusing campaigns around pictures. It is evident that the blog posts which get the highest number of shares on social medias are composed mainly of pictures. Another trend that relates to image-centric content are the so-called inforgraphics. At the moment, posts that are heavy on information regarding everything from politics and ecology to purely commercial messages are being shared actively. Video or 'moving pictures' are also part of Image-centric marketing. With over one billion user-sessions per month, Youtube is a front runner is this area. Simultaneously, videos are becoming increasingly more visible on Google and the ad market is exploding with the small ad videos, the so-called pre-rolls and post-rolls before and after video clips. Analysis proves that video ads can be up to 10 times more effective than traditional TV commercials. 3. Mobile Marketing - Get reponsive or die! According to Forbes, 87% of all internet-connected devices will become mobile by 2017. The mobile development is no surprise in itself, but the speed at which it is happening is rather astonishing. As a result, we have to take mobile very seriously. Today, many sites are not responsive, so when they are accessed on a mobile device they end up looking weird, sometimes to the point of making online purchases a virtual impossibility, even when the user has their credit card ready. Sites have to work effectively on a monitor, tablet and mobile phone. Most work in 3-5 formats. The latest trend is the so-called mega format, where users with huge screens like Smart 4K TVs or monitors are awarded with specialised, high quality graphics or an additional tool bar on the edge of the screen. 2 af 4 24/01/14 15:04
  3. 3. The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) | Klean A/S 4. Marketing-to-Location - Marketing where the consumers are Marketing-to-location is about using the knowledge you have about where the consumer is physically located, in order to market relevant products. We, as marketeers, have detailed knowledge about consumer activity and behaviour on a global level. An obvious way of gathering this knowledge is through various mobile devices, which are equipped with GPS. However, many are not aware that companies, such as Apple or Google, discretely gather information about WIFI networks on a global level, also via other smartphones than your own, and thereby determine your physical location even if you have disabled the GPS function. Marketing-to-location has discretely become more and more common, even though many are not aware of it. During 2014, Marketing-to-location will be rolled out on displays and social media as well as push & pull marketing, and even in formats we may not even be aware of yet. 5. Social Media Marketing - From fun and games to serious business Today, social media presents a unique opportunity for companies to reach their target customers across the boundaries that other media have in relation to geography, interests or economy. Additionally, social media has grown from being mostly fun and games to become serious business. Various software deskboards, like Danish Komfo and Falcon Social, make it possible to manage a large portfolio of social media channels from a single screen. Similarly, it is also possible to keep an eye on competitors and various campaigns for you and your competitors' products. While social media has stepped up from being primarily fun and games, we have also seen a diversification where each social media has created its own niche in which it wants to be taken seriously. Twitter for politics and media, Linkedin for business, Facebook for freetime and Youtube for 'living pictures'. Being well-informed about Social Media Marketing will in 2014 become an essential part of the marketing puzzle, and can, if used correctly, provide access to an almost unlimited amount of potential customers. In 2014, the following applies just like every other year: "Don't blame the marketing department. The buck stops with the chief executive." John D. Rockefeller The Big Five: Online mark... Like 0 Tweet 0 0 Share 4 Skriv din kommentar... Kommentar: Navn: E-mail: 3 af 4 24/01/14 15:04
  4. 4. The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 (ENG) | Klean A/S Hjemmeside: 1. Tryk Preview for at gennemse din kommentar. 2. Tryk herefter Gem for at publicere den. Preview Gem Flere artikler af Thomas Sciavitsky Bentsen Relaterede artikler The Big Five: Online marketing-trends 2014 Dansk Supermarkeds nye website kommer Egmonts gavekort-system rykker ind i Norge Klean Kopenhagen søger Teknisk Projektleder Danmarks største bogreol brugeren i møde Nyt B2B website skal gøre det let for kunder Billund bliver Danmarks første lufthavn med responsivt ecommerce website Peaket er ikke nået indenfor onlinehandel 4 af 4 24/01/14 15:04