Il3061 Getting To Yes Selling Skills That Work Everyday


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Presentation for AMOU at ASCRS San Diego 2011. (apologize for the boring layout and lack of videos...been sanitized by attorneys at AMO)

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Il3061 Getting To Yes Selling Skills That Work Everyday

  1. 1. Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Every Day AMO University Premier March 25, 2011 Thomas Dudley, Managing Director, Partner OptiVision, LLPABC’s OF• Always Always• Be Be• Closing •ClosingGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 22011.03.01-IL3061 1
  2. 2. Or Maybe Like ThisGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 32011.03.01-IL3061Or These….Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 42011.03.01-IL3061 2
  3. 3. My Sincerest Apologies To All Fans Of The Following: • Chicago Bears • Atlanta Falcons • Pittsburgh Steelers • and especially the Minnesota Vikings Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 5 2011.03.01-IL3061What Is Closing?• Getting a prospect to SAY YES to a proposal that will benefit them (Provide them with a solution)• Is it asking for the sale? • With a lengthy sales cycle, it may be an opportunity to take them to the next step.• Are we selling iLASIK? • The answer is YES, so get used to it. Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 6 2011.03.01-IL3061 3
  4. 4. Where Can We Close• Inquiries• Consultation• Examination (if separate from consult)• Procedure day• Follow upsGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 72011.03.01-IL3061When Is Closing • Opportunities – Inquiries – Consultation – Examination (if separate from consult) – Procedure day – Follow upsGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 82011.03.01-IL3061 4
  5. 5. Fundamentals Required To Close• WANT TO WIN • Find a motivation – A competitor – Best tech/conversions• Top Sales Tool Kit • Supporting materials • Office presentations • Supporting staffGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 92011.03.01-IL3061Fundamentals Required To Close• Consistency • Follow up • Long sales cycle• Confidence • In procedure • In doctor • In sales toolsGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 102011.03.01-IL3061 5
  6. 6. • Are you in it to win, or to just play ball?• What does a winner look like? Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 11 2011.03.01-IL3061 Sales Tool Kit • Supporting materials • Literature • High tech presentations/videos – tablet vs. flat panel TV • What does your office look like? • Front desk to exam lane to laser suite must be impeccable • Supporting staff • Neatly dressed • Knowledgeable • Customer service driven Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 12 2011.03.01-IL3061 6
  7. 7. What Is In Your KIT?Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 132011.03.01-IL3061Consistency…Persistence • Sales Cycle – Lengthy – Requires stamina – Phone, direct mail, email…Social Media? – Each point of contact is a closing opportunity...for the next stepGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work 14Everyday 2011.03.01-IL3061 7
  8. 8. Remember You Already Spent The Money To GetThe LEAD•Working the process is trivial from a cost perspective…•DO NOT BLOW YOUR INVESTED CAPITAL – Actual marketing dollars – WORD OF MOUTHGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 152011.03.01-IL3061Confidence ACT ‘As If’Confidence• ‘As if’-you have something you might be willing to part with for the right price• ‘As if’-the supply and demand is reversed• ‘As if’-you are dealing with an adult capable of making their own decision• A guy dont walk on the lot lest he wants to buy • They called because? • They came in because? • They ask questions because?• BECAUSE THEY ARE FAR ENOUGH ALONG IN THE SALES CYCLE TO BUY!!!Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 162011.03.01-IL3061 8
  9. 9. Inquiry ClosingOpportunity is to get them to the next step• Prioritize – Surgery – Consult – More information• ACT AS IF, and get them to say YES “Glad to hear that you’re interested… • would you like to reserve a procedure day in anticipation of your candidacy?” – If “No”, then back off & convince them to schedule the consultation to determine their candidacy. • If “No” to a consult then ask if they would like more information on Dr. X and the iLASIK Procedure (which is approved for use on NASA personnel)Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 172011.03.01-IL3061How To Close A Date For An Appointment OnThe Phone or E-mail • Hi Cherri, Thank you for the fast response! Yes, wed like to have our consultation together, ifAlways phrase questions in possible, since we have very similar eye issues (both have difficulty seeing far away). The Oct 18th @ 5pm time works perfect.absolute terms Please let me know if you need further information, or if you need us to bring anything to the appt. Thank you again!• Do you want to reserve a XXXXXXXX XXXXXX > To: procedure date with Dr. X on Y • > Subject: Re: free consult e-mail > From: date? > Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 23:46:11 +0000 > > If its late day that you want- I have a 4pm or 5pm on Oct. 18th. Otherwise I have a 3pm• In response to e-mails in which on Oct. 4th & Oct. 11th. Any of these work? > Cherri Vierthaler > Marketing most patients don’t ask a lot of > Optivision LLP > 920-707-4614 questions and just give you their > Sent from my BlackBerry® > > -----Original Message----- contact info, ACT AS IF and give • > From: > Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 16:31:24 them dates to choose from • > To: <> > Reply-To: > Subject: free consult e-mail > • > FirstName: XXXXX & XXXXXXX > LastName: XXXXX > Appt when: lateday > city: Oshkosh • > email: > how: Dr. Dudley has checked my eyes before. Also, we see ads everywhere. > phone: > submit: submitGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 182011.03.01-IL3061 9
