Work is Stealing our Sleep


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Creative+ submission for the final team assignment of the Crash Course in Creativity

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Work is Stealing our Sleep

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Meet Prashant, a software developer from India,he is struggling with work/life balance. “ I need to get up early no matter what. Sometimes I work late night to finish some work and still end up getting up early. I find I have less and less time to deal with other things in my life since the job is ” taking up most of my time and energy.
  3. 3. Sounds familiar?Is your work STEALING your sleep too?
  4. 4. Thomas Bell introduced a conceptto Prashant
  5. 5. ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) Where employees are evaluated on their results,rather than the amount of time that they spend sitting at their desks.
  6. 6. The basic concept is All that matters is that the work gets done.If you want to leave at 2pm and go watch your kids school play, you can If youre feeling stressed and unproductive, and want to go cycling instead of working on a Tuesday, go for it! If you want to work from home every day, go ahead!
  7. 7. Prashant suggested this idea to his boss, to his surprise,his boss agreed and even assigned him to lead this project.
  8. 8. Prashant introduced ROWE to his colleges, they’re all very happy.
  9. 9. 1 months later, their company changed completely, employeeengagement goes up strongly, but surprisingly so doesproductivity. They can finish work as soon aspossible, sometimes in the office, sometimes at home, theyhave enough time to do other things:sleep, exercise, shopping, play with the kids, etc…… Prashant is happy. everyone is happy.
  10. 10. So, can you lead a life like Prashant? Sure!
  11. 11. You can suggest the ROWE in your company,or you can always find a place where they’re using this, (Valve is a wonderful example) or you just quit and become a freelancer.
  12. 12. You can use this methodat work
  13. 13. You can use this methodat home
  14. 14. Examine your value systemwhat is the meaning of work?
  15. 15. Mark Famy’s father in law always tells him“ don’t work yourself to the ground...Health is wealth. Our creative+ team members love this quote, ” so it’s a small gift for you.
  16. 16. ROWE Join the movementStart to lead a balanced life today