  10. 10. How To Close A ConsultDeliver a fantasticexperience…one that wouldWOW you.Segue is the key• Find a line between answering ?’s and moving to closing. – “Great. Thanks for your time today. We have appointments open for procedures on X date or Y and Z as well.”Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 192011.03.01-IL3061How To Blow A Consult• Talk too much – Shut up and listen• Negativity – Too much discussion of enhancements and consents• Poor Service – Messy office – Long wait times – Offensive dress, language, even TV channel – Lack of discretion etc… GIVE THEM 5 STAR!Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 202011.03.01-IL3061 10
  11. 11. Hone Your Sales ProcessScript it• “Hi, my name is Becky. We are going to start this journey by establishing your candidacy…”Practice it• On coworkers• Your BDM• Your sister…AnybodyRefine it• Identify what works and what doesn’t – Make changes based on trends not anecdotesGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 212011.03.01-IL3061Closing Techniques• Assumptive Close – Technique • Act as if the other person has made the decision already. • Turn the focus of the conversation towards the next level of questions, such as how many they want, when they want it delivered, what size they need, and so on. – Examples • How does the 15th sound for a procedure date? • You are going to love the way you see yourself? • When you reach for your glasses the morning after your procedure, your going to know you made the right decision?Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 222011.03.01-IL3061 11
  12. 12. Closing Techniques• Assumptive Close – How it works • The Assumptive Close works by the Assumption principle, where acting confidently as if something is true makes it difficult for the other person to deny this. For them to say you are wrong would be to cast themselves as an antisocial naysayer.Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 232011.03.01-IL3061Closing Techniques• Affordable Close – Technique • Close out any objections they have about price by making sure they can afford it. • Find how much they can afford. Then show that you have a finance plan that fits their capability to pay. • Bring in other factors to reframe the real price, such as lifetime costs. • Show the price of not buying - for example the cost of continued ownership of the solution. • Last option: bring your price down to what they are prepared to pay. • And always remember the caveat: do not close people into debt they will not be able to repay. – Examples • How much per month can you afford...yes, we can make a deal for that... • The initial costs seems high, but in five years you will have recouped the costs. • If we can bring the price down to what you say, will you buy today?Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 242011.03.01-IL3061 12
  13. 13. Closing Techniques• Affordable Close – How it works • The Affordable Close works by structuring the finance of the deal to fit into the other persons ability to pay. • I cant afford it is often more of an excuse than a real objection. If they really do not want to buy, you will find that they will immediately jump onto another direction.Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 252011.03.01-IL3061Need More•1-2-3- Close - close with the principle of three. •Daily Cost Close - reduce cost to daily amount.•Adjournment Close - give them time to think. •Demonstration Close - show them the goods.•Affordable Close - ensuring people can afford what you are selling. •Distraction Close - catch them in a weak moment.•Alternative Close - offering a limited set of choices. •Doubt Close - show you doubt the product and let them disagree.•Artisan Close - how the skill of the designer. •Economic Close - help them pay less for what they get.•Ask-the-Manager Close - use manager as authority. •Embarrassment Close - make not buying embarrassing.•Assumptive Close - acting as if they are ready to decide. •Emotion Close - trigger identified emotions.•Balance-sheet Close - adding up the pros and the cons. •Empathy Close - empathize with them, then sell to your new friend.•Best-time Close - emphasize how now is the best time to buy. •Empty-offer Close - make them an empty offer that the sale fills.•Bonus Close - offer delighter to clinch the deal. •Exclusivity Close - not everyone can buy this.•Bracket Close - make three offers - with the target in the middle. •Extra Information Close - give them more info to tip them into closure.•Calculator Close - use calculator to do discount. •Fire Sale Close - soiled goods, going cheap.•Calendar Close - put it in the diary. •Future Close - close on a future date.•Companion Close - sell to the person with them. •Give-Take Close - give something, then take it away.•Compliment Close - flatter them into submission. •Golden Bridge Close - make the only option attractive.•Concession Close - give them a concession in exchange for the close. •Handover Close - someone else does the final close.•Conditional Close - link closure to resolving objections. •Handshake Close - offer handshake to trigger automatic reciprocation.•Cost of Ownership Close - compare cost over time with competitors. •Humor Close - relax them with humor.•Courtship Close - woo them to the close. •Hurry Close - go fast to stop them thinking too much.•Customer-care Close - the Customer Care Manager calls later and re- •IQ Close - say how this is for intelligent people.opens the conversation. •Minor points Close - close first on the small things.•theyll keep saying yes. And that’s just A-M…see www.changingminds.orgGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 262011.03.01-IL3061 13
  14. 14. Know Your Information• Stats – Stay away from acuity • It’s subjective • Focus on satisfaction – Are you surveying? – Electronically? – Do your surveys offer the opportunity to let your customer close the next customer? – Incentivize them!!!Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 272011.03.01-IL3061Know Your Information• Explain how stuff works - conveys expertise – In layman’s terms • This is NOT a Corneal Topographer any more than the laser’s high energy electrical switch and controlled rectifier is called a thyratron• Hone your processGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 282011.03.01-IL3061 14
  15. 15. What About On The Day Of The Procedure• Sell the referral – Make the experience so incredible, they want to close your next sale for you • Cookies?-They must taste good – Oreos – Homemade • Coffee?-Hot and fresh – Folgers – StarbucksGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 292011.03.01-IL3061What About On The Day Of The Procedure….Con’t • Do family of friends come along? Close Them Too!Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 302011.03.01-IL3061 15
  16. 16. Becky’s Procedure Day• Assign a liaison to talk with the family/friend (or walk them through the procedure in a “I like your glasses Brian, have you ever considered iLASIK?” He says viewing room) “Yeah, but she’s the guinea pig” or – Ask interest questions “she’s having it done first, then me, since we can’t afford to do it at the • Why did Becky decide to have same time” iLASIK procedure with our practice? • What prompted her to finally have Use the answers to meet the hurdle iLASIK procedure? and clear it. “We’ll get you signed up – Be well educated about the as soon as she’s 20/20” or “we procedure and expectations actually have a family program that offers $500 off the cost when – Ask if they’ve thought about iLASIK completed within 3 mos.” procedure & if yes…CLOSE THEM TOO!Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 312011.03.01-IL3061Follow Ups • Get them to say YES! – Remember the sales cycle – Work it from procedure to consultGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 322011.03.01-IL3061 16
  17. 17. Get Comfortable With Selling Selling defined 2 ways • (v) sell (persuade somebody to Which way do you sell? accept something) "The French – The first way persuades, influences. try to sell us their image as great (Medical practices don’t typically think lovers" this way) • (v) sell (exchange or deliver for – The second way is just conducting money or its equivalent) “Becky business. (Yes, even medical practices sells cheese curds and brats for a can “legitimately” sell things. You sell living.” or “I’ll sell you my sled for contacts and glasses, don’t you?) a nudder couple two three beers.”Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 332011.03.01-IL3061Get Confident With Selling• “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”-Vince Lombardi• Act ‘as if’ you’ve been there before – Assumptive Close is the first one to learn • “No one walks on the lot lest they want to buy.”- Alec Baldwin, Glen Garry GlenrossGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 342011.03.01-IL3061 17
  18. 18. In Summary• Identify Opportunities – Inquiries • Email • Telephone • Close on every opportunity…use digital media – Consultation • ACT AS IF and ask for the sale “Any more questions? Dr. X has openings on Y and Z. Which works better for you?”Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 352011.03.01-IL3061In SummaryIdentify Opportunities• Examination (if separate) – Reinforce• Surgery – Opportunity to close friends and relatives• Post op visits – Create ambassadors to close for youGetting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 362011.03.01-IL3061 18
  19. 19. Resources • •Glengarry Glen Ross • •Boiler Room Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 37 2011.03.01-IL3061 Thank you for your time today ©2011 Abbott Medical Optics Inc. iLASIK is a trademark owned by or licensed to Abbott Laboratories, its subsidiaries or affiliates. 2011.03.01-IL3061Getting to Yes: Selling Skills That Work Everyday 382011.03.01-IL3061 